Thursday, February 12, 2015

The last Attempt to reach Peace, Reason - Ukrainians and Dill !! Watch this Video

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 2:00 PM

The last Attempt to reach Peace, Reason - Ukrainians and Dill !! Watch this Video

Today's shelling of Lugansk. The shelling of reactive systems on the elderly, women, children, innocent people !! We believe that only a complete idiot or scatter-brained person would think that this is the very militia shelling their families, their homes, their wives, fathers and children. 

Then who does fire ?? Dill and Ukrainians. You question APU who shelled ?? APU say No. Assume that it does not APU. Then who is it? Remains only the National Guard under Avakova / Turchinov battalions, Kolomoiskiy / Yarosh / Ljashko or detachments US / NATO. And you, dill and Ukrainians question. I think you understand what a huge lump of hatred and rage grows to you people of all Russian World, not only the Donbas. You see that? 

That we are ready to tear you all down for the genocide !! You will see the same treatment you dishout ??? understand this perfectly! And once you know, why do not do anything ?? Where at least one video, such as detachment APU shoots publicly calculation for the National Guard under the City bombing peaceful cities ?? Where at least one video, for example, in Kiev, in the square, people publicly hammered stones of Azov punitive or Aydar, who also fired from castles to cities?

Ukrainians and dill! Do you want to stop the war? Do you want to stay alive ?? Then you one last chance - HIMSELF seek and execute these bastards out of the National Guard battalions and killing missiles of our mothers, the elderly and children.Otherwise, the entire Russian people's anger Peace reaches the limit when on your Ukraine not a stone was left up to the Lviv !!

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