Saturday, March 21, 2015

Russia: I am glad that the head of our state stands Vladimir Putin

Russia are We  ~Paul Ryzhevsky~ 

Now Russia has a difficult time and I am glad that the head of our state stands Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
 Yesterday at 6:00 am

My 17 years occurred in 1991. All trash that now criticizes Putin was in power. I do not remember anything that they have done good. I remember how destroyed my country, I remember how people over the years have not been paid, as a professor of nuclear physics and worked my skin scrapings oblique, like my mother, having worked in '23 senior nurse child resuscitation, pulled from the world more than a dozen children, became a trader-hook. 

I remember a gang of bastards, collect tribute, even with the old ladies who traded seeds. I remember in my town kidnapping for ransom was put on stream, and filth, to do this, were considered respectable people. I remember how Americans are happy to let the most secret military facilities, such as, for the sake of it, cut into pieces planes , missiles, submarines and other achievements of my homeland. I remember poor old people begging. I remember the humble soldiers in Afghanistan, maimed in battle, carry out the order of the country and spat liberastov today.

Continue ????? I also remember how, two weeks after Putin came to power, stopped kidnapping. I remember how the Chechens, which personally I have always respected, enemies of Russia, reborn in its true warriors. I can see how my country has become re-building pipelines, aircraft, ships, and more. I see my sons, like me as a child, became proud of their country. Everything is relative. Hence the question: How do liberastov who sold their homeland, even turn the language that would blather about Putin all sorts of nonsense. That they left him, what would bark, "Putin ruined." This is primarily their fault that is going on in Ukraine, it is they have created this situation in 1991.

I appeal to the young: Do not believe liberastov, do not look at the "stars" (which in general because of the word retarded), type Ksenia Sobchak, do not take the example of prostitutes and bastards. They all lie. We - the greatest country in the world. Ask how many achievements, ranging from military exploits and to science, sports and everything else belongs to our compatriots. Do not let those whom we have taught to wash, teach us culture. Do not let those who gave birth to fascism, the Inquisition and other atrocities, teach us philanthropy. Those who crowned a fag in the temple, teaching us human values. We - Russia, we are not with them along the way. 

Author Unknown 

But beneath this can subscribe to anyone who survived the restructuring ... I - podpisyvayu.

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