Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ukrainians Criticize Poroshenko for the meeting in Minsk.

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Today at 10:22 am
Ukrainians Criticize Poroshenko for the meeting in Minsk.

"The most infamous option" -  Violent reaction Ukrainian users of social networks caused by the actions of Peter Poroshenko, a ceasefire agreement during talks in Minsk. Reposting comments gathered from typical Ukrainian citizens in social media and on the Web site. 

Note: The spelling and punctuation of the authors preserved. 

Shapoval Daniel: That is Poroshenko showed once again that the government was more important lives. 

Igor Ashihmin: this pedroshenko faith not see through a couple of months 

Valery AD: Cheux again ??? !!! Once we went on the offensive, so at chokolyadnogo another ceasefire ??? !!! Still sold kremlyatskomu geek piece ??? 

Ukraine Yuri Smirnov: Graduation day ATO = last day of the presidency of the chocolate cock .. 

Gaius Baltar: Poroshenko in fact agreed to the "federalization" by the Kremlin scenario. About pensions terrorists, I do not say anything. 

Sidorenko Victoria: What a piece of paper from Halushko ?? Where the full text of the press conference Poroshenko? where the position of official Kiev? Skype, "clipping", stammering journalists infinite BP .. .What is going on? ? 

niralambha: To date, we can confidently assert that there is anti-state conspiracy of senior officials and representatives of the Ukrainian oligarchy headed by Peter Poroshenko, in order to preserve the criminal-oligarchic regime of governance in Ukraine by establishing centers of its territory permanent military instability and delivery part of Ukrainian territory of Russia. 

Natalia Pustovojtenko: Dear read carefully "The package of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement", our President and almost passed Donetsk region Luanskuyu. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! This is a complete amnesty to all LC and DNR am, and this constitutional reform on the Donbas and so much more! And it had to negotiate for 18 hours? Horror, as you sign this! What they are fighting our volunteers and the military, for which so many people died? Shame !!!!!!!! 

IgnatyukRoman: a cease-fire on the part of the APU - a certain death of our soldiers. Kozlyara, it's time ... nah gunpowder Chasing 

Alexander Maltsev: In short the most shameful for Ukraine option. Passed all that is possible. No control over the border for a year - a full pipets. The entire contents of all daunbasskogo cattle. Amnesty all fascists and murderers. Well, the elections with a known result: all supporting Ukraine from daunbassa left, so it will only vote separskoe cattle. I think the result is clear. Such a shame Ukraine did not know ...

Kastus_BY: Guarantor after these "negotiations" urgently needs to fly out to the US and to negotiate on arms! 

Belous444 Alexander: Not a day has passed since the adoption of the memorandum, and already full of evidence that took an empty piece of paper that was clear immediately . 

Leonard Cabrio: The impression that Peter A. after Minsk is afraid to return to Kiev .... 

Exile: The deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine! Ban Poroshenko committed treason in Minsk today! To investigate gosizmeny Poroshenko Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should create a special temporary commission of inquiry, part of which must be enabled special prosecutor and special investigators. 

Mart: giblets sold another 25 km including in the direction of the Crimea 

Lukas Fant: Poroshenko played the role of the Minsk cyborg. Not one step back, not an inch of land. Stand on his own, and come what may, and foreigners will help us. If as a result of this policy will turn into Ukraine Donetsk airport, and Cyborg Petya time to get-away, you will live to be a hundred in Paris and will write his memoirs. 

kyleba: Sor i Shame! Before zagiblimi i shte not ukraїntsyami birth.President, zvіlnyay throne! Tee - not tyagnesh, i vzhe not potyagnesh, more psihologіchno zlamani, zaprogramovany on progrash.

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