Thursday, February 12, 2015

Poroshenko and Minsk-2 will repeat the fate of Minsk-1

Poroshenko and Minsk-2 will repeat the fate of Minsk-1
Posted 16:54; February 12, 2015
Author: Alexei Belov

Svidomye already raised in the network howl about it, because, in their view, apparently, Poroshenko had to come to Kiev from Minsk with the act of surrender of the DNI and the LC and the transfer of the territories of Galicia.

Crying "war party" easy to understand. France, Germany and Russia in the negotiations had the status of mediators, and, despite the Ukrainian propaganda, the whole world finally saw that the conflict is not between Russia and Ukraine, and in Ukraine.

That the fighting in the Donbass - not that other, as a civil war, not a creeping occupation "bloodthirsty Putin" European power.

The talks in Minsk marked by unprecedented activity of the West.Merkel and Hollande finally realized that Obama Ukrainian Natsik they are about to be lured into the Third World, and to work for the American gesheft who received the US in Europe 70 years ago, the EU is no longer intended. But how effective were their attempts?

Poroshenko attended the talks purely nominal. No wonder that he kept jumping up and ran to call. It is clear to whom. At a time when Obama openly headed for military support to Ukraine, zits president was afraid to sign anything superfluous.

Despite some optimism the Russian press, the "extra" that nothing is signed and talk about the success of the negotiations still can not.

Yes, Poroshenko publicly agreed to cease fire from February 15.Secondly, the parties, in fact, agreed to withdraw heavy weapons to positions relevant agreements Minsk-1.

All that is won in recent months militias will need to give back. Plus, there are areas that they had to pass on those still Minsk Agreement, but not delivered.

For the militia is not the best news. A significant part of Ukrainian thugs fighting now in the Donbass, has openly ignore the head of Ukraine. Its like nashkodivshego cat herding from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada known PR ace Oleg Lyashko, and the leader of the "right sector" Dmitry Yarosh has unashamedly threatens Poroshenko new coup.

What can we say about the warlords and saboteurs in hundreds of kilometers from Kiev.

Therefore, Poroshenko can agree on anything and sign anything, Ukrainian punishers live by their own concepts and can at any time to resume the shelling of peaceful quarter of the city DNR and LC.

From this it follows that the leaders of New Russia generally took unprecedented compromises.Zakharchenko and carpentry signed the document on which the DNI and the LC is not public education, but only "territory with special status." As if there was no referendum in May 2014.

According to the agreement, the government will have the right to appoint the Donbass prosecutors and judges, to create a people's militia detachments and linguistic self-determination in the region. In simple terms, the maximum is a step toward federalization of Ukraine. Poroshenko generally required to establish and control of Ukrainian troops over the border DNR and LC with Russia, but to lock yourself in this "mega-pot" Zaharchenko with carpentry, of course, do not intend to.

After the number of victims who have suffered the Republic of New Russia, destroyed cities and villages, go for more, then fully sign in their own impotence, and generally had to appear in the negotiations with a white flag ...

But Poroshenko and this fact is not enough! No sooner had the ink dried arrangements, as he immediately said: "No to a status of autonomy we did not. We have so far stressed that we will do so in the framework of constitutional amendments on decentralization.Also on no compromise on federalization we did not. No autonomy or federalization of the document does not. "

Signs warn fate Ukraine

If the "special status" - is not autonomy, what? In the understanding of Poroshenko - nothing.

These agreements it uses to licking wounds, regroup, another mobilization. Continue training with American experts. Understand whether it is the leaders of the EU and Russia, which are now talking about the big breakthrough?

So it's best that today can count militia is - the cessation of hostilities, the restoration of the banking system, lifting of the blockade. Everything! Count on more of the following statements Poroshenko rejection of autonomy, decentralization and federalization of the country - is naive. Week, month or two - and this shaky model crumble under the pressure of the army of thugs and karbatov type Yarosh.

Well, at worst - the fighting resumed in the near future. If they poobschyatsya prekratyatsya February 15.

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