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Obama suddenly drawn to the revelation or recognition rather, that US policy is all Hypocrisy

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Obama suddenly drawn to the revelation or recognition rather, that US policy is all Hypocrisy

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_______________________________ On the first day of the month Obama suddenly drawn to the revelation or recognition rather, that US policy was like hypocrisy, because otherwise you can call the actions of a man who at first denies the obvious - that everyone knows, and then says about it, as if nothing had happened. 

Obama said the following, that the United States "became an intermediary in the transfer of power" in Ukraine. Beautiful turnover. And most importantly - with a double bottom. The American administration - a recognized master in substitution of concepts and terms. In this case, the word "intermediaries" hidden painfully simple and clear picture - the "roof", which controls the process of robbery and looking to ensure that the remaining "godfather" (the European Union and other American satellites.) 

Make sure that everything is done "on concepts." objectives in this statement two. Firstly, it is clear that the Pindos to the limit concerned that all their attempts to bring down Russian politics themselves suffer a complete collapse. Sanctions for some reason, they spit. From the fall of oil much more affected US companies and militia meanwhile preparing for the final battle, after which the army ukrovermahta cease to exist. In this situation, it is quite logical in the open to say what they were trying to ignore the above. 

Formally proclaimed the principle of "non-interference in the internal affairs of other states" (this is not a typo, the US and in fact it is declared), even at the level of applications does not work. Today it is more important to try in your own words to provoke Russia to certain actions. Another thing that is unlikely even in America there are idiots who believe that before Obama spoke his tsitatku, someone in our country was in a sweet illusion. Therefore, there is a second goal, it is also the most important - in the face of the entire planet specify zhidobanderovtsu Poroshenko his place, to remind him that without Pindostana it - no one, that he owes it all that he has. 

This is a reminder - yesterday States enthroned a junta, and tomorrow may put another. This is a solid warning satrap, whose affairs are not going well. Pindostana extremely dissatisfied with the way punitive-genocidal operation. And what impacts the boiler, the higher the chances that he Banderostan (junta occupied territory of Ukraine) will not last even until the summer. With all this good harmony and another phrase Obama that Pindostana will always defend its NATO allies. 

NATO allies are not in general! In other words, the president said that the military wing of the American hawk only for those who are in the club. If you do not enter into it, how many do not buck, and shed blood for you will not become one. Another clear message Poroshenko. Lose - and you will not remain power. Defective guns, rusty helmets, expired canned - zavsegda. But no one will come to the rescue when the boiler burst and flames roll towards Kiev. 

The only question is, whether Poroshenko will make it up to the moment Banderostana will not. It is unlikely that? His own ukrofashistskie commanders yearn for his blood. They put ministers ukroreyha already open spit in his face. And duped and brainwashed people slowly moving away from sugary drug potions Maidan cookies, realizing that his trite and stupid thrown."Thank uSraine" ends at the time of the agenda. And hopes for a "peremogu" somehow survive poorly when there is nothing to eat. 

In this connection, enough to see that in his book writes Azarov. Yes, he's the person concerned. It is unlikely that he will be able to forgive and Evrozhopu that he threw, and thugs in the Maidan, that they were willing to cut off his head. But the facts and figures when they are confirmed, are outside the political trick. And today is one fact - Banderostan lost their richest territories inhabited by the most hardworking and decent people. Banderostan lost industry, brought down the currency, and from day to day, will get a default. Banderostan received power deficit of 10 thousand. 

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the government of Yanukovych the same value in the column was surplus! One can only imagine how embarrassing Azarov for his "successors" who are willing to beg on my knees at least a couple billion. And despite the fact that the Government has made ​​the investment wave Azarov 42 billion dollars! Waves crashed about revel in their impunity galloping svidomye crowd maydanutogo cattle. And a second chance will be gone. Never to come again.

Nicholas Sevostyanov

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