Monday, March 16, 2015

Maxim Kononenko: "Ukrainian society needs primarily psychiatric care rather than weapons"

Kononenko: Ukrainian authorities will soon punish Anti-Nazi News Videos on YouTube

Russian journalist believes that after the Ukraine silenced reporters power 
switch to the common people.


Russian journalist Maxim Kononenko commented to LifeNews about SBU expulsion of Russian journalists from the Ukraine and the case of the dismissal of a journalist at radio "Freedom" Andrei Babitsky, who sent the exposing video to the Editor of the exhumation of the bodies of civilians killed by Ukrainian nationalists. According Kononenko, to ignore the real events is extremely beneficial only to guilty Kiev authorities - It's only in this "silent mode" they can be successful to wage war against the population of South-East, telling the world that is "anti-terrorist operation."

The problem is that their so-called ATO , but in fact it is a war against its own citizens, should take place in hidden conditions. Only in the absence of real information, you can talk about the fight against terrorists and separatists, and not about the bombing of civilians who want to self-determination. And journalists are your enemies. But there are still people with phones that spread the video on YouTube, - says Kononenko. - I think that the SBU will catch and journalists, and those who puts unnecessary video.

Recall now the representative of the Security Service of Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky said that from the territory of Ukraine expelled 100 journalists from Russia. Ukrainian law enforcers have traditionally blamed employees of the Russian media in activities dangerous to the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In addition, today published an interview with Andrei Babitsky, who told the Czech newspaper Lidove noviny, he was fired from the radio "Freedom" just for forwarding to the Editor inconvenient for the Ukrainian authorities to video.

- Radio "Freedom" - is not the media, as a propaganda tool, and the people who work there, are in the service and are subject to subordination. Babitsky was captured their illusions. He apparently believed that working in the free media. I think now he finds himself more free edition than the radio "Freedom", - said Maxim Kononenko.According to him, the dismissal Babitsky was icing on the cake and finally shows us what has become of the media in this information war, which is beneficial to Kiev.

Maxim Kononenko also spoke about the closing of telecasts on Ukrainian television, in particular the transfer Savik Shuster. According to the Russian journalist, in such cases, it becomes clear that the entire Ukrainian society needs psychiatric help, but it can be understood - Ukrainians live in a difficult psychological situation.

- It is necessary to understand that the Ukrainian society is in a difficult psychological situation and is already beginning to look for enemies everywhere, even under his desk. Therefore, in any case, the transmission is in Savik Shuster, inevitably comes someone who says something that does not like society, and it will require the closure of the transfer, - said Kononenko. - It is said that the Ukrainian society needs primarily psychiatric care rather than weapons. Many, many psychiatrists. And the trouble is, by the way, for a long time.

Maxim Kononenko argues that absolute and unconditional freedom of expression reigns in the Internet, as any media to varying degrees at the mercy of their audience.However, the quality of information from the global network may assign the media.

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