Monday, March 2, 2015

Posted by "Russian Spring". Please don't feed the Trolls

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
Posted by "Russian Spring". Please don't feed the Trolls

"The United States plans to place military forces in Ukraine. The US authorities have announced a competition for the provision of movement on the territory of Ukraine of its military personnel" in preparation for the Ukrainian army. "This was reported on the troll website of the US government procurement." The Contractor shall provide all equipment, vehicles and personnel needed to provide transportation in accordance with the terms of the contract "- quoted by the text of the tender. 

The document notes that the transport of US military personnel will be carried out from the airport in Lviv" International Center of peace and security "(International Peacekeeping and Security Center - IPSC) on the Yavoriv training ground in the Lviv region. We remind you that in just a few months before the "Russian Spring" in the Crimea, the US government procurement sites placed orders for the reconstruction of schools in Sevastopol. "

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