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"Death flight-MH-17: The story of a war crime"

The corrective / MIRROR Video

"Death flight-MH-17: The story of a war crime"

A search for research

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From Michael Kobs


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After the preliminary investigation report to crash MH-17 did not want to commit to a perpetrator to corrective proceeded in collaboration with the SPIEGEL in search of clues.

The result of this research gives the impression that now all the questions are answered. The publication of results is titled "death flight MH-17 - Who shot why?" and advertises with headings like:


As the "reporter" is sitting in front of the image map and explain first how of Russian and Ukrainian side evidence was faked to make the other side responsible for the shooting. Therefore, you have risen up to search for the truth themselves.

Under the heading " Where the rocket came from " is then read: " On June 23, sat in Kursk the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade in motion, a convoy of many vehicles, including some Buk-missile units, also the air defense system paragraphs 3 and 2, the average number has been made ​​invisible. "


As a result, social media images of sightings of convoys are shown, ranging from Kursk until after Alekseevka in Russia and then suddenly disappear. But it is believed that the story that the convoy arrived in Rostov, as a satellite image there many military vehicles shows that were not previously there.
Under the heading " Who shot down the missile " one reads then:


With the linguistic turn " ... this photograph of Buk 3x2 in Donetsk ... " everything has been said. Accordingly, it is not a suspect but fact. The report refers to the image of Paris Match showing a low loader with an unmarked BUK Launcher. Thanks to the clearly readable number on the low loader the owner could be identified easily. This claimed according to the report not only that the loader was stolen by separatists, but also that this vehicle is unique. Satellite images show that the unique articulated lorry shortly after this 17.7. Resistance on the premises.



Quite naturally, this report assumes that that air defense system has been widely photographed by paragraphs 3 and 2 of Kursk to Alekseevka, but then disappeared to emerge less than a month later in Donetsk again. From there it is again often photographed until it leaves around 13:30 clock Snizhne without semi-trailer to the south to be seen for the last time in Luhansk in the morning and on the semi-trailer.


So claims the panel to Luhansk, the missile transport was on the expressway to the Russian border. But that's not the case.

He moves to a link road to

N21 back, in the direction to Snizhne, from where he should have come straight out loud argument.

Location and direction of speak so in several ways, however, that this transport (red) along the shortest route to Russia (blue) is on the way.

In addition, a screen shot from the Luhansk video first appeared on the website of the Ukrainian secret service, together with a proven forgery. As a place of secret service gave to the Russian border, which was also a lie.

But it gets even better:


Looking at the border between the Ukrainian army and the separatists, so there is the semi-trailer with the BUK and lack of missile at the area controlled by the Ukraine area and disappears forever. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army bombards the separatist territory. The small bomb marked a café, which was surrounded by tanks in the morning. For unnoticed escape to the Russian border of the semi-trailer is thus the worst possible place in the world.

ame can be said for the ride of Snizhne to Lugansk. Again, the N21 performs a company controlled by the Ukrainian army area. But instead of turning and straight to go to Krasnodon, the semi-trailer travels to Luhansk, namely loud narration on the N21 in Ukrainian territory, while the separatists bombarded the nearby Luhansk Airport. Much safer to have the Ukrainian army can hardly go into his arms.

All this is reason enough to look at the details of the research more closely.


The Place

The following map shows corrective on its website.

Abb. 1


Compared to Google Earth it looks like this:

Abb. 2


Considered ... and up close the following picture emerges:

Abb. 3

The red line denotes the embankment between place and field. The red cross marks the location of "Reporter". The crash site of MH17 is out of the picture in the north-west. The photos in a BUK Snizhne originated outside of the image in the South-east (see figure 2), on the way south.

Under the heading " The launch site "it says in a corrective:" The field is not readily visible. To the east, a factory site blocks the view for the link road N21, a railroad embankment [red] and a grove protect the north of the field from view. Beyond the embankment is a settlement. "

Between reporters and the embankment is the forest belts, which can be seen in the image on the left. Right behind the mirror TV logo is the factory to recognize.

Abb. 4


In Google Earth you will find the following photo about the reporter position:

Abb. 5a

So we are without a doubt on the field meant.

If corrective goes on to say: A man suddenly says: " Here the railway sleepers and have grass burned . "He gets but then one of the women a shot in the side and says nothing. A cell phone rings, people retire.

Should be here suggests that Putin's secret service has its tentacles have up to "Pushkin" stretched to spread fear and terror? The fact is, so the launch of a BUK missile can put this field of the railway sleepers in fire, first would have the grove between field and embankment catch fire. (See Fig. 4, see FIG. Fig.3 and Fig. 5b)

Abb. 5b


Distance between field and embankment is about 80m with an intervening strip of forest. To set the thresholds of the tracks on fire, so it needs a weapon that can have a radius of about 80m move at their launch at the launch pad around on fire.

In somewhat greater detail one finds the same statement to the corrective-website "The Witnesses" ( ) under the heading "The witness on

Launch site "

Corrective: "The rocket have shot down from there," says a resident of a suburb of the Ukrainian city Snizhne middle of the separatist region. He points to an adjacent field. "We have seen how they flew." Shortly afterwards he saw overthrow the Malaysian airliner a few kilometers away to the ground. Neighbors confirm the action. They report of " burning sleepers "that they had seen immediately after the first explosion, a long noise and a second explosion on a grove.


The Time

At the time of the on-site investigation, we learn in the corrective-side: "Marcus happened tank traps - officially, because he wants to talk about the elections. " The elections in eastern Ukraine were at 2:11. instead.

Under the headline " The Witness "is the motto at corrective continued: "Two days later, another visit. It is still early. The streets in the village are empty. "

On one of the first days of November in the early morning of the "reporter" of corrective therefore finds his "witnesses."

Ukraine has the time zone EET (Eastern Europe Time), and thus from October 26 to March 29, a time offset of +2: 00 hours ahead of GMT / UTC.

Abb. 6

For the beginning of November and the geo-location of the village "Pushkin" thus Sonnenhöhe (Altitude) and angles (azimuth) can be determined:


Altitude [° above the horizon]

Azimuth [N=0°, O=90°, ...]



6:00 h

At 6:00 clock time was the sun

By this time the sun was

not yet on the horizon

already nearly 20 ° south towards






















As a result of the direction of the sun or the shadows as follows:

Abb. 7

The SPIEGEL-Video and the corrective-trailer show us from that visit to the witness now the following images:

Abb. 8

The long shadow (figure 8) confirm the time stamp so that one coarse for " It's still early, " a time between 7: 00h and 10: 00h can accept clock. In addition, the shadow cast is nearly


perpendicular to the road from right to left. The sets compared to the sun direction close in Fig.7 that the car drives in a northerly direction. The courtyard with the red-brown gate would therefore be found on the west side of a line extending north road that is ideally close to the railway embankment and the field.

The SPIEGEL story is as follows from the entrance to the village:

Abb. 9a

Here the car from the road bends on the railway embankment to the right in the village street (Fig.9A). This bend is missing in the video from Spiegel TV, showing the entrance to the village after the curve (Fig. 9b).

Abb. 9b


Before the first court are a few trees, behind which houses can also be seen.



From all this information it can be concluded with great certainty that it was in the car driven by the reporter to court those same acts, which is marked in Fig. 10. The timeline of Google Earth also has satellite images of 20 and 21.07.2014, showing on the one hand, that the forest strip between the field and the embankment has not blown, and secondly, that the view in the yard and in the street by lush greenery the trees was restricted.

Abb. 11a Google Earth Satellitenfoto vom 21.07.2014

Agitated tank tracks a moving on chains 32 ton BUK-launcher that breaks forth, shoots, turns and moves back are also not to be recognized. The footprints of journalists around the wreckage of MH-17, however, are clearly visible (Fig. 11b).


Abb. 11b


The Witness

SPIEGEL TV: Not far from the box away is a suburb of Snizhne.

The car approaches the first farmstead.

Abb. 12

It noted the red-brown gate to

Left with a white metal frame.

Abb. 13

SPIEGEL TV: The reporter knocking on doors to talk with residents. He met with great distrust. But then he meets a witness who wishes to remain anonymous, so we alienate the situation.

The witness wishes to remain anonymous, and thus seems sufficiently explains why the film is now being told in the style of a graphic novel. However, as will be seen the same, it was corrective and mirror not to protect the identity of its informants.

Abb. 14

At the gate of the witness is no doubt about the red-brown gate from the video images from the trip to the village (Fig.13, Fig.8). Instead of the identity of their key witnesses for a mass murder in


To protect war zone, corrective In its graphic novel the road traced to the tips of branches (see Fig. 15). This raises the question of why this alienation should primarily serve.

Abb. 15

SPIEGEL TV: He says: "I was in the courtyard and had heard an explosion. One fell swoop. There was such a clunk. The tiles on the roof wobbled. And this blow was over there. That was very good to hear this. "

Abb. 16

Here at first gives the impression as if the witness over to show that forest strips with the embankment. In fact, he points to the northwest (Fig. 17).

Abb. 17

And he shows exactly in the direction of the crash place of MH-17th


Abb. 18

SPIEGEL TV: "There was such a long and sound

then gave it a very strong explosion.

Baach Baach. And just as I was on the

Street walked ... "

At this point, if the view pans in

Graphic novel to the right (Fig. 19 - Fig.

20) where you took the trouble, a

rising cloud of smoke at the end of

Abb. 19

Animate street.

SPIEGEL TV: "... crashed the plane.

... Along the road, a few kilometers

from here, you understand? And you

could see how it burned there. "

One wonders why the witness on the

Road ran when the Baach Baach from

opposite direction came.

Abb. 20


Abb. 21

Sun and shade leaves no doubt that this end of the street is located in the north-east where, although a small industrial area (Fig. 22), which most definitely MH-17 (Fig.23) can not be crashed.

Fig. 22 closely with industrial area Fig. 23 with remote crash site

Would it be possible that here the homestead of the witnesses were incorrectly determined? Alone of the secured notes - direction of the sun, overlooking the courtyard, down the road - there is the following relationship between the three directions.


Abb. 24

The direction of the BUK is the finger pointing across the courtyard, where the missile is to be launched. The direction of the sun results from the shadows. And the alleged crash site of the aircraft corresponds to the view at the end of the road.

Aimed to this direction relationship from the village Pushkin on the actual crash site of MH-17, so it soon becomes clear that this direction relationship can vote for any point in the entire village, otherwise the sun would have in this interview in the north seem to.

Abb. 25


The testimony

On the corrective website entitled THE WITNESS AM ABSCUSSORT the interview with the witness has been translated and printed as follows.

Excerpt 1:

Residents: But what do you know? You have it with a missile shot down. The rocket they fired from there. We have seen how they flew. Do you understand? What they want to know?

Journalist: You have seen it?

Residents: I was in the courtyard and have a blast heard , one shot. There was such a "chłop" (Russian for percussion). And this blow was over there, which was very good to hear here. And then there was a very powerful explosion. My bricks have wobbled. And just when I walked on the street crashed the airplane from, along the road a few kilometers from here. Do You Understand? And you could see how it burned there. I ran to the street and see, there came a huge blow from there and black smoke. In short, I ran out at this moment when it crashed. I have not seen, as it was flying, I've heard everything . And it has then burned there.

Journalist: The aircraft they have seen?

Residents: No, the airplane I have not seen . When I got this I ran out explosion, I heard that a large explosion had occurred there.

Journalist: Ja.

Residents: I was in the courtyard under the tarp, hear an explosion: "Bach Bach". The wobbled tiles on the roof and there was such a long tone. I am now on the road running and see how it then falls along this road to Earth. It happened that it happened precisely along this road.

The witness has therefore not seen anything until here, except reportedly the crash at the end of the street. On the main page of the corrective reads like this:

Also on the friend comes the witness to speak yet:


Excerpt 2:

Journalist: So you've shot here?

Residents: From there about. I heard one shot. I have under the (Russian for shock) is a shed "chłop". A "chłop" said a blow up. Since it is obvious losgeflogen from there. But then a strong explosion. I have then heard from here. In heaven was a powerful explosion. I then ran out between garage and street. Have looked. But did not see anything. But when I then went, because I have seen how it has fallen to the ground.

Journalist: Did you see vehicles there?

Residents: Where?

Journalist: Well, who shot there, so the rockets.

Residents: Well, the cars I have not seen. But a friend has this saw vehicles. He called me and said: There is so a "crass . Part "with four missiles you have been in the city .

In the city here means undoubtedly Snizhne and not the suburbs "Pushkin".

There was actually a BUK-

Launcher photographed (Abb.26a), but off the main road N21 drove out to the south from Snizhne.

The Way Pushkin performs contrast to the N21 to the north.

But as we shall soon see, this BUK is assumed a "plan" that due to the direction of movement alone

Fig. 26a must seem absurd.

The fact that here is the same BUK that before or since - as the timeline of corrective - went on a red carrier, can be occupied by anything. Two photos lacks resolution and detail while now itself lacks the distinctive low loader. But even if these BUK moves in the wrong direction for corrective thesis, corrective suggests that this BUK only therefore no longer available on the carrier, since it is now close to its original purpose.

SPIEGEL TV: In Snizhne striking that the BUK no longer runs on the carrier, but even on their own chains. In Marcus Bensmann takes the place of the photo. ... Another possible evidence found on the street. Tank tracks have left their mark here in the asphalt. But what so look for an air defense system - here archival footage - in separatist territory?


This asks the narrator voice the audience and says:

SPIEGEL TV: To understand this, one needs to know to what a weapon it is with the BUK missile.

It follows a lengthy section that explains not only the technical details, but comes especially to the conclusion that the BUK is used in the Russian warfare to protect armored units.

So says SPIEGEL-TV: So could a strategic necessity for the BUK in eastern Ukraine have passed.

... And shows a shot-up apartment building followed by rusted tank wrecks.

SPIEGEL TV: ... because it was already in the summer clear that Russia militarily supported the rebels, probably with tanks. From their presence did the NATO countries.

Thus the link BUK-tank Russia for the viewer seems perfect derived. And on it goes with the link to a Russian military convoy, which a month ago was moving on the Russian side of Kursk to Rostov. The brief image of a battered tenement is hardly erased from the memory of the viewer, as the narrator already suggests another link.

SPIEGEL TV: In addition, it is clear to the journalists that such a complicated weapon only can be operated specialists.

Witness for this assertion is again the anonymous residents of Pushkin, who - as we shall see the same - a miner is. Meanwhile, the investigative journalists of sitting at your desk with a corrective graphic novel version of the burning Twin Towers and know that the technology for a separatist is too complicated. The only conclusion: It must have been Russian specialists. But was not the Spiegel convinced that any Cessna pilot as a complicated weapon like a Boeing 767 can fly safely to the finish?

However, there is still a potential "strategic necessity" for the presence of a BUK in Snizhne. Two days earlier, a military plane shot three rockets in a 5-story apartment building. The fourth missile hit a customs office on the opposite side of the street (Fig. 26b). The separatists have no air force, Ukraine has accused the Russians and the Russians are accusing the Ukraine. Cui bono?

If the customs office was the target of the separatist occupied Snizhne, then the military plane flew apparently too deep to land a safe hit without collateral damage. Such a low-level flight makes sense to the one to fly under the radar and, secondly, the response times for a potential air defense - to reduce to a minimum - especially in the urban area.

Whoever shot at the apartment building, the MIRROR / corrective report is silent studiously that those BUK was photographed on chains in Snizhne (and not on the highway N21) just a few meters from the ruined tenement away.


Abb. 26b


Behind all the shortcuts and hints, however, remains completely unmentioned what also a strategic necessity for the presence of a BUK might have been in Snizhne. In the early morning just 2 days earlier shot a military aircraft three rockets in a 5-story apartment building, and although only a few meters from the BUK-sighting. This cause would at least explain why these BUK just not on the N21 north towards Pushkin went, but was on a small street on the road leading from the N21 road.

The separatists have no air force. The Russians accuse the Ukraine. Ukraine accuses the Russians. Cui bono?

But back to the corrective-witness interview:

Excerpt 3:

Journalist: Four missiles?

Residents: Yes, four missiles were there.

Journalist: Were the Russian soldiers or separatists?

Residents: (laughs) Well, what Bergmann will shoot with a rocket? The specialists were. Can I shoot rockets about?

Journalist: So that was from here?

Residents: I just do not know why they have carted here.

For this confession of ignorance is on the corrective page, then a sound knowledge of this type:

And finally reveals the witness still, where he got his information. It is called hearsay.


Excerpt 4

Residents: Well, what is already all? At this time we are not much rumgefahren. I know one who has seen it all. Only the will not talk to you. He has seen it all. He saw the first rocket. He went there first, after the plane has crashed. He went there and has watched. He told me.

Journalist: Only he will not talk to me?

Residents: Hardly. He's afraid. You do not know where you are going. There are dangerous times. We have no democracy here.

And so we have the fundamental problem, the lack of democracy, which is already almost sounds like an appeal or call for help at this point is not it?

It gets even better. Two days before the reporter had their star witness corrective found, they were according to the report already in Pushkin and met a whole group talkative inhabitants until an ominous phone call all silenced. The small Orwell-esque horror story reads as follows:

The presence of beer bottles on the field is for corrective already a first indication of the presence of drunken evil: the Russians, the specialist. You will find at once dark tinted earth, which, according to corrective could be the traces of soot.

How out of all other corrective report now already knows at least a radius of 80 meters around the burned launch pad must indeed have. Only it is to the satellite photos 3 days later not to recognize (Fig. 11). All the more astonishing that corrective still believes at first to discover traces of soot in November. And not only that!

The experts of corrective discover wide lanes, namely " too wide for a tractor " . Their analysis says they " must come from a tracked vehicle with a wide wheel base . "

Apparently corrective has completely forgotten why they originally set out in the Ukraine. The original reason yet the photos of a BUK on a civilian loader. However, this could only be transported BUK on a civilian carrier, because the "wheelbase" of the chains is no wider than just the "wheelbase" of a tractor or precisely that low loader underneath. Actually has a red civilian Faymonville Megamax Tieflader a width of 2.55 meters. And why is that? According to § 32 StVZO states: "On tractors and trailers is the maximum width of 2.55m."


Fig. 27 Fig. 28

And now the corrective report is really scary:

Unfortunately, she too was in the house right on the embankment, but the "shock" was probably not so powerful that they would have gone right out of your house. Only after her neighbor had somehow learned of the plane and picked up the phone, the woman from near the railway embankment was curious enough to eventually go outside. Now she has certainly terrified the wrong people to tell the wrong thing.

And corrective continues:

Again someone has heard but not seen anything. This time it's "Book Book" instead of "Baach Baach". And then she heard "Schum" for a long-lasting sound.

A woman has actually seen anything, and that smoke from the factory. "Where does the smoke had come?"


If she had seen from the factory from the plume of a BUK missile over the field in question, and that is suggested here with journalistic skill, so they would have had the best and unobstructed view directly across the field to the launch pad. But you do not know what has been burning there because presumably was no launch pad because the field and not burned. It was probably the wreck of MH-17 on a 12 kilometers away field in the same direction (see Fig. Fig. 2 and Fig. 18).

And then comes the corrective-bang:

From a forest fire next to the cross ties he says nothing, just as no one white 10000 meter high smoke trail of the rocket mentioned. For the interested reader can almost feel how Putin's secret service itself, the village Pushkin control. A phone call is enough to put an end to any speech.

The inclined readers heard almost the entire German press, which sells these abstruse research report as truth for the people.


The Origin

The origin of this research was the so-called corrective BELLINGCAT report ( ).

Behind Bellingcat the Brit Eliot Higgins, the reference to social media reports (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) conceals evidence sought that the Syrian government is responsible for the sarin gas attack on 21.08.2013. In 2013 it was the American mainstream media, who received his conclusions thanks. Harsh criticism he garnered among others Ted Postol from MIT when he wrote:

Vollständig nachzulesen unter


In the same way Higgins was now trying to prove that a Russian BUK is responsible for the shooting down of MH-17. The lack of such research is, of course, that for example can not be verified, the exact time of origin of those posted in social media photos. While there are tools with which the time of day can be narrowed based on shadows, the date of creation is thus not proven.

In early November then went corrective to the way to at least verify the exact location of photographs. Whether the corresponding photos actually from 17.7. originate, can thus not notice. It is not corrective also managed to get a single original photo with the original time stamp in the hands, so that the entire argument stands on feet of clay.


The evidence

Abb. 29

First, it must be said that the narration of a Russian launcher will only work if you are first willing to recognize the digits 3 and 2 in Paris Mach photo.

Instead, you can see amazingly strong blocking effects as from times of the invention an MPEG compression.

Wherever Higgins sees 2 Russian BUK 3x2, the objective observer recognizes a white line, which is distorted by the MPEG-blocking as well as the dark edge to its right.

What can do with an image compression, is demonstrated in the following graphic:

Abb. 30


Abb. 31


No one would probably based on the photos to the

View get that right eyelid of the woman has a kink.

Nor could decide whether it's their hair or cloth, what was hanging on her right cheek. And it would be totally absurd to analyze the drape its semi-scientific.

Depending on the degree of compression scans the MPEG

Compressing the image area into squares, which are grouped together for data reduction for specific algorithms.

Yung Kai Lai et al. from the University of Southern California describe the undesirable effects of photo / video compression in their work "Image Enhancement for Low Bit-rate JPEG and MPEG coding via postprocessing" as follows:




... And other effects.

The major link in the chain of evidence-Bellingcat these two photos of Paris Match:

Fig. 32 Fig. 33

Wikipedia: Paris Match is a French, weekly magazines. It was in founded 1949 and has since been known (The weight of the words, the shock of images to German) for their foreign exchange Le poids des mots, le choc des photos.

The shock of the image is that a civilian semi-trailers transported an unmarked BUK-launcher, in the separatist occupy Donetsk and allegedly in the morning prior to the expected launch of MH-17th Whether the photo is actually incurred by this morning, can not be verified.

Technically, however, fall on some parts of the photo by extreme blocking artifacts. These areas include the entire launch pad, but also the shadows under the trees


as well as a bright area in the foliage above the white cab. So you can not strictly speak of shadows. The compression blocks are contrary to expectations, not square, but have an average aspect ratio of 10 to 13, which can indicate a subsequent stretching of the image. In addition, the reflection overlaid by the interior of the vehicle. Clearly recognize the reflection of the ventilation shafts from the top of the dashboard in superposition of the front wheel of the semi-trailer to the end of the curb chain.

Fig.32 areas more noticeable compression artifacts and stretched compression blocks

Fig. 33 rubber mat screwed parts


"Bellingcat" is now trying a Russian

Launcher basis of damage to the rubber via the chain (see Fig. 33) unequivocally identify by the Paris Match photo first corrected for perspective (Fig. 34) and then declared the crookedness of the rubber mat to "fingerprint" of this weapon system to this then mainly to compare the "fingerprints" of Russian launchers.

Measured by the progressive failure of this method the desired result is almost inevitable.


Abb. 34


First Bellingcat superimposed his perspective Photo equalized with a photo of Russian BUK 3x2 to prove that overlap the white streak in Paris Match image exactly with the rest of the Russian BUK-digits. The superposition of the matching areas should then be detected by the color yellow in the photo below center.

The problem here is that the yellow area in the 2 much large area already with the naked eye as the white streak in the red framed photo cutout left. Blocking artifacts, stretching and subsequent equalization perspective make it in itself difficult this attempt to wring a credibility. But even if you copied the red framed picture from the report and additively superimposed with the green framed picture, no such large-scale agreement can be prepared, as it suggests the yellow framed picture.

Abb. 35

So you have to consider that there are a number of BUK systems, which has its (original) marking on almost the same spot. Even the Ukrainian system 312, the white streak of Paris Match could superimpose photos sufficiently well with the number 2.


Abb. 36


Higgins aka "Bellingcat" adds his attempt to identify by another element. He traces the edge of the rubber mat above the chain and puts out the resulting line about the scale of 1: 3 to vertically in order to enhance the characteristics of this line.

Abb. 37


Prominent for him the jump in the green line for the Paris Match photo, but precisely this jump is problematic. First, the perspective equalization goes with a further loss of resolution associated (Fig. 38), and second is premature to judge whether this jump eg


Compression artifacts, etc. mirroring (Fig. 39) is due. In the second published by Paris Match photo, the jump in the green Bellicat-line can not understand.

Abb. 39

Abb. 40

However, the crucial error of Bellingcat fingerprint lies in the perspective shift spatially differentiated objects (parallax).

Imagine an endless meadow. On this meadow is a rectangular wall with a door in the middle. This door leads to a virgin straight path. A photographer is still 50 meters from the door, but middle of the road stands a tree, so that he can not see the door from the road. So he takes a few steps to the side until he can see the door and shoot a photo.


Bellingcat equalizes this photo of him, so that the wall with the door again ideal appears rectangular, just as if you look at right angles to the wall. In the equalized photo of tree stands now but next to the door and the trail apparently inclined towards the door. The photographer could use as evidence this now that the tree is moved.

As the parallax in the Paris Match photo effect will be demonstrated with an example: one constructs a cube with a bar at the end of a bullet is such that the cube of the BUK-launcher, the bar for the screw rubber mat and the ball stands at the edge of those rubber mat for a striking point, we obtain the following bodies:

Fig. 41 li.o. Above, re.o. Front View, u. 3D view

From the perspective of the Paris Match photographer, the body then represents something like this:

Abb. 42

Would this photographer pass the Tractors with the BUK and again to photograph him from the front, then the relationship of the lines and edges of each body would change in the 2D surface and the picture would now appear as follows:

Abb. 43

In the absence of appropriate photos Bellingcat takes the Paris Match photo and equalized it in the 2D plane, what its result for the "fingerprints" virtually useless does (Fig.44).


Abb. 44

By equalizing in the 2D plane is obtained, although again a square for the front face of the cube, which you can now overlap with each front view of another cube, but the red ball (symbolic of a prominent point at the edge of the rubber mat) now has the apparent position changed. In a real front view would be the position that is at the right edge of the square and vertically in the center (Fig.45).

Abb. 45

Now we compare the "equalized" image (Fig. 44) with a photograph either from the side (Fig. 45) was or even perspective photographed from the front (Fig. 43), then agrees with the "fingerprint" of the same vehicle with him itself no longer match, since all distinctive features change its position (Fig. 46).

Abb. 46

If one uses now the Bellingcat- "fingerprint" of the Paris Match photo and puts it in perspective to any BUK-launchers, then produced the following:


Abb. 47

Quelle: .jpg 9K37M "Buk-M1" (SA-11). Ukrainian Air Force Museum in Vinnitsa, 2005

While the striking mountains and valleys have to appear too far forward, due to the perspective of the Paris Match photo, can be found in the opposite perspective all striking mountains and valleys including the bend in this "fingerprint" again - but offset seemingly backwards.

Abb. 48



The same features are also found in these unmarked Russian BUK (Fig. 48) on a Chinese website. Measured by the progressive failure of Bellingcat fingerprint method (compression artifacts, 2D rectification, overlay) would, however, be warned here BUK 3x2 to discover. Instead, it should be considered whether the characteristic peaks and valleys in the edge of a rubber mat just by aging and type of suspension (Fig. 49a and Fig. 49b) comes about. If so, then is the "fingerprint" not as unique as the Bellingcat report does believe it.

Abb. 49a

Abb. 49b

Modification of the suspension at the level of the striking jump.



Figure 49b is very good to see how distinctive points behave the surface of the armored vehicle in space. As well as the reduced spillage makes impressively visible, the red triangles in Figure 49c would have seen from the side give vertical lines.

Abb. 49c

After Bellingcat method is obtained though a seemingly equalized surface of the side of the tank, the assignment of the "fingerprint" is, however, significantly displaced from the tank surface and distorted.

Abb. 49d

Since the perspective in Figure 49c a similar angle to the vehicle takes as the perspective in the Paris Match photo, is also the distortion and displacement of "fingerprint" in a similar manner as shown in Figure 49d significantly. A similarity in the shape and position of the "fingerprint" to a photographed side view as in Figure 37 is then the best proof that it can not involve the same vehicle.



With all due respect for the time-consuming research of Bellingcat I believe the 'fingerprint' method for such erroneous, that in terms of the high-deficient Paris Match photo no conclusions can be drawn.

In contrast, appear the work of corrective teams of a conclusion to work backwards by concealing facts and others added to adjust the statement to the desired image.

For the desired conclusion of the compass are secretive, obviously reproduced absurd assertions as facts, veiled relationships, changed direction and street names, identified track widths of an alleged military experts as tank tracks, dark areas as carbon black, etc., etc. interpreted.

A search for truth has the MIRROR / corrective report proved no service, on the contrary. The resulting damage to an impartial truth is hardly in sight. In the context of the current political situation, the report can only be understood as propaganda intended obfuscation and / or warmongering.

Sure seems that on 07.17.2014 from said field south of Pushkin no BUK missile is launched. The noises described by some residents can just as well come from the explosion of the rocket head "Baach Baach", the crash of the engines "Schum" and the impact of the wreck and subsequent explosion of the fuel. The rest is, as has been shown here, as well as believable yarn.

Michael KobsBerlin, 14.03.2015

Engineer and director / writer


Addendum to the REUTERS / FOCUS article

On 03.13.2015 now publish REUTERS and FOCUS new testimonies from the launch of a rocket near the village Chervonyi Zhovten.

As Valentina Kovalenko hear something that sounded like a plane crash. And that she heard precisely on the day on which an aircraft is actually crashed. Someone must have told her that it was something else, namely a rocket. A blast they did not appear to hear.

The hearing for Pyotr Fedotov and his mother so loud that she first sat down in the courtyard on the ground. She rattled on, ran around the house and there she was still - the rocket - and jerked back and forth.

Now you have to say that a BUK missile activates its target at a speed of Mach 3. She flies a hyperbole and not twitching. The start sounds like the sudden onset of a loud noise ( ) and not at all like a bang.

What will happen to the bang and the wobbly tiles in the 11km distant Pushkin? What will happen to the burning cross ties, the soot and the far too wide traces in the field?

REUTERS: „A former rebel from the separatist Vostok battalion, who for security reasons asked to be identified only by his first name, Igor, told Reuters that a BUK battery was in Chervonyi Zhovten on July 17, and he himself was not far from the village.

Igor said the battery’s mission was to discourage Ukrainian Su-25 ground attack jets from attacking separatist targets in the area. A BUK missile had been launched against the Ukrainian jets half an hour before the Malaysia Airlines Boeing came down, forcing the Ukrainian pilots to pull out, he said.“

FOCUS: "Even a former separatist named Igor confirmed this version . The BUK-missile defense system had been stationed on this day in Chervonyi Zhovten. ... "

But the Reuters-original report confirms Igor not "revision", which probably the witness reports are meant. It confirms the presence of a BUK and suggests the launch of a missile half an hour before the MH-17 to misfortune. But wait: Were the separatists not according to Spiegel and corrective too uneducated, to use such a weapon system? Does that mean, "Igor" was no separatist or may come not from the village? Evil to him who thinks evil.


Addendum to Preliminary Report

1) On July 21, was seized by the separatist black box pass (FDR) to a Malaysian official. This gave the FDR on July 22 to the Dutch Safety Board.

2) The report says:

That is, MH-17 used the flight level in about 33000ft height. The nose of the aircraft was 115 ° from True North to south-east. The machine registered an adjusted by the measurement error of the instruments speed through the air mass (CAS) instruments of 293 kts [150.7 m / s] and an adjusted by GPS data speed over the ground (GS) of 494 kts [254 m / s]. The difference between these two rates is mainly due to the errors due to the low air density at altitude to air density at sea level.

3) The report says:

For a height of about 32000ft (9700M), the report indicates a wind direction of 166 degrees and a wind speed of 13kts [6.7 m / s]. This means that the wind blows about from SSE (red) and can be vectorially in the headwind component (blue) and crosswind (green) disassemble.


But below 23000ft (7000m) the wind is blowing from the north to north-east, where the report does not mention wind speeds. The video of a local resident from Hrabové shows the rising smoke to pull WSW, so you can go out for ground of a moderate wind from E to ENE to WSW W up.

4) According to the photos of the damage to the aircraft, the cockpit was penetrated from top to bottom. The left side of the cockpit shows the damage to show approximately a 45 ° angle. Also corresponding to before and above the cockpit of an explosion.

From these four facts

1) FDR not been tampered with

2) direction and speed

3) Wind direction and speed

4) the nature and direction of destruction

questions arise, for example, with respect to the last position of the aircraft.

The shrapnel grenade can destroy the integrity of the aircraft, so it inevitably breaks down in the air. The relatively small mass of shrapnel no circumstances can alter the direction of movement of the aircraft in a significant way. Especially the heavy engines should fall in a nearly ballistic curve to the ground, which results from the direction, drop time and horizontal speed.

From the fall time of about 45 seconds and a speed of 254 m / s results in a way of 11430 meters, the fly on those debris through the air toward the original flight. At this primary direction of movement only the drag depending on the shape of the wreck part and the wind can make a difference.


In this respect the graphics of the preliminary examination report must wonder where all the known wreckage were found north of the original trajectory. A 166 ° wind from 13kts at all altitudes had the wreckage worn at most about 300 meters to the north.

This raises the question of the failure of the GPS data, which is usually only a few meters.

Here, it should be noted that even an online service such as "Flightpath24" can receive the data from the aircraft via ADS-B. So are Flightpath24 exactly the same trajectory again, but the last position of the aircraft is there indicated just above Snizhne. Plausible, however, a final position would appear about 4.5 km north of the specified position in the investigation report.


Bellingcat: „the Launch Site”

Auf seiner Webseite „Is this the Launch Site of the Missile that Shot Down Flight MH17? A Look at the Claims and Evidence” ( zeigt das Bellingcat-Team zwei Fotos, die den möglichen Rauchschweif einer BUK-Rakete zeigen.

Fig. 1 Fig. 2

Abb. 3

The Bellingcat team writes, you've got the RAW files of the camera and thus could properly understand the timing of the emergence of the pictures, because it is tamper-proof encrypted in the RAW data.

It seems, however, that for example, a freeware as DigiKam announced already in 2008, you can now also the metadata from RAW files easily edit ( ).


On a request therefor from among readers comments there was an interesting discussion. An Alex had asked if there are any metadata in the raw files, which undoubtedly refer to the image content. And to substantiate his concerns with the authenticity of the column of smoke, he invited the JPG photo of the Bellingcat website at Fotoforensics high and got a failure analysis image (ELA), which looked very clear to forgery. Of course, the picture of the website was not the original, so Daniel answered Romein, the IT specialist in Bellingcat team.

Abb. 4

Quelle: Quelle:

Daniel Romein thus invites even two JPEG compressed photo files when "Fotoforensics" high and presents the results. The uniform gray looks absolutely convincing to the layman, but only as long as he does not know that this method only makes visible manipulations that have been made by the JPEG compression. No one who wants to willfully manipulate such a significant source would do so in a compressed format.

In short, one could transform the uploaded JPEG returned in an uncompressed format such as BMP or RAW, make edits of all kinds, transforming the finished image back into a fresh compressed JPEG and would get probably an equally homogeneous gray above.

Take for example the photo from the tutorial of Fotoforensics ( ), which based the recognition of various manipulations will be explained. We transform the JPG file of oriental dancer in an ordinary BMP and change eg the color. We then convert the file again in a compressed JPG order and upload it ( ).


Fig. 5 Fig. 6

As you can see, affects the manipulated picture much "original" as the edited up to its limits "original" of the website. The exemplary proof of Daniel Romein is therefore no proof of originality. He proves best that the file still looks like the first JPG compression, what perhaps makes the following example more clearly:

Abb. 7

Weiter schreibt Bellingcat: „… the second published picture [Abb.2] was taken first at 16:25:41 EEST, and the first published picture [Abb. 1] was taken 7 seconds later at 16:25:48 EEST. … based on the movement of the smoke between the photographs, the smoke was moving toward the east, which corresponds to reports about the wind direction that day.”

With regard to the times we have Bellingcat just trust because they can not publish the RAW files to protect the photographer. Nevertheless, the team Bellingcat mistaken twice. First, from the balcony of this high-rise (Fig. 8) at the northern tip of Torez you look to the southeast


towards Snizhne. The smoke, which runs according to the mentioned order of the photos from left to right, so traverse to the west rather than east.

Abb. 8

The specified Bellingcat source for the weather (Fig. 9) but was also misinterpreted, so the team at the end really is again: (Fig. 10) The wind is blowing to the west and that's true with weather report and the video of the crash site match ,

Fig. 9 Fig. 10

Regarding the wind speed are the weather-source 4m / s for 15: 00h, and 1 m / s for 18: 00h on. The highest wind speed of the day is given with 5 m / s. From the photos themselves, a number of relations arise.

Abb. 11


Abb. 12

So we know for example that the two trees (fig. 11 below the mark "176px") in reality at a distance of 67 meters, are arranged approximately perpendicular to the direction of view and are located 4620 meters from the viewer away. Ie at the same distance we would regard two trees at a distance of 99m as "as far away from each other," if they were not arranged perpendicular to the direction of view but on an east-west axis. And this east-west axis is our primary wind direction on that day.

According Bellingcat have passed between the two photos 7 seconds. With a maximum wind speed of 5m / s, the smoke column should have therefore moved most by 35m in the second photo. In any case, it would move to 8,5 light blue ticks within one minute. Thus, the pillar would need 70 seconds to advance the black smoldering fire to the last position.

Bellingcat and analysts at RTL Nieuws now suspect the fire near Chervony Zhovten on a 12200m distant field.

Abb. 13


However Bellingcat also writes that the corrective report confirms our own results, although corrective had indeed identified witnesses for a very different field, namely 9km north of Chervony Zhovten. Anyway, seems at Bellingcat to confirm anything and everything that once aggregated view as just also the weather report is adapted to the flaw in the wind direction.



The Conclusion of RTL Nieuws analysis says now the following:

"A t the basis of historical and current satellite images it can be concluded that the form and

Color of the examined field of previous years and the surrounding fields is different. Landsat images from 2003 to 2014, and Google Earth images from 2010 to 2014 show a stable area that has never before accepted this form.

If we look at the high-resolution satellite images on 21 July, it is striking that is harvested in the surrounding fields. However, the investigated area showed no traces of a normal harvest and is plowed in all likelihood. Only in the lower part there are traces to await the straw. The satellite also shows that there is little vegetation. In northwestern black spots are visible and have probably blown.

Striking is finally an earthen wall that surrounds the field. This could be constructed in order to avoid that the rest of the field with dies (dry) wheat in the flames.

Based on the visual line of the above analysis and the combustion analysis, we consider it possible that the cloud of smoke went up from the different wheat field. "

In short, because the field on July 21 (Fig. 14) shows a fire lane, which previously never been in all years, could have ascended in the photo in question here the black smoke. And because of the black smoke could be ascended here, the column of smoke could have taken its origin here.

Abb. 14

But if the Bellingcat-BUK has fled the same day on the Ukrainian-controlled sector of Luhansk - supposedly to Russia - then there could be another explanation for the burnt field.


Abb. 15

On 1.8. was in fact the field east of the intersection a large area burned and at 15.8. has even the green vegetation north of the intersection on both sides of the road scorch marks on. The crossing itself is a roadblock on an apparently damaged vehicle is transverse. A few meters south are again three seemingly destroyed vehicles that need to be avoided. Among all these vehicles the road is discolored know what might be an indication of unloading operations. Whether rain moderately started from here BUK missiles or whether the roadblock was regularly attacked from the air, but can not be resolved, to name only two possible causes of fire.

The problem with the column of smoke now is that this would have to walk more than 70 meters downwind in the removal of Chervony Zhovten within 7 seconds to the corresponding ratios in the photo (Fig. 12) to satisfy. However, this requires wind speeds of approximately 10m / s. That would be again no "weak breeze" but "strong wind" and was twice the predicted for that day's biggest wind speed. Compared with the predicted wind speed for this time of day, it would be about three-fold.

If so have elapsed between the photos really loud unadulterated metadata as 7 seconds, then results from the wind direction, the distance at which those Rauchsäule would be found. So you carry on the distance from the photographer (x-axis) the distance (y-axis), which could migrate those Rauchsäule westward (blue) or perpendicular to the line of sight (purple), the result is a possible area of ​​all wind directions covers of 175 ° to 270 °.

Thus comes for wind speeds> 5 m / s to a distance of 4700m Rauchsäule eligible to 8900m.


In addition, it appears as if the foot of the column of smoke behind the black smoke. The dark plume of smoke (16 fig.) Reaches up to the column of smoke zoom.

Abb. 16

Abb. 16

If the launch of a missile, the cause of the black smoke, then the overlapping black smoke could (green) from the moment of the start to co-migrate in the wind, which would require an immediate strong smoke as in the explosion of an oil tank.

During a rocket reaches the height of the black plume within one second, the black smoke but rises only slowly. Nevertheless, the black smoke (the alleged "consequence" of the fire) reached an impressive height, while the foot of the column of smoke (the alleged "cause" of the fire) still reaches to the bottom. In exactly this overlapping region lies the problem: either the black and the white smoke have nothing to do with each other and are only randomly in the direction of view in succession or the missile flew from the top down and hit something that explosively black smoke into the air drive - for example, a vehicle.

The problem continues, if one starts from the burning field as a source of black smoke. When the column of smoke is behind it, then do not vote in either the metadata or the weather data is not correct. The weather data can be re-examine the basis of videos.


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