Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Debt: Kiev Finds it Difficult to Hide a Western Lie on Maidan Snipers in Today's Society

Debt: Kiev Finds it Difficult to Hide a Western Lie on Maidan Snipers in Today's Society

Authorized Foreign Ministry of Russia on democracy and the rule of law believes that Ukraine ignores international obligations. The truth about the tragic events in the Maidan is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, and all indictments statements that are voiced by some Western politicians and Kiev concerning Russia's participation in hostilities Ukraine is becoming increasingly difficult to defend, said the Russian Foreign Ministry commissioner for democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov. 

Konstantin Dolgov broadcast LifeNews commented on the recent high-profile recognition of the presidential candidate of Poland Corwin, Mickey, who said that snipers firing in Kiev during the events in Independence, were trained in Poland. The Russian diplomat said that in the West there is still information blockade and therefore still difficult to bring an objective and complete response from European politicians. - Let's see what assessment will be performed in European capitals. In any case, it becomes increasingly clear that to ignore the truth becomes more difficult and the pressure will increase. It is important that a constructive international pressure not only maintained, but grew in regard to the motives of the Kiev authorities for genuine, not fictitious investigation and punishment of those responsible for genuine, - says Konstantin Dolgov. 

According to him, impunity creates new offenses with extremists, radical nationalists and neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. And in the long term impunity clearly not conducive to national reconciliation. Dolgov noted that Russia continues to advocate for a fair, professional and unbiased investigation of not only the events on the Maidan, but extremists and other crimes in Ukraine. - Of course, this includes events in Odessa in May last year. Such investigations as it was not, and is not. Kiev authorities are still under any pretext "zamatyvayut" such investigations. 

None of the perpetrators are punished - not the actual perpetrators, nor the organizers. Apparently, the Ukrainian authorities have something to hide. But I am convinced that international pressure will grow in favor of objective investigations and bring to justice the perpetrators, - concluded Konstantin Dolgov. He believes that "must end methodical systematic disregard of the Ukrainian authorities with relevant international obligations." 

Recall that today authorized by the Foreign Ministry on human rights, democracy and the rule of law, Konstantin Dolgov commented on the statement of the Polish MEP Corwin-Mickey, who is also a candidate for president of Poland, that the snipers who fired in Kiev during the events on Independence in February 2014, were trained in Poland. Debt, in turn, said in microblog on "Twitter" and that "the truth about Maidan still making its way".

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