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It is unlikely that Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk can coexist peacefully.

"Right Sector" against "ghost"

Well, Ukraine - A free Country, everyone is Entitled to Their own opinion. Even if it is completely divorced from Reality.

It is unlikely that Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk can coexist peacefully.

In FACT, Ukraine for the year has changed Last Dramatically. Remember pathetic Attempts to Arrange Antimaydan in Kiev, Which by no Means Could be an alternative to well-Organized and well-Armed Evromaydanu. Too sluggish Donbass WAS at the time, too Weak Leaders , hatched from eggs tuhlovatyh Party of Regions.

Now imagine that, thanks to the wonderful time machine of the present day, we were transferred for February 2014. And in Kiev disperse Bandera Went Native Luhansk Brainstorming Alex and His team "Ghost", Mikhail Tolstoy (call Sign "Givi") with A Group of Ilovaysk and, Say, donchanin Alexander Zakharchenko - Also with His Militia. I'm not Talking About the smaller Warlords and soon on the Massacre of the Cossacks, WHO Would gladly make Them Company.

US allowed the coup d'etat in Kiev, Poroshenko drained

Presented? I, Frankly, do not have enough imagination. A year ago, it WAS Believed That the New Russia is Unable to resist Aggressive Galicians.

Today, "the National Guard" with the "Azov" and "Aydar" Donbass perceive seriously, and do not seem long passionary - still on the "right sector" has found a bolt with left-hand thread.

Note rebels have called disparagingly "Colorado", to cope with which seemed so simple.

Poroshenko with her ​​Verkhovna Rada by the Cabinet and the May be as many dream of A Unified nezalezhnoy power, But there are people oppose the idea WHO in Arms. And Won, Among Other things, in A heated discussion.
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Not so Long ago, in A conversation with Adequate One from Kiev Suddenly Became clear That he Believes Alexander Zakharchenko an acceptable candidate for the Post of Ukrainian President. At That moment, I confess, for me this idea Sounded unexpectedly - I Thought That always Ukraine is no longer Considered Residents of Donbass Their fellow Citizens. It Turned out, and how Counted.

Just Yesterday, I sat in Moscow A Cafe with A Fairly well-Known Refugees WHO Assured me That the militias Will certainly have to go to Kiev to Take power in Ukraine. His idea has not seemed fresh - I Realized That She wanders in the minds of people who are tired of the dominance of rabid nationalists.

Last spring, normal people have Retained the Ability to think, to feel much Worse - it seemed to Them That the power in the Country finally Moved to Banderovites and Their henchmen. But Today, the insurgent Ukrainian Donbass Became A symbol of resistance, and ITS Commanders - an example of resistance and intransigence. Is it Any wonder That the people of the rest of Ukraine know by name and face many of the rebels, and the Most Daring even Mentally arming someone Presidential mace?

"Proclamation of the Republic of New Russia Abstracts of Commitment of the Territorial integrity of Ukraine and the desire to Restore the Rule of Law Trampled February revolution Able to Radically Change the Situation. Residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions are Citizens of Ukraine. And as Citizens of Ukraine, They have every right to defend Their Lives, to Restore Constitutional order, to Achieve Political power ", - Alexander Calls on peas. Obviously Mood changed - now the future of Ukraine many people Associate it with the Donbas.

HOWEVER, it Seems to me That the Country is not yet ripe for an honest and Courageous President. Ahead of her many trials, Including - total impoverishment of the population, Several Maidan, the President of "hour" and, Unfortunately, Blood.

Thirteen antichrists Ukrainian Fascism

Yesterday's vote showed underestimation playful us some figures in the Ukrainian establishment.

In FACT, Today in Kiev Three Centers of power - around Poroshenko, Yatseniuk around and around Tymoshenko. Moreover's, the first two have faced serious Already foreheads, and the Third not yet manifest itself - waiting in the wings.

The power Struggle Between the President and the Prime MINISTER That is so serious there is Talk of imminent Physical elimination of One of Them - One the WHO does not have time to do it first. That is why Yesterday kvazimaydan - just A Warning That is yet Come to. A Small Show of Force Yatsenyuk.

Poroshenko Already Knew That WAS something Wrong, and Tries to resist. But His Attempt to AcquirePresidential Guard numbering 25 thousand. Man, loyal to HIM Personally, WAS not Successful. All local oligarchs Pay Their Battalions out of Pocket - why Oligarch Poroshenko Will do so at the Expense of the budget? HOWEVER, this is not the only or main Reason for Refusal of the Deputies to Pass the Bill. In FACT, Today the President of the assassination Almost not protected. The way it Should be.

Rehearsal overthrow Poroshenko: War Party merges President

As I hinted competent people, the culprit Ukrainian default is already defined - the deadline will be the current guarantor of the Constitution.

On it hang All the Dogs, and DURING the next Maidan Poroshenko is likely to put up Against the wall and shot. If you do not have time to Escape, of course - and, oddly enough, in Russia, in the footsteps of ITS Predecessor .

The candidacy of the Current Prime MINISTER as A mate of Americans are satisfied. But he Will Reign for A Short time - without the hundreds of Billions of dollars, the Other Will not be Able to rectify the Situation, and That kind of Money, no one today is not.

Delayed Whether in office Yulia Tymoshenko? Frankly, I Doubt That this cunning lady Wants to Lead A ruined Country, Which Roam the Crowd Armed Bandits. Actually, WHO Will Come after Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk, is not so Important. Though Yarosh, Though Turchinov, though both two - still.

Ukraine confidently headed for default

Such a scenario is quite realistic - Ukraine already hard preparing for the default.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko said that the country is trying to restructure its external debt, which is the first sign of imminent bankruptcy.

A few days later in an Interview with French newspaper Le Monde Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde Announced A rather Strict condition of the Loan: only if the Situation in the Country stabilizes. Which in the coming years, I'm Afraid it Will be impossible to achieve.

That's why I think the Donbass Should wait until the Spiders in the Bank finally claw each Other, and only then have ITS Say. By the time the Same Alexander Zakharchenko Will Probably Become the Most popular Politician in Ukraine. And Citizens by themselves Will Come to HIM with the keys to Donetsk from the capital.

Author: Paul Shipilin

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