Friday, February 20, 2015

Ukrainian Security Officials on foot leaving the Debaltseve

Ukrainian Security Officials on foot leaving the Debaltseve

Surviving in the last battles for Debaltseve Ukrainian military in the morning on February 18 leaving the city, the TV channel "TV Gromadska."

Emphasizes that the forces of "ATO" break with the battle, and now many go out of Debaltseve foot - and already on the road to pick up their Artiomovsk Ukrainian units.

Information on the withdrawal of security forces confirms Ukrainian lawmaker, commander of "volunteer" battalion "Donbass" Semen Semenchenko : "The withdrawal of Debaltseve carried out planned and organized. All the stories on the Control of Logvinova were tales - pumpkin into a carriage. Track Debaltseve - Artemivs'k we have no control because of Logvinova. 

Other road tightly hold the National Guard, "Donbass" and part of the APU. The enemy is trying to cut the roads and prevent output categories. " He also said that in the area working artillery APU - "which does not allow the enemy to gather in a striking force, pressing his gun emplacements. Way of life firmly hold our troops, constantly beating the terrorist attacks. Work howitzer, hail, hurricanes, mortars, tanks. "

However, the press officer of Staff "ATO" Anatoly Stelmach at the morning briefing, said that the night before "DRG enemy entered the city and began cynical destruction of infrastructure - was blown up railway connection, several access roads, damaged power lines." "Our divisions continued resistance to the enemy. Currently, Debaltseve ongoing military operations, "- said Stelmach.

As reported IA REGNUM , the evening of February 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the morning of February 17 was another attempt to relieve encircled "Debaltsevskom pot", which was not successful. "I very much hope that the responsible persons in the Ukrainian leadership will not interfere with the Ukrainian army soldiers lay down their arms - if they are not able to take this important decision and give such an order, then, in any case, will not chase people who want save your life and the lives of other people willing to lay down their arms, - the Russian president said. - On the other hand, rely on the fact that members of the militia, the management of the People's Republic of Donetsk, Luhansk People's Republic will not hold these individuals will not prevent them from freely then leave the conflict zone and a zone environment and return to their families " .

In addition, in the morning on February 17 press center "ATO" officially announced that the Ukrainian troops took control with. Logvinova (Artiomovskiy district, Donetsk region) and thus prevent the formation of boiler Debaltsevskogo environment, APU also took control of the route Artemovsk - Debaltseve that binds Debaltseve with other settlements of Ukraine, - "the road is completely controlled by us, and on it are transported Ammunition products Power is held scheduled rotation of personnel. "


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