Saturday, April 18, 2015

Khakamada briefing about Putin and the opposition.

KHAKAMADA: you have to be a complete idiot OR Akhedzhakova to go against Putin
Khakamada briefing about Putin and the opposition. 

"I am a rational, adult, that adequately assesses the reality. And when I see the strengthening of our country, reasonable steps and actions of our President, I should behave? With whom and for what I fight, if I live here and not in London, I imagine, and then the children live, learn, plan a career. 

This must be a complete idiot to struggle alone with a state or be in another the reality of old age as me Ahidzhakova respected, although it has become thoughtful ... " "Friends stayed. 

If you are referring to Chubais, it is not stupid me a long time to understand their place and wants only to live up to the rim when the days grow a new generation of Russians do not knowing words- voucher and Brezhnev to the end of work in his office. 

If you are referring to material assistance Misha Khodorkovsky, so he does not have anything other than the digits in a computer bank, which for various reasons could disappear at any moment. 

It used to be when he has a place for the real numbers were resursy- compositions and pipes with oil, he was an oligarch. The fate of these oligarchs, you can follow the example of our nobility in exile, when princes granddaughter working in the bistro and ashamed even to think about the past power. I do not dekabristka and not the wife of a millionaire and if anyone has forgotten, napomnyu- many years I held high government positions. 

I have nothing to be offended by the government and I doubt that somewhere I will pay a pension more than I earned here. And if you want any "tear" who would try to push me foreheads with Putin or select a well-deserved and earned. " "You know, I noticed how much has changed attitude to Putin. 

I saw how foreign journalists were happy that GDP is not too late to transfer . Saw the same shook their keys when Putin said that Russian soldiers in the Ukraine is not !!! And that Putin does not want to take the Donbass! I see how with anger in their reports they have twitter- Twitty toads and gossip. Although in the press pool was a lovely, friendly atmosphere. 

I saw, when, after the transfer the "dictator" came out for a moment to press, no one was left in place and all flew like moths to look at it and post it to twitter here are the pictures. Proud that he condescended to them ... As they looked at him! Perhaps now proudly tell their children. And let them criticize him for his arrogance, hint at what lies, even laugh at ordinary people who ask questions. But in fact, they tremble before him. 

And to them still not realized that Vladimir Putin was on the wire with the Russian people, and not interviewed the Western press. They screwed up, in short, that's angry. " "I am delighted with the response Putin. Even I could not persuade Putin to put the opposition in the Duma. He left the decision of the people. And you say - a tyrant. A real democrat. 

Why Putin should help to ensure that its opposition, personal opposition (!), on an equal footing could compete for seats in the Duma? As you would expect from such a policy unnatural acts? Request a level playing field from politics to his political enemies - silly, I think there is no doubt that Navalny, Khodorkovsky and others, it is not just the opposition, a hostile opposition. "

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