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Ukraine / Donbass: the gift of the neo-Nazis from Poroshenko

Ukraine / Donbass: the gift of the neo-Nazis from Poroshenko

Porochenko Obama weeding Ukraine

April 2, 2015

We knew Poroshenko, the Kievan potentate coward. It is probably not know what level of cowardice, this carnival dictator was able to lower it. It comes, neither more nor less, to give neo-Nazis and other néobandéristes the rope to hang him, by the paramilitary movement Dmytro Yarosh, the "Führer" of Praviy Sektor a territorial defense organization of Ukraine. It is evident that the State Department has a lot in these low maneuvers power struggle within the junta. Washington has a vested interest in the situation escalates in Ukraine and that the war lasts. Moreover, in case it goes wrong for the US hyperpower camp, Americans may well drop the case overnight, as they did on many occasions in the past, leaving no souls to states their fate allies for a moment.

Ukrainian heavy battery 152-B Giatsint pulling the Republican positions Since March 31, there is no significant change in rating the Donbass front line. Clashes and strikes the Ukrainian artillery are always in the zone of Donetsk airport towards Peski, to Spartak, south-east of Avdevvka on the Shirokino area (east of Mariupol) and level "Track Bahmutka" northwest Lugansk. In general, Ukrainian forces continue to fire regularly with their heavy batteries at the contact line and strengthen their device. Both parties observe and seek the intensions of the other.

In spring 2015, it is estimated the forces of New Russia between 35 and 40,000 men, while the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas, 2nd and 3rd levels understood to range from 60 to 65,000. By June, the FAN hope to gather some 57 to 62,000 fighters in several independent brigades, while Kiev think align 80-85000 military and paramilitary. But quality fire even necessarily look the FAN hand, even if the material resources remain the Ukrainian side (mainly artillery). Note that the superiority of antiaircraft forces New Russia will make sorties forces Kiev very risky ... As for the morale of the side of Kiev forces, we must not expect miracles: the successive failures left traces, including the officer corps, the increasing lack of motivation of recruits, the degradation of living conditions in Ukraine "pro-European" and the lack of prospects in the future, do not help to improve the situation anytime soon. However, in the Donbass, civilians and combatants now know that Kiev can not win, at least militarily. An essential element that will count in the weeks and months ahead.

It is very likely that large-scale hostilities resume in the course of this month. Everything contributes to: strengthening the troops of Kiev, the completion of their supplies and manpower supplements, reconnaissance, provocations that multiply ... Meanwhile, the 23rd Russian humanitarian convoy was announced this morning in the Donbass and was moving in two columns in the direction of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The bubbling of the front line in the middle of the day, the Spartak sector in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, Ukrainian forces just after the start of the mission of the OSCE, have multiplied the mortar fire and clashes. A practice that is becoming routine as soon as international observers leave an area close to the contact line. On 31 March, around 18:00 (local time), several salvos of artillery would hit positions held by DUK company in the area east of Mariupol. The problem is that the shelling came from the Ukrainian lines to Mariupol (probably in the 28th mechanized brigade). Firing error or incitement to eliminate uncontrollable unit then blame the FAN before the representatives of the OSCE mission?

The question remains. In any event, the Kiev forces have killed 5 yesterday on Shirokino sector. "Azov" says that these losses do not affect its workforce. It is possible that this paramilitary DUK company. Position of the company "battalion Donbass" 200 m northwest of Shirokino (the hills). The video must be from a good week, since the unit in question was removed from the front lines. It includes several positions Fagot anti-tank (AT-4 Spigot in NATO code), AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher. This video was taken by a Croatian neo-Ustashe mercenary, comments are in Serbo-Croatian.

For mental servility in the twentieth century Croatian extreme right has always chosen the wrong side, that of the oppressors, barbarians and imperialist, and never on the side of liberty; and this continues ... In New Russia we take this very relative lull to reinforce units, resupply, form new, train and do some cleaning in the workforce. The President of the People's Republic of Donetsk, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, has issued a decree that all irregular militias until April 4 to comply with the homogenization of New Russian forces. And that, in order to avoid the formation of uncontrollable gangs like there is so much more in the opposite camp.

We are witnessing a marked evolution of the armed forces of New Russia for several months to make it a regular military organization under unified and coordinated command. We note in this context the arrival of many foreign volunteers, including French (see here the minutes Erwan Castel is there). Easter gift for Yarosh Far from being dismantled or simply weakened the far-right paramilitary organization Praviy Sektor just emerge stronger from the crisis between the Ukrainian presidency to his Ihor Kolomoyskyi donor.

The organization that claims of Galician employees of the Third Reich is now fully integrate within the territorial defense of Ukraine as an autonomous structure, with funding and adequate resources. Blackmail Yarosh to Poroshenko (he threatened a new Maidan) as well as the support of the American neoconservatives environments that control much of the State Department in Washington, therefore enabled this chefaillon a band of crazy thugs to impose, beyond what he could expect there just a year after the coup, his will.

In agreement with the General Staff, Yarosh has decided to keep its troops in the Donbas. Paramilitary groups designated by the name of Corps volunteers in Ukraine (DUK) are currently west of Peski near Donetsk airport on Artemovsk at positions close Volnovakha and north of Shirokino. It is then that the body corporate under the name DUK, it is clear that hundreds of members of Praviy Sektor are integrated into other units of the National Guard (Dnepr-1 "," Azov " "OUN" ...) and even in the ranks of formations of the Ukrainian Army as the 93rd Mechanized Brigade and 95th air-mobile.

Dmytro Yarosh is ready to transform the "battalion" DUK into an "assault brigade" (sic) of the Ukrainian armed forces. To see ... There are probably 11 "companies" claiming Corps volunteers in Ukraine and form the "battalion", each with a hundred fighters, sometimes less. Which would amount to a thousand fighters in any more, so far staffing a "brigade". As for their operational value, it is almost zero; these are comparable to road and other major medieval companies gave a hard time to Bertrand du Guesclin. Moreover, their list of conquests is instructive because essentially comprises looting, killings of civilians, rape, banditry ...

By allowing Yarosh and his thugs, yet weakened after the successive disasters on the front of Donbass and the coup de force against presidential Kolomoisky, Petro Poroshenko showed the level of his cowardice. One might think that it would benefit from the success against the former governor of Dnepropetrovsk purifying the far-right paramilitaries that represent the greatest threat of the moment for him. He did exactly what he was unwise to do and, de facto, he rushed his regime to the brink of the abyss, that it really did not need.

The granting of autonomous status to Praviy Sektor Yarosh makes more powerful than ever, and there is no guarantee that the "Führer" right sector cut the umbilical cord with Kolomoisky. Nalivaychenko, during a demonstration in honor of the Galician employees of the Third Reich organized by the movement Tryzub Yarosh Meanwhile, the head of the political police of Kiev regime, the US-Ukraine Valentyn Nalivaychenko announced he would reorganize the SBU on the model of bandéristes security service during the Second World War, itself inspired by the structures of the SS SD security service.

Ukraine "pro-European" democracy progresses ... A reorganization that does not seem to move more than that supporters of Kharkov. Yesterday evening, April 1, at 11:20 p.m., a powerful explosion was heard in Kharkov near the yard. It seems that a car bomb had damaged Tavria type of locomotive pulling a train military convoy en route to the Donbass. It is probable that it is the umpteenth action of the Republican guerrillas. Partisan warfare continues endlessly.

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