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On an idea to inspect personally "Lviv" for Neo-Nazi nationalist sentiment I was long overdue, and I decided to go to get to the home matches of "Karpaty". 

Ten minutes walk from the train station and find yourself near the monument to Stepan Bandera. At the bottom - a couple of wilted flowers. At the feet - red and black flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. On the monument visible whitish traces of bird droppings - laziness Banderovites keep clean their idol. On the benches near the monument dirty, full of empty beer bottles and packaging of fast food. At seven in the morning near the monument already photographed by tourists. The monument is located on Bandera Stepan Bandera, which abut the street heroes of the UPA and Eugene Konovalets. 

I am eyeing the first billboard on the street Bandera and see that it is agitation from Irina Fahrion. The inscription on the Move reads: "April 29 - 98 years since the beginning of the victorious fights Ukrainian Sich Riflemen with Moscow Makovka occupiers on the mountain." At a memorial plaque Konovaltsia creator Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, wreaths solid than bouquets at the monument to Stepan Bandera. 

Much has been said about the role of the Ukrainian mass media in zombiing population, but is silent on the impact of the Greek-Catholic Church on the masses. 

I went to the morning service into the first cathedral and barely survived five minutes. Bishop on the Move broadcast of an external enemy, who came to seize the territory of Ukraine, cowardly president, fled to Russia and the need to take up arms. This bishop was like a pre-election propaganda speech candidate MPs, not a monologue cleric. The cathedral was packed to overflowing and Lvov Bishop listened open-mouthed, seeing all of what he said at face value. 

Going to have breakfast in a cafe, I was shocked by the selection of the songs coming from the speakers. Exactly one year ago in the same institution played a European pop, and now sounded hastily recorded songs in Move with a very sad message of - came the dashing hours, it is necessary to defend Ukraine, to die in battle is not terrible, die for Ukraine and become a hero. Lvovyan subjected to intense indoctrination without any press. 

Galicians - religious people, and the word bishop for them is much more important than the word broadcaster. 

Pass by another Catholic Cathedral and notice driving up the hearse - body was brought to the funeral of the Ukrainian army officer who died in the Donbas. Listen to the assembled relatives and friends - forty years, died two days earlier at Debaltseve. 

I carefully peered into their faces - they think grief, hatred or desire for revenge? Nothing like this! On the faces of relatives killed bewilderment. They do not seem to understand what is happening in Ukraine. Their conversations were reduced to how to quickly get matpomosch relying on the state for burial. Why lost their son, father and husband, they do not care. 

Analytical thinking is irrelevant today in Lviv. 

It is noon. Liberty Avenue, the main street of Lviv, closed to traffic. According to him solemnly marching Bandera at full uniform, accompanied by cavalry and a brass band. Play Nazi marches thirties. If May 2 in Odessa, I had the feeling that I was in the movie "Battleship Potemkin", the November 2 in Lviv as if I was in the movie "Cabaret" by Bob Fosse. Fascists pompous marching through the streets, and tourists around the cute smile and pretend that nothing is happening. 

I went to the book tray. I was only enough to read the title of the brochure on the Move - "Nachtigall" Q & A "," Muscovites - not Russian, and not Slavs "," Fascism Yanukovych and Putin. 

" The stadium "Ukraine" before the match "Karpaty" reproducers of the song with the refrain "The tape of the fight on tape, Bring - Ukrainian Rebel never retreat!". Among the supporters were seen in boys hoodies Nazi rune on his chest, which chose him as the emblem of the punitive battalion "Azov". Footballers "Carpathians" come to the match in white-green uniforms, but the kids who are the players hand, all in red and black uniform symbolizing respect for the UPA. Red and black flags of the UPA has repeatedly occur around the perimeter of the stadium. The standard set of anti-Russian chants fans chanting slowly and reluctantly. 

With great enthusiasm fans of "Carpathians" chanting slogans Move on to read: "Beat the Muscovite! Moskal Bay! Bay Moskal - stack corpses! Another gun in your hand and take a new tape, charge! ". Also in the crowd repeatedly shouted "Russian whore!" And "Bandera, Shukhevych - Hero of Ukraine!". It's funny to watch as septuagenarian grandfather, who had to walk really can not begin to mimic jumping at the cry of "Hto not jumping - Moskal that!". 

Fans of "Carpathians" look so unpresentable, I remembered the beginning of the nineties. Dressed in horrible, neat and stylish people almost imperceptibly, in the views - from the bitterness of empty pockets and chronic malnutrition. As if the poor in the slums of Paris novels filled Selina Lions. 

Prices in Lviv funny. A glass of tea at a cafe in the city center costs twice cheaper than visiting a pay toilet in Medvedkovo. 

All the shops, cafes and shops boxes to collect cash assistance to participants ATO. Lviv do not assimilate elementary causal link: hryvnia toss in a box of the war - in return you get in a coffin relative, friend or acquaintance. 

From references to the place and out of place "heavenly hundred" fast becoming disgusting. On the "heavenly hundred" speculate all and sundry. "Heavenly Hundred" is mentioned on the posters and ballet performances to the announcement of the gastronomic parties. In memory of the "heavenly hundred" had dashed off dozens of novels, short stories and essays. Books about "heavenly hundred 'shelves crammed second-hand bookshops. 

Gopnik and beggars in the city center abound. Surely someone else has already asked alms of them as the son of the deceased members of the "heavenly hundred" as earlier requested "sons" Lieutenant Schmidt. I beggars get round. 

A pleasant surprise was the only one - Russian speech is heard more often than I had expected. At times speak Russian restaurants of visitors and tourists lounging, though all their conversations will still boil down to politics. 

Derogatory images with the face of Vladimir Putin's crowded center of the city. They are on display on the signboards of restaurants and art galleries. Bars beckoning to her alcoholic cocktail "Blood Putin." 

I will not give the whole offensive against the President of the Russian Federation, but I think that after all this Lviv has no right to call itself the cultural capital of Ukraine and the European city. Lviv show the cultural level of the access wall of the authors. This is barbaric, medieval, and has nothing to do with modern civilization. 

Ukrainian media love to write that "in fact, there is no Bandera." In fact, so full of Bandera and can be easily identified by casekits with tridents. Also in Lviv walks a lot of men in camouflage uniforms with the insignia of any penal battalions - apparently it's a fashion trend, they want to impress the girls. 

For every new follower Bandera find your Stashinsky. To the present day modern Konovaltsev Sudoplatova already preparing boxes with presents. 

Lions hit the plague of Nazism. It is very difficult to be an adequate living in such an environment. Today Lviv is a city of the Nazi madness, where black is called white and vice versa. 

Volonterka drove me rollerblading and almost demanded that I throw a couple of bills in a box with the word "Ukraine is at war! Help her! ". I did not let her, but sitting on the benches nearby readily opened wallets and throwing hryvnia in a box. People who want peace, not war sponsor of his pockets, but this idea is now incomprehensible alas Lviv. source Med

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