Friday, April 3, 2015

Europe recognized that Poroshenko violates Minsk agreement.

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Europe recognized that Poroshenko violates Minsk agreement. 

French media: Paris pointed to violations of the Minsk Agreement from Kiev French President Francois Hollande said that Kiev is not fully faithful to the commitments undertaken in the framework of the Minsk Agreement, which gives rise to criticism on the part of not only Russia but also the West.

French media say that the greatest irritation in Paris is the Ukrainian parliament adopted a resolution stipulating the introduction of a special status in the Donbass elections, which is not the Minsk agreement. 

Paris believes that Kiev does not fully comply with their obligations under the process of political settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, writes Le Monde French newspaper. "Peter Poroshenko failed to pass a law guaranteeing local elections in the eastern regions and extensive decentralization. 

Kiev has set conditions that did not include the Minsk Agreement "- quoted environment InoTV French President Francois Hollande. reproach France, serving as a mediator in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, concern the text of the resolution adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on March 17, the author notes. 

Regulation shall facilitate the implementation of the political part of the Minsk Agreement. Adopted after long negotiations, the text provides for substantial autonomy territory controlled by militia Donbass. However, a condition of entry into force of autonomy is the local elections and the withdrawal of illegal armed groups, said the journalist. It is this point and makes Paris "irritation," says the publication. 

After all, according to the Minsk agreement, the local elections and the withdrawal of forces must take place after the start of the political process. Change the calendar that jeopardizes the whole process, considering that the Ukrainian side is also required to ensure the region "political pluralism" and the presence of Ukrainian media. 

The inclusion of these terms in the text is the result of a compromise, the author notes. Peter Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk had to confront three of the five parties that form the government. They refused to accept the text, which, in their view, gives too serious concessions to Moscow and militias. 

Agreement "Minsk-2" has never enjoyed great popularity in Kiev, the newspaper reminds. The greatest disagreement is point according to which Kiev could regain control of the Russian-Ukrainian border only at the end of the process. 

According to the author, most importantly, the Ukrainian side gives rise to criticism, as Moscow, "whose warnings about the resumption of hostilities sound like a threat" and the West, which recalls that his support is not unconditional. 

And Ukrainian politicians remember about it."Our main task - to show the West that we fulfill the requirements that have been presented to us," - said Igor Kononenko, the first deputy head of the Bloc Poroshenko.

All these differences do not bode well for future discussions on an amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine, what should be the next step in the political part of the "Minsk-2", the author believes. These discussions are already similar to "dialogue of the deaf." 

Kiev refuses to major changes, which can not only give full autonomy to the regions under the control of militias, but also provide the latest right to control the decisions of the center.

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