Monday, April 13, 2015

APU & foreign Mercenaries break Minsk agreement by shelling neighborhoods of Donetsk

APU & foreign Mercenaries break Minsk agreement by shelling neighborhoods of Donetsk
Military review: Donbas intense fighting on all fronts, in the APU more foreign mercenaries have Sand "terrible batch" under Mariupol "Lupita" something heavy, the enemy still relies on provokatsii.VSU, breaking Minsk agreement constantly shelled the neighborhood of Donetsk. Sands, Spartacus, October settlement that from the north-west side of the city - the seat of the military napryazhennosti. 

Segodnya artillery shelled positions punitive Ukrainian militia in the sand and the airport. "I had to answer. And how not to shoot, if we go, "- say the militias themselves. Shooting continues. Light weapons are in progress and mortars. 

Heavy shall not apply until no one, nor the other, but soon, it seems, until it reaches delo.Zhiteli Mariupol reported armed clashes in the village Shirokino "Suburbs Mariupol also began to fire. Roughly between the village and Grape further towards Shirokino, Primorsky or Pioneer out very strongly that something shoots, shaking the ground and in the sky seen plamya.

V Lebedinskoe heard shots from machine guns, as something heavy pounding strongly shakes the ground. With two points continuously shoot with Sopina are shooting, but not so much. In the village of October on Mariupol direction of militia fighters shot down ZUshki Ukrainian drone ".

Bespilotniki the Ukrainian side is not started by accident. So do before the massive bombardment of settlements. Pessimists even hinted at the possible use of Ukrainian army aviatsii.V Ukrainian media has been subject to nonsense about the upcoming by militias provocation. Ostensibly they are preparing a bloody raid under false colors. 

Allegedly tanks militia under the Polish and American flags will go to Donetsk. Militias themselves say they do not just scouts heard Polish and English language. This foreign mercenaries, and they have a lot, and will be even bolshe.Ukrainskih soldiers are actively taught in landfills its standards of NATO military instructors. 

But so fast it is impossible to teach soldiers, even very capable, martial art. One conclusion: under the guise of Ukrainian "trained" soldiers in the Donbas are going to fight the soldiers NATO.Voenkor "Russian Spring" Bella ciao 

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