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Henry Paul's Open letter to all Ukrainians.

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)

Henry Paul's Open letter to all Ukrainians.

With unrest intensified. Propaganda is rampant. Facts are gradually forgotten. Ukrainian people are hungry, cold and sick, many injured and dying. Kiev yet - the capital of Ukraine. The government has come to power through unconstitutional coup. Ministers from foreign countries dominate the citizens of Ukraine. The President and the Prime Minister hired workers of the United States, to control the state apparatus. Maidana your Maidana has never been, dear Ukrainians. Orange Revolution to build a "democratic state" in Ukraine has never existed, it was a fake, fiction. 

What do you call the Maidan, was undisguised American invasion, implemented with the help of non-governmental organizations, intelligence agencies, the US mercenaries and EU representatives, as well as famous figures, which was spent on the development of US democracy in Ukraine. Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland (wife of Professor Kagan, a graduate of Yale University, has a master's degree in political science and international relations at Harvard University. 

Kagan was an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney, and from 2005 until 2008 served as ambassador US Ambassador to NATO. Now he lives in Brussels.) repeatedly reaffirmed that the United States spent a total of about $ 5 billion for regime change in Ukraine, and in fact - for diving Ukraine into chaos. Understand, dear Ukrainians, why was the primary motivation of the Maidan European integration. It was a "Trojan horse". It was a theatrical production, a scenario by which you manage and direct your actions. 

Your country historically has always been considered marginal land (and thence the name!) Between Europe and Russia. Did you forget that Ukraine and Kiev - for many centuries were the territory of the Russian Empire. Russia is the largest country in the world and will remain so, despite the fact that Obama called Russian regional power. But Obama is excusable - it flaws American secondary education. Border regions of Russia is not the first time used by the United States for the purpose of subversion.

And you, Ukrainians have become a means to achieve another goal. You just have been chosen as a catalyst for larger geopolitical changes. Everything that happened, it does not to you, Ukrainians, no relation, you - the only victim, crime used by the United States and its European vassals. I know it hurts - to realize how much you were wrong. But you were too trusting. Luster of euros and dollars overshadowed the truth from your eyes. You afford to sell the US and the EU. You do not believe that non-governmental organizations are lying to you. 

Can you imagine in your dreams, how will ride a BMW on the "Schengen zone". You want every day to choose from a variety of sausage 25 species in your stores. You indulge in dreams of alleged democracy that actually - not that other, as a web of lies in the consumer world. The EU is not democratic. He did not even legal! He has no authority, he had grown bureaucracy, every day breaking the rules TEU and TFEU. 

The European Union - a representation of Western oligarchs, in the face of German financiers, created by the United States to be able to control the economy of the whole of Europe.The EU, in fact, it is - just an institutional body of persons without citizenship, without government, without public policy without a government, without a real parliament, without the Constitution. Therefore, your fanatical dream of European integration - is the extreme folly, hasty idea that the US and EU put in your head, embellishing it with flowers and lots of lies.  

Even the financial commitments that you allegedly gave (oral promises - no one is obliged to carry out) were blatant lies and served only a red herring. And you were in the tail of a long line of wanting to integrate into the EU to comply with the requirements indefinitely, making this integration impossible. In fact, the EU is pretty bad: all the economic indicators are negative. There are no prospects for the foreseeable future. External debt of the EU countries - an unprecedented huge.

The EU is in the economic impasse and unable to free himself from his debt trap, taking every day more and more extensive measures to save, but they find themselves ever deeper into the quagmire of debt. EU untenable. And in this system without laws and regulations, with a huge corruption and bribery you want to integrate? 

Why do you personally have never explored this whole situation? Have you ever paid attention to the way in the EU are confusing and opaque? Have you ever noticed that in the EU there is virtually no laws, only press releases formulated so that the true nature of the law was fully veiled? Have you ever wondered how sick the euro? You've never seen that because of the introduction of the euro, many states grasped the crisis and now the standard of living there is worse than before? 

The design of the single currency to regulate the conditions in the interest of the ECB in the different countries of the euro zone only brings disaster stronger EU. You really never seemed suspicious attempts Nuland and other beautiful words to cover ugly things? Think about it. Your former president understood this, and was popular with the majority of the population. For comparison, Angela Merkel dissatisfied at least 50% of the population of Germany. And the euro is for ordinary Germans huge problem. EU dictates conditions every day. 

Our European governments use the EU as a pretext for unpopular measures.Nation states obey the decisions of the EU administration, so the United States can affect the whole of Europe more effective and easier than the sovereign state.Therefore, Ukrainians, you can be assured that integrate into the EU, you will not be Europeans, no, you just placed at the disposal of the United States. 

The signing of the Association, so you want it - the trick with three traps. 


The first trap - it is your thirst to consume and the wealth that was promised to you. 

The second trap was the separation from "evil Russian", which, in fact, is also affected by the policies of the EU, and which are also led by the nose until Putin came. Russian has already figured out what was going on, and for the past 10 years, Russia has a very developed in all areas of public administration and strengthened in all sectors of the economy. Fundamentals of the Russian state stability: virtually no debt, a positive state budget, foreign trade surplus, abundant natural resources and a great military power. If you compare it with those of the US, you will see the opposite: a huge foreign debt, deficit, foreign trade deficit and huge military spending because of the participation and organization of conflicts around the world. Land warmongers, State destroyer. And you, Ukrainians, they believed. 

The third trap - rigged elections. And now you have Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, who are puppets of the United States. And now you'll do what they tell you, under the command of the United States. They are not involved in politics in Ukraine. They do not care about the economy, they are not interested in ending the war. Quite the contrary. Do not you, Ukrainians, like these "adventures", do you really want to ensure that your country has been destroyed? 

Do you need an oligarch as president, who enriched himself and helps to enrich other oligarchs, the most unworthy of ways: by war, lies and falsifications. You said that part of the Ukrainians - second-class citizens, and that you can kill the inhabitants of the south-east have for what they want to defend their rights and asked for their areas of autonomy. You forget that Ukraine's economic prosperity rests on these regions, and for these people, because there are industrial plants and mines, and that the money so that the country needs, earn there. 

Your new president decided to make these people beggars and the homeless, to make the Donbass a springboard for war against Russia.He fires rockets from civilian objects, hospitals and schools, killing civilians and turns to rubble and ashes without any reason. Your Prime Minister - the leader of the American School of financial fraud, it was found that he had given the United States the gold in your country as compensation for their "investments coup." Yatsenyuk just 10 months to make Ukraine a bankrupt country, with the largest foreign debt in the history of independence. And you will be a lifetime to give the money that has already squandered and stolen. 

And now comes the IMF and pushing Ukraine to one loan after another, forced to take draconian anti-social measures by which people simply suffocate. Pensions are reduced, eliminated medicine, industry, land, raw materials sold or given to US investors so that you, the Ukrainians do not own anything in your country. Your precious fertile fields, black soil, dairy industry, agriculture - all is not sold, and you have nothing else. You picked up and began shouting Nazi, you are allowed to pull you pseudo-ethnic community. 

You have absorbed all the worst of the past and confidently went to destruction, to the Civil War, to the destruction of your country. Nationalist false slogans, coupled with the wrong national heroes are preventing you to start thinking about peace and prosperity. So better forget this hypocritical character. still have a chance to change everything. Forget about the Independence and remember your true national interests and values. 

You are much closer to Russia than to Europe. Stay free. Do not become an EU member. Be neutral as Switzerland. Throw in the government of pro-American politicians and ministers.Run Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk. Change your constitution and federaliziruyte his country to observe the rights of all Ukrainians who live in your beautiful country, to stop the war. Discard the aid usurer-the IMF and the World Bank USA. Ask "observers" of the OSCE to leave Ukraine. There are many countries that will support you in your real independence, without taking your resources at the same time. 

Close all offices and NGOs to keep Western "advisers" as far as possible from your interior.In particular those who come with new projects and investment programs. Think again now and restore peace. Provide peace. Save the world. Be peaceful, without the "world" USA! Peace will come when all the Ukrainians have a chance to express their opinions. To exercise their rights. Peace will come when the law and the Constitution will be above all - for all, without discrimination, without double standards. Peace will come when we have heard all population groups. 

Peace will come when the defense budget will be cut in favor of social programs, and not vice versa. The spiral of ignorance, violence, fighting and war can be broken only if all of you, Ukrainians, understand who your real friends in the world. If you, Ukrainians, really want peace, you have to come to it on their own. Without us, without the EU, without the IMF, World Bank, and without US investment projects.

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