Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OUN recognized Debaltsevsky boiler - published terrible photos (18+)

OUN recognized Debaltsevsky boiler - published terrible photos (18+)

Nationalists accused the Ukrainian authorities and the military command in the criminal inaction and collect protest rally in the center of Kiev on May 8.

Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in Russia prohibited by court order, published photographs of the bodies of dozens of fighters of the National Guard under (18+) who died during the events under Debaltseve. It has proved to be radical photographic evidence plight of the Ukrainian army, adrift in Debaltsevskom cauldron surrounded by militiamen of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.

However, extremists OUN military officials accused Ukraine of criminal inaction.According to the radicals, the commanders of the APU first admitted the death of soldiers in one of the hot spots of Donbass winter 2014-2015 year, and now do not have any help, and families of the dead soldiers.

- The Ukrainian authorities are silent heroism of our brothers, pretending that Debaltseve everything was under control. That's a lie! volunteer battalions were left by the General Staff, the command ATO, behind them hiding cowardly army commanders, they first threw a fire - the organization said.

In addition, the OUN intends to bring their supporters to the streets of Kiev on the Day of Reconciliation and sorrow - May 8. Radicals on the authorities to punish those responsible for the tragedy Debltsevskogo boiler, the existence of which until recently did not believe President Poroshenko nor Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak .

Recall, February 9 militia DNI fully closed the boiler Debaltsevsky , near which a few months of fierce battles. Having closed the ring around the group APU "debaltsevskom pocket "militia blocked the road Debaltseve - Artemovsk. It is the aim of the fighters of the breakaway republic since the beginning of the counter-offensive in January. MAT captured soldiers said that law enforcement officers do not give to get out of the boiler Debaltsevskogo specially created detachments.

On the eve of Soldiers' Mothers Committee of Ukraine published the documents APU soldiers killed in the boiler under Debaltseve. There is not only the passport photos of dead soldiers, but also lists and registration cards who fought under Debaltseve Ukrainian soldiers. The fate of many of them, specify the representatives of the organization, it remains unknown.

In early March of this year Poroshenko on the First National Channel announced the loss of Ukrainian military during a special operation in the Donbass. According to him, killing 1,549 people. Experts, however, believe that this figure is understated Ukrainian president several times.

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