Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How much blood do you need Kiev you pigs? !

New Russia
How much blood do you need Kiev you pigs? !

"Ukrainian punishers bombed a hospital in Donetsk: a victim. As a result of the shelling shell hit the hospital in Donetsk in the neighborhood Textilschik. Have killed, many wounded, said the Ministry of Emergency Situations DNI. At 12 hours 00 minutes was subjected to shelling districts Textilschik. The shell hit the hospital 27 there are dead and injured. Also damaged high-voltage line at 110 kW, the Entire Neighborhood is without power. Additional information clarifies, "- Said the Donetsk City Administration. ACCORDING to RT, the shells were not only in the hospital, but also in the high-rise. According to the authorities DNR shelling was carried out rocket launchers "Hurricane." According to preliminary data 5 people were killed and about 10 wounded! 

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