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#MH17's Demise - was fired from Ukrainian #SU_25 and is proved.. | By #PeterHaisenko

MH-17's Demise - was fired from Ukrainian SU-25 and is proved..

MARCH 7, 2015

By Peter Haisenko

The first "report" of Dutch Commission for the crash of the MH 17 on the Eastern Ukraine was shameful meaningless. He could not rely on facts that can be assigned only if the wreckage be properly examined. A portion of the aircraft remains has been brought to Holland for a few months now and can prove beyond doubt what happened on that terrible July 17, 2014: The "Haisenko analysis" is fully confirmed.

I accept the result of the latest analysis of the wreckage away: One or two Ukrainian SU 25 have fired first of several kilometers an air-to-air missile R-type 60M from behind on the Boeing and the right engine hit just as shrapnel this offensive weapon are stamped in the lower central hull. The pilot of the MH 17 did not at that time, what has happened to their aircraft. They could not know, because the damage and its cause were outside their field of vision. The Boeing then reduces the speed dramatically, as required by the physics if a motor has failed.

The MH 17 gets the kill shot

A few seconds later began a direct attack from the right rear, which grazed the wing, the front section - and especially the cockpit - and met the pilots killed immediately. As is now demonstrated by examination of the wreckage, this attack took place with the double-barreled 30mm gun of a SU 25 type GSh-302 / AO-17A, from a distance of about 500 meters. Although the pilots were already dead, the B 777 is not immediately crashed, but flown at low speed rudderless in a descending turn. Then there was a second approach the SU 25 and shelling of the front section of the other side.

This second direct attack led to the breakup of the structure. The cockpit and parts of the front section fell to gravity almost perpendicular to the ground, while the middle and rear of hitting her wings until about 25 kilometers away on the floor. To illustrate the full cruelty of this mass murder, I note here that the majority of the passengers had to experience fully conscious most likely the entire process. For several months, which iseye-witness account of a soil representative of the Ukrainian Air Force before, 25 after landing describes the pilots of the SU as distraught. He stammered that "it was the wrong plane." More on that later.

Unfortunately, the wreckage of the MH 17 is incomplete. Particular parts of the front section having the clearest traces of fire have been well managed and destroyed aside.But also photos of these parts exist and can be evaluated. After that evidence shows acceptance may be regarded as certain that it was the Ukrainian army, which has the fire break around the crash site not adhered to, in order to destroy the evidence of their guilt can. What could be secured but is fully sufficient to prove the attack by a 25 SU doubt. Below I describe in part the evidence that precludes even a kill by a surface to air missile.

The chain of evidence:

Let's start with the Erstbeschuss by an air-to-air missile R 60M. In the structure of the skin near the door two part was found, which can only come from the R 60M. See photos. Such a part is "boeing-alien" can not come from the luggage of a passenger and thus the Erstbeschuss alone is characterized unequivocally established by an air-to-air missile.

Click on Image To Enlarge

The fragment from the R-60M Air-to-air missile

Cross section of an R 60M

At this point, the part in the R 60M is installed, which was found in the MH 17

Clicking download as PDF

This attack has already 777 massively disrupted the electronics of the B and there was no time for the pilots to restore function or to make emergency calls, for just seven seconds later, the direct fire, follow the evidence now and are manifold. First, here is the photo of the cockpit fragment mentioned, which I had based my initial analysis. This image has been proving that MH 17 has been fired from a fighter jet.

The deliberate murder of Captain

Then the pilot seats and the body of the captain. This includes the chest several round holes. More photos by aircraft fragments have holes or damage that may be caused only by direct fire. The different shape and size of the bullet holes caused by different attack angles. At the edges of bullet holes copper and traces of lubricant can be detected, which can only come from the SU 25 storeys.
How fit the fragments on the plane

Part of the cockpit roof

DANGER! This picture is only for strong nerves! The body of the captain, scantily covered with a plastic tarp.

The shots in the captain's seat

A stray sheaf in the sequence

Such damage can not come from a BUK system, as also shown by the other images.

The engine inlet of the right motor shows traces of the bombardment

Angle of attack of the first direct fire

Attention should also be the fragment showing the outline of an engine inlet.It is among other things the angle of attack of the first direct fire from the right rear. See graph.

Doubt as

After the bombardment of the MH is 17 absolutely proven by a Ukrainian SU 25, there is no need to go into detail why a fire with a ground-to-air missile type BUK is excluded. I note only that in no part of the debris MH 17 is to find a damage that can be caused by a BUK. Who still doubts here, let him look at the detailed report view here that fully corresponds to the remainder of the early analysis of Bernd Biedermann. Bernd Biedermann was colonel of the NVA and may be quoted as an expert on the BUK system.

Who really should be killed?

The evidence available so that the MH has been fired and probably 17 intentionally planned and prepared by a Ukrainian SU 25 well in advance. But now to the statement of the SU 25 Pilots: It was the wrong plane. From the beginning, circulated the idea that this attack was actually the aircraft Putin, which is actually the same time flown several hundred kilometers to the north. We know that Ms. Tymoshenko was going to shoot prefer Putin with a Kalashnikov. From a safe source I have learned that the journalists rod and the editors of the Bavarian Radio Symphony are convinced by the argument that Putin should be fired. You may not publish their conviction. (Freedom of press ???)

So I tried to get the original flight plan of Putin's machine. My request therefor to the BFS (Federal Office for air traffic control) was rejected and that the argument that you actually only known from the US Government National Security! You have to understand that a flight will be scheduled on a particular route, but this can be changed during the flight and - you can say in 100 percent of all flights - is changed. So if the original flight plan of Putin's machine has performed over Ukraine - and this is some - then this attack most likely has actually been regarded Putin.

The wrong place at the wrong plane

It was then the misfortune of 298 inmates of the MH 17 that Putin's machine has chosen the path to Poland. To further understand: For the pilot of the Su 25 it was almost impossible to tell whether it has traded in his target is a B 777 or Putin IL 96. He launched his first attack with the air-to-air missile from about six miles behind the machine; under time pressure because the aircraft threatened to fly in a few minutes in Russian airspace. From this position, he can not tell if he has a Boeing 777 or an IL 96 on. He can not even distinguish - for example, the contrails - whether he has a two- or four-engined aircraft forward.

The entire process for the MH 17 gains a whole new dimension. The statement of the Ukrainian SU-25 pilots is conclusive. There was no alternative for the pilot after he fired the first shot at the MH 17, has his tragic error possibly detected and the Boeing was able to fly - with vivid pilots in the cockpit. You just have to imagine what would have been the consequences if the wounded MH had 17 on any airport successfully performed an emergency landing. The proof of the attack would have been irrefutably, including the testimony of the survivors. This irrefutable proof of the folly of the Ukrainian side had avoided being destroyed.

The dilemma of the West and NATO

I present summary states: The monstrous crime to shoot a civilian passenger plane with 298 people on board, has been solved. That those responsible are sure to find at least in the vicinity of the Kiev government is established. To elucidate whether this crime has actually been regarded Putin directly, the original flight plan of Putin's machine must be disclosed. I ask at this point why that anyone who has the opportunity should strive to disclose this flight plan. He can let him come to me anonymously, I secure a journalist to protect whistleblowers.

You may now be curious to see how long the public will continue lied to by our government. Of course, the "West" in a precarious position. The whole attitude towards Kiev government has turned into its opposite, the punishment of the guilty are required.All Western governments and major newspapers / television stations must apologize in due form, and of course all the sanctions are lifted with immediate effect, in Russia / Putin. As I said, it will be interesting how long the West will his lies to maintain MH 17 after the evidence now exists beyond doubt.

Postscript important : Given that the impression must arise that our government even in the case Ukraine / MH 17 is not really free is obviously capable of action, we have a petition started to regain full sovereignty of Germany. We ask you to support them and to sign, so that the Bundestag has to deal with this issue. Click on the button right above or right HERE.

Here you can view a detailed report with further details, but in English and a poor translation of the Originals.

In my book "England, the Germans, the Jews and the 20th century" I have devoted myself especially the topic to make the one-sided presentation of history in Germany an unbiased view from the outside as it were against. Meanwhile, a wealth of feedback I have achieved that confirm to me that I can hereby fill a subliminal conscious vacuum. For example, the mail from a reader may be cited. Mr. Christian B. from Munich writes:

Dear Mr Haisenko,

I just read your book "England, the Germans ...." and I am very pleased with it. You have moral concepts and a way of thinking, to analyze the world of my very equal. Of course they are here with more gifts than I provided. Anyway, you have broadened my horizon on this topic and for that I am grateful to you. If more people could see the world, she would probably be better human. But that can not be.

You all the best and best regards

Christian B.

In bookstores or directly from the publisher to order here.

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