Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Cyber-Berkut" published the names of Western instructors in Ukraine

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"Cyber-Berkut" published the names of Western instructors in Ukraine 

The hacker group "Cyber ​​Berkut" posted online documents confirming arrival to Ukraine Western military experts. In a letter to the Interior Ministry and SBU Head of Ukrainian regions reported that from 12 April to 6 May 2015 in Ukraine will arrive "multinational inspection team of military specialists." The official purpose of finding the Western "military experts" - "Observational measures to strengthen mutual trust and security." Enclosed list of those who will come to Ukraine with an indication of the arrival time and flight number. Among the Western military US citizens, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey, Norway, France, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Germany, and

Link: warsonline.info

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