Monday, February 9, 2015

NATO Forces are Already at War here in Debaltseve Boiler

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NATO Forces are Already at War here in Debaltseve Boiler

It WAS learned That hid in Debaltseve Truth is That US-led NATO mired in Conflict in Ukraine, Which by and by and by themselves Unleashed That They HAD Almost Lost, writes Columnist Online Magazine The Strategic Culture Foundation Finian Cunningham. ACCORDING to HIM as Part of encircled punitive Debaltseve in about 25% of the Personnel (Approximately 2,200 people) make up NATO Troops and Foreign Mercenaries. It is this That determines an unprecedented Diplomatic Activity Leaders of the West and the arrival in Moscow Yesterday the Leaders of France and Germany.

After the Formation of the boiler Western diplomats Clearly Nervous. It is Because of Debaltseve and not from some Other City of Donbass, WHERE Fierce Fighting, Needed Urgent eavkuatsiya civilians. For this Reason, Were 2 days priostonovleny Fighting. HOWEVER, INSTEAD of the Civilian population is Mainly exported NATO soldiers. On Rotation of servicemen in Debaltseve Bring up new and Ammunition in the period February 6-7, Said the Authorities of New Russia. Why is it so Urgently flown to Moscow, Merkel and Hollande.

They Feared A Scandal That Captured Debaltseve Prisoner Get hundreds or even Thousands of NATO Troops, and the Meaning of the word "War", Which has Already Said Hollande Would Actually be Inevitable, Because That Will dokzano NATO Forces are Already at War here, and therefore Russia Could Also Strengthen Presence in the ITS region. It Seems That with Putin before the end of an Agreement has not yet succeeded. Part of NATO Troops in REMAIN Debaltseve.

That is why the order of February 7 Biden APU Urgently counterattacked - One task - to being in the Release Debaltseve NATO Troops, while the Victims are Told not to be Considered. At stake May be the Exposure of the US and NATO. With the Same purpose now to Increase the supply of Various weapons in Ukraine. http: //www.strategic

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