Monday, February 16, 2015

#Ukraine Interior Minister Avakov was able to answer Zaharchenko

#Ukraine Interior Minister Avakov was able to answer Zaharchenko  
February 16, 2015
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Answer Ukrainian minister (!) At a very correct Zaharchenko warning about the inadmissibility of violation of the armistice is the best evidence of the cultural and professional level "leaders" of the Kiev junta.

Recall, the head of DNR Kiev authorities warned that if the APU and more continue to violate the ceasefire, militia reserves the right to adequately respond to the provocation and to begin decisive action to liberate the occupied territories of the Ukrainian Donbass punitive.

"If the Kiev authorities are not bound by the terms of the Minsk agreements not'll take your technique from our borders, will not release our prisoners and will continue to bomb our cities, then, of course, we do not just stand there and wait.

First of all, we just destroy Debaltsevsky boiler with Ukrainian servicemen, where at the moment there are 6 to 8 thousand people.

Then we recapture the enemy Mariupol, and when this is done, then we will throw all their energies on what to take Kharkiv "- warned the head of the DNI.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Avakov, unfortunately, could not find in his vocabulary words censorship, so Zakharchenko said on his Facebook page in the style of street marginal or inmates in prisons.

"Zakharchenko says he wants to" take Kharkiv "-" We were there waiting for people. We have a lot of their own. When need be, they will take the weapon "... X ** lo soldered to the head. Fuck you, not Kharkov.

Waiting for his supposedly "their" in Kharkov. Wait, did so - in prison on Cold Mountain. Topaz eg waiting longs in the chamber, the other "your."

Kharkiv - Ukrainian, civilized and intelligent city. He can see an example of the unfortunate, deserted and desolate Donetsk, was in the hands of gangs and banderlog Zakharchenko, Hero of the Russian world ...

In Kharkov smart enough to look and draw conclusions - a million refugees in Donbas and thousands of deaths of people, deceived Putin propaganda separatists set fire to the wick of the war.

Kharkiv was smart enough to last March - to put in place once the militants need - enough power to beat again on the outskirts of those idiots who dares to bring the war to our city ... I like Kharkiv say!

And Donetsk, God willing, have built up and clear it of mines and other zaharchenok bastards "

What our editors acrobystitis statements Avakova (you ask).

Yes, everything is simple, we want you to once again show who is really Avakov:

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