Monday, March 2, 2015

Sergei Caplan, on IMF loans called it "The Genocide of the Ukrainian Government Bill"

Sergei Caplan, on IMF loans called it "The Genocide of the Ukrainian Government Bill"

Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Ukrainian government called recent bills passed "The genocide of the Ukrainian Government bills" aimed at obtaining an IMF loan, are anti social and lead to the "death of the state," said the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Sergei Caplin . 

He Expressed this opinion on His Facebook Page on. Caplin Described the Measures Proposed by the Government as "Genocide Against the common people" and "Anti-social Sabbath in favor of the oligarchs and corrupt Officials." 

"An IMF Loan - is not an option for the economy, this is just another Public Finance pyramiding scheme" - Caplin wrote in to Facebook. ACCORDING to HIM, the Government Should Develop A Step by Step blueprint for Change, Including the Destruction of the oligarchies, and the reform of the constitution, parliament and the courts. 

"OTHERWISE, this arcane Maze of Decisions That Would end the Deadlock and the" Death of the State ", - concluded Caplin. The Parliament of Ukraine at an Extraordinary meeting on March 2 considering amendments to the state budget and a package of government laws necessary for IMF loans. 

On the fifth attempt only one was adopted by government law, which until 2016 limited to the payment of pensions to working pensioners, as well as canceled payment spetspensy to working MPs, judges and state.

About IMF loans Sugonyako: A Drunkard May Borrow from His Neighbour, But it Will not make His Household better
The Ukrainian economist and Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Alexander Sugonyako Thinks That the Ukrainian Government must in the first PLACE think of Creating new Jobs in order to overcome the crisis.

The Ukrainian economist Alexander Sugonyako considers that there are many objective reasons for the downfall of the national currency, however there are people who are interested in the drop of the hryvnia rate. He Said it in the Comment to the GORDON

"I CAN not Say That someone Dropped the Hryvnia rate for no Reason to just do A bad Turn to All of us. It is clear That there are people WHO are Interested in it. These are people who know what the rate will be, when to buy dollars and when to sell them. There is this factor, but the downfall is largely due to absolutely real objective and subjective reasons that have been in place during the previous period in the economy of more than five years, Especially DURING the Last year, "Sugonyako Said. "In the first PLACE, we have A huge Deficit of the balance of payments, A budgetary Deficit, Inflation and hence hryniva Depreciation. 

The Industry and the economy on the Whole are deteriorating, there are negative Forecasts as to the exchange rate. People in power WHO Possess the Necessary information play with These Basic Factors, "the Expert Pointed out. In Sugonyako's opinion, loans from international Organizations Will not help the Ukrainian economy Unless the Government Supports ITS development and creation of new Jobs. "Hopes That the IMF Loan Will help us are A Sign of the infantile way of Thinking of Former Komsomol members with Liberal Training. The Hryvnia Will be STABLE When the Ukrainian economy is STABLE. The CAN Hryvnia not be strong with Weak economy. 

A Drunkard May Borrow from His Neighbour But it Will not make His Household better. One must work! Ukrainians must be Provided Jobs. That is what the Government and the National Bank must do. They must Ensure Jobs and salary and retain Prices. And They do not deal with it. They are looking for Engaged in Money. Nobody has anything Given Them A year for Already Because nobody Believes Them. Neither people nor Inside the Country Abroad Believe Them. 

Nobody Gives Money to liars and thieves, "Stated Sugonyako. The economist did not Rule out Mass Protests Due to the Actions of the Cabinet of the National MINISTERS and Bank of Ukraine. "Not A Food Riot, But A Riot of Ukrainians Against the weight on people's Neck in the form of the National Bank and the Government. But it is not A Food Riot! "Alexander Sugonyako considers.

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