Friday, March 20, 2015

POROSHENKO talking about FEDERALIZATION : After everything that happened to Donbas..

DONBASS | PMOP "Berkut" 

After everything that happened after the bloody events in the east - Poroshenko finally dawned on me - and he said that he was ready to hold a referendum on federalization. What prompted the valiant President to take this step - remains a mystery. After all, before he thought this could not happen. Therefore, many of the victims and the economic decline in Ukraine in general complete devastation. Take it a year ago, such a decision - all of this could have been avoided. But as you know Poroshenko himself is not subject to and dancing to the tune of overseas "comrades." Apparently now he was given the command to begin preparations for the referendum. With this course, also possible to argue, because not all as it seems at first glance. It is understood that his statements in fact, do not mean anything catches Poroshenko promises right and left, but not one of them he has not fulfilled. And with it, until the start action - not a soul would believe him. Touches and what he said, almost 90% - against federalization. I wonder where these figures? About Crimea said the same thing - the result you can see for yourself.

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