Friday, April 10, 2015

Irreversible Processes | By: colonelcassad

Irreversible processes
April 9, 21:26

The Parliament of Ukraine by its decision to recognize members of the OUN-UPA "freedom fighters" launched irreversible processes that lead to the complete disintegration of the country, said the head of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko.
Verkhovna Rada adopted on Thursday a law recognizing the "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists" and "Ukrainian Insurgent Army "(UPA) fighters for Ukrainian independence in the twentieth century and has provided its members the right to social security.
"Another attempt to make heroes of warriors is nothing more than a farce. squeamishness and disgust - that's what causes this feeling of" historic "event. Historical because today formalize the victory of fascism in Ukraine. 

Very soon the majority of the population of Ukraine will understand that the country is no more, the Ukrainian authorities launched an irreversible process that will lead to the complete disintegration of the country " , - said zinc PS. With Zaharchenko one can quite agree, the consequences of today's package of laws will be about the same as last year's attempt at the legislative level to ban Russian language. 

It is clear that such legislation, even the most flexible advocates can not clearly explain the need for such a coexistence of Donbass and Ukraine. Kiev (with the filing of the US) continues to deliberately tear bridges to close and could not pass some compromise version, making all attempts to American or domestic promoters to represent Ukraine "no miscarriage bastard" with which to deal, were doomed to failure. 

Such behavior on the one hand brings the war, and on the other hand, this line will be followed by a general increase in the socio-political instability of the whole system, which will cut short a purely punitive methods like search "domestic separatists" when dissidents in Ukraine will open a kind of hunting. 

Fascism Ukraine really won. He failed to win in the Crimea and the Donbass. How long will the "Triumph of the Will" Ukrainian fascists in the rest of Ukraine, we will see in the near future. There are certain reasons to believe that the consequences of such "Peremoga" for Ukraine will be very fatal.

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