Sunday, March 15, 2015

Putin: "To disarm 20 thousand people, well-armed, is needed specialists who know how to do it"

Putin: Army of Ukraine in Crimea disarmed GRU

In March of last year in the Crimea under the guise of strengthening the protection of the Russian military facilities were transferred to the GRU special forces as well as forces of marines and paratroopers. Appropriate guidelines gave Russian President Vladimir Putin. This he said in the film Andrei Kondrashov "Crimea. Path to the Motherland ", already released in the Far East, the TV channel" Russia 1 ".

"To block and disarm 20 thousand people, well-armed, you need a specific set of personnel and not just in quantity but also in quality. Needed specialists who know how to do it. So I gave orders and instructions to the Ministry of Defense, which hide under the guise of strengthening the protection of our military facilities in Crimea to throw back the Main Intelligence Special Forces and Marine Corps forces, marines, "- said Putin.

In the first days of March, in the Crimea on the side of Russia moved about 20 Ukrainian military units, but then began to Kiev start criminal proceedings on the commanders, to intimidate and to accuse officers of aiding and abetting the enemy. New Maidan commanders required to keep weapons ready and promised to give the command to fight on the day of the upcoming referendum in the Crimea.

On airfields and Kacha Dzhankoi were transferred to 14 helicopters constantly shuttled 5 cargo IL-76, on the peninsula in a matter of days were relocated thousands of officers and soldiers of various units. To the designated limit in an international treaty of the Russian army personnel in the Crimea was still a margin of three and a half thousand men, but to ensure the protection of almost all significant objects it was enough. "In no case could not prevent bloodshed, - stressed Putin. - It was necessary to give people the opportunity to express their will. "

March 19 ended a long standoff at the headquarters of the naval forces of Ukraine in Sevastopol. Kiev has changed several commanders here. "That will send a fleet commander, then another, then a third, - says Putin. - One of the commanders flatly refused to side with the Crimean authorities, so conditionally say. I asked him to work with him veterans. " "We offer more power method of action - said the president. - I just said our military directly: send veterans! But they met my suggestion with skepticism. They said: yah, grandfathers, they are there? Here are these grandparents came before 7 am with him were educational conversation. Anyway, to 7 am, he took a pen and paper and wrote a letter of resignation. "

"I must say that the guys were very dignified, Ukrainian soldiers, they tried to remain faithful to the oath, - Putin said. - But it is unclear to whom they swore, because there is no state, piled president, and he, by the way, at that time a legitimate supreme commander of the armed forces. And who gives the orders? Some invaders power? Absolutely illegitimate people? ".

Meanwhile, the Russian president is constantly called Western leaders. "Bells were many, our American colleagues when talking directly talked about the fact that we block Ukrainian military units. I said that the troops are gone, there are those groups of people, soldiers.They are unarmed, they were not in danger, and we will do everything to no incidents involving the use of weapons, has not happened.But this is not the armed forces, is something else, "- said Putin. 

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