Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Saudis offered Russia expensive oil in exchange for Assad

Saudis offered Russia expensive oil in exchange for Assad

Saudi Arabia is trying to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin, offering him to abandon support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in exchange for a reduction in oil production, according to The New York Times referring to the Saudi and US officials on Wednesday, February 4.

Sharp fluctuations in world oil prices directly affect the lives of Russians. A collapse in prices for oil is falling ruble, growth in consumer prices and threatens the state budget deficit, revenues depend on the oil and gas sector. Since June 2014 oil fell more than doubled - barrel of Brent crude fell from $ 115 to $ 50

According to officials, the Saudi authorities last few months have been negotiating with the Russian side on this issue, but have not achieved "significant progress". The publication notes that Saudi officials told their US colleagues that they have leverage over Moscow due to the possibility to reduce the supply of oil to the world market.

The publication said that Saudi Arabia wants to use its influence on the world oil market at a time when Russia is "still reeling" from the effects of a sharp drop in the price of the resource. According to Riyadh, the reduction in oil production could lead to higher oil prices, it is necessary to Russia.

According to the newspaper, discussing the Syrian issue was the main theme of the visit of the Saudi delegation to Moscow in November 2014. According to a source publication, meetings with Russian colleagues diplomats from Saudi Arabia conducted informally and the question of how to influence the discussion of the death of King Abdullah (№11 in the ranking of the most influential people in the world according to Forbes), remains open.

In August of 2013 already available information that Saudi Arabia has offered Russia to abandon support for the government of Syrian President to the UN Security Council. Then sources, Reuters reported willingness to Riyadh to buy Russian weapons at $ 15 billion. They also talked about the guarantees that in case of leaving through Syria Assad will not lay a gas pipeline, which supplies damaged Russia's standing in the European market.

In November 2014, the Russian leader said that one of the reasons for the decline in world oil prices may be the policy of some countries that use this mechanism in times of crisis. The head of state does not exclude that the price of oil began to decline as a result of a conspiracy US and Saudi Arabia against Russia.

In this case, any change in the relations between Moscow and Damascus could be one of the first signs of a serious influence what is happening in the oil market on the foreign policy of Russia, the newspaper notes. Previously, Saudi officials publicly stated that oil prices reflect only the state of the global supply and demand.

Source: Forbes

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