Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Shelling Intensified 120-Millimeter Mortars and Heavy Artillery Began in Gorlovki

04.28.15. Posted by militia Gorlovki. "The shelling intensified. Collect the water came infa about a broken water pipe, the water disappears. Dill beating of heavy howitzers and mortars. No one is sleeping, the militia will not retreat. North again arrivals continuing to Slam 6 \ 7 another fire. At midnight began with powerful blows of Dzerzhinsk in the city again and again. " Posted by voenkorov "Active UAVs over Donetsk, in particular over the Petrovsky district, the airport, the October (waste heap). 

Outgoing artillery single shots on the sand. OSCE reports a sharp deterioration in the situation around Donetsk airport; assessment of the OSCE, approximately 90 percent of the 550 explosions recorded on Monday, account for 120-millimeter mortars and heavy artillery, which had to be withdrawn from the area under the Minsk agreements. The number of violations in this area increased dramatically compared to the violations documented in the previous days. "

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