Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentin Mihailin (POEMS) Like coal burns, righteous anger of the people!

Valentin Mihailin (POEMS)

Incandescent COAL... Like coal burns, righteous anger of the people!

  • On fascists angry! 
  • Soon to be overheating! 
  • Fury of the people hit! 
  • Scum beat! 
  • Sword, fire! 
  • As asphalt compactor crush! 
  • All to Kiev and there! 
  • I saw his eyes Givi! 
  • And Kadyrov eyes! 
  • Everyone hated! 
  • Brake wear! 
  • Vdarit, they can not stop! 
  • Beware, Kiev! 
  • Kohl come, you only sins washed off the blood! 
  • In captivity are not taken! 
  • Though all run to Poland,they will find you there! do not ask for mercy! 
  • No court will kill you all! 
  • All the people under their banners, will rise! 
  • Soon this hour! 
  • Will "bath" you yadrena! 
  • In powder erase all of you! 
  • Poroshenko, know paskuda! 
  • Thy days countdown included! 
  • Met calendars, Judas! 
  • How notches Robinson! 
  • Every day this will be counted! 
  • And for everyone - a bullet in the forehead! 
  • Number of aspen vobёtsya, each fascists in the coffin! 
  • Repent do not call! 
  • This demon is not given! is near your end, I know! 
  • And all creatures.... 

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