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Meeting of "Norman format" on Ukraine has not brought the desired results...

West ignored the question of Kiev peacekeepers

Meeting of "Norman format" on Ukraine has not brought the desired results...
April 14, 2015
Text: Marina Baltachevo, Catherine Neroznikova

The meeting of foreign ministers in the "Norman format" for Kiev ended in defeat. The main question that "pushes" Poroshenko, was ignored - neither Germany nor France nor Russia did not want to discuss the introduction of the peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. Despite the desire of the Ukrainian president, this topic will not be discussed seriously without the consent of the Donets Basin and Moscow.

Meeting of foreign ministers in the "Norman format" Ukraine has not brought the desired results it. The main question that intended to push the president of Ukraine Poroshenko in Minsk format - the introduction of the peacekeeping contingent in the country - has remained at the talks of the foreign ministers' Norman Four "unattended.

"Traditionally, heavy meeting"
"Kiev's position based on the United States. And if they gave the nod to the blocking of the Minsk process, it will be blocked and more »Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin noted with regret that the parties could not agree on several issues, adding that it "we will continue the discussion." Then he added some specifics: "I clearly outlined the areas where the mission (peacekeepers - approx. VIEW) could be and should be useful." Despite the fact that he was a different number of issues on which the contract is still possible, Klimkin stated: "I appreciate this meeting as very heavy, it is traditional."

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also confirmed that the idea of ​​introducing peacekeepers to Ukraine did not develop in the course of the negotiations: "Our Ukrainian colleague mentioned about it, but some of this idea was not, and the other colleagues did not comment on it" - said it.

Said nothing about the peacekeepers in the final statement, and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. As a result, Kiev had to confine ourselves to discussing the work of the OSCE mission. "All participants in the negotiations, not only France and Germany, but also Russia and Ukraine, have expressed strong agreement to continue to support the OSCE's financial and human beings in the coming weeks", - said Steinmeier.

Recall, back in March, President of Ukraine Poroshenko stressed that he sees no problem in the introduction of peacekeepers in the Donbass, adding that he feels the support of the EU and NATO in this regard. "The EU should be able to send a police mission, or the mission of UN peacekeepers should consist mostly of representatives from EU countries. We trust them - they are our partners, and we believe that this is a very effective way to solve the conflict, "- Poroshenko said in an interview to Euronews . However, he admitted that against the peacekeeping mission in the UN Security Council can be applied veto. Say, one of the permanent members of the organization "is the aggressor," so Poroshenko stressed that the issue of peacekeepers need to be discussed in Minsk format.

"Nothing is easy in the Ukrainian crisis"
The fact that the negotiations were not easy, and stated Frank-Walter Steinmeier."Nothing is easy in the Ukrainian crisis. Here and in the course of these negotiations in the "Norman format" became apparent disagreement between Kiev and Moscow "- quoted Minister of DW . He added that the eight weeks that have passed since the signing of the Minsk-2, you can only talk about "some defusing the situation."According to him, hang up the alarm is still too early, as evidenced by the "skirmish during the Orthodox Easter, which led to casualties," said Steinmeier.

At the same time, he noted that alternative arrangements to address Minsk Ukrainian crisis does not exist, and recalled that according to them the elections in Donbass should be held before the end of this year.

"The final statement to be made today, Frank-Walter Steinmeier on behalf of our" Norman Quartet "gives reason to hope that the findings will be made, and something, as agreed by the presidents of Russia, Ukraine, France and the German Chancellor, will be the World Still, though not without problems, but put into practice ", - said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Recall that Berlin "discussions are quite tough , "informed source close to the negotiations. "We stressed that Minsk agreements must be performed in their entirety, not just the military part, but also in the political, economic, humanitarian," - Lavrov said after the talks.

"Understand how destructive activity of the Verkhovna Rada"
Russia has indicated to other participants of the meeting on the inadmissibility of the laws of the glorification of Nazism in Ukraine, Lavrov said: "We will constantly draw attention to this our partners. I think they realize how detrimental to the peace process, this activity of the Verkhovna Rada ", - he said.

However, the minister said, "no representation that will be taken some steps by the EU, we are of our German and French partners have not heard." "But I think they are all well aware that a continuation of this line here on the glorification of the Nazis on degeroizatsiyu real, the real heroes of the Second World War, the Great Patriotic War, in fact, risks undermining the Minsk process", - he added.

At the end of the negotiations, participants of the meeting expressed concern about the continuing economic blockade Kiev Donbass, when not paid any social security benefits or pensions, Lavrov added. "At this paid special attention in the statement, which will be made ​​today on behalf of the" Norman Quartet "at the ministerial level," - he said.

Ministers also approved the proposal of the OSCE to consider the challenge of large arms, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. "We supported the proposals that have been put forward as part of a special monitoring mission of the OSCE with a proactive role STSKK, that in addition to the types of weapons that need to take under the Minsk agreements, consider that in the same category were weapons caliber less than 100 mm, and that these restrictions covered tanks "- Lavrov said.

Following the meeting, the ministers also called for the withdrawal of heavy weapons, including tanks. In addition, participants in the talks said the contact group on the need for the immediate establishment of four working groups in Ukraine.

Recall parties to the conflict in the Donets Basin in 0.00 (1.00 MSK) Sunday, February 15, announced a truce, provided the agreements concluded in Minsk after nearly 16 hours of negotiations. The document also suggests withdrawal of all foreign armed forces , military equipment and mercenaries from the territory of Ukraine under the supervision of the OSCE; disarmament of all illegal groups and formations; constitutional reform in Ukraine before the end of 2015, the holding of elections in some regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions in compliance with the standards of the OSCE and ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights), as well as the definition of the special status of the Republic.

PR peacekeepers

"What's the point to discuss the option when it is clear that the other party is not ready? - Surprised the director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky. - That we may speak president and foreign minister to talk - go back to the main topic of discussion there will be peacemakers. But what about the peacekeepers can we talk? Representatives of the "Norman troika" - serious people, they are busy and not PR "- he said the newspaper VIEW.

The theme of the introduction of the peacekeeping contingent will be discussed only when it becomes clear that there is a certain sense, said Pogrebinsky. And it will happen soon, if at all will happen. "Now it makes no sense, except PR. A PR is that Ukraine says - we want to discuss the peacekeepers, thus revealing himself as a peacemaker. But we are well aware that any progress in this topic will not be until it does not want in the Donets Basin and Moscow. And the position of the parties is clear. And why should they want some peacekeepers? We already have an agreement in Minsk, which are not fulfilled, and, above all, because of the position of Kiev "- reminded Pogrebinsky.

The consequences of the meeting of foreign ministers in the "Norman format" will become clear later, but we can already draw some conclusions, he said. "Since the emphasis was placed on a political settlement and the military discussed only in so far as it is clear that the most important thing - to restart the process of political settlement. And against this categorically Kiev, which became clear after the vote for a law that changes the conditions for obtaining a special regime of local self-government for individual territories - recalled expert. - It seems that the position of Russia, Germany and France - a strong desire to return to Kiev on track to deliver all items Minsk Agreement ", - he said.

Seriously discussed the immediate creation of four working groups, which seems Pogrebinsky central and most important topic of the meeting. And in this issue by "pressing forward" on Kiev. "The emphasis is on the fact that the parties have been delegated representatives in the working groups. Since the Donbass have delegated their representatives, that, in fact, they are obligations of Kiev ", - says the source.

But, despite the fact that attempts are being made to resolve the differences, Pogrebinsky believes that early to make optimistic conclusions. "While Kiev is based on the position of the United States. And if they gave the nod to the blocking of the Minsk process, it will be blocked and further ", - he said.

As for the lack of response to the representatives of European law on the recognition of members of the UPA * fighters for independence of Ukraine, the Pogrebinsky believes that this is not surprising. "The Russian interpretation of the UPA does not coincide with the European, and more since 1945. In the Soviet interpretation of all of them criminals. In the interpretation of the European individually they only could be considered criminals - he explains. - Thousands fought in UPA received the right to reside in the United States, Canada and other countries. If they were seen as Nazi criminals, they would not get this right, at least officially. So initially relations between Russia and the West to this question different. "

Slap in the face for Komorowski
Recall, on Thursday, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law recognizing organizations UPA fighters for independence of Ukraine and gave the right to its members on social guarantees. This step in Poland already named a slap to the country and President Bronislaw Komorowski.In addition, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law banning public use of propaganda and the Communist and National Socialist symbols in the country, as well as to recognize these modes criminal. Later, on Friday became aware of the intention of the authorities to rename the first Dnepropetrovsk and Kirovograd, and then another 25 cities .

The day before the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced the Verkhovna Rada a draft law "on access to the archives of the repressive organs of the communist totalitarian regime's 1917-1991". Ukrainian Cabinet also proposed to consider the draft law "On the legal status of the participants and the memory of the struggle for Ukrainian independence in the twentieth century."

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