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Customer ordered to fight, but not to win

Customer ordered to fight, but not to win
Posted February 24, 2015

Remember the summer I wrote that LDNR not lose the war? I did not believe. You know why I think so? If not, then read one material that was going bit by bit and think for weeks. A sort of a strategic review of nonsense.

Oddities occurring in the Donbas war - a lot. This subject since May, I spent dozens, maybe hundreds of materials already. I often actions of the military leadership of the junta puzzled (and even the impossible is happening in this war. And, many times). Most conspiracy theories can not explain frank absurdities that I watch.State of cognitive dissonance, which I felt while reading messages from the front lines, forced me back in the summer to change the methodology of studying the problem and the angle of view. This method is very widely at the time used to study the intricate historical processes the great Soviet historian Lev Gumilev.
The outbreak of war. Who started it and why.

War always has a purpose, but not always obvious. That is to say that we are for peace - not an issue, but if we decided to go to war, then rest assured that this is applicable to all forces. Especially if these WE - the US and war us - very much needed. At the end of the year a growing number of citizens of Ukraine becomes clear that the demolition of the regime Yanukovych, who has made a "revolution dignity" was not a problem for Washington. Especially the main.

This problem has been getting stronger economic power of the new Union of China - Russia, which began to swallow Europe economically, squeezing out the United States. And, most offensive to Americans was that almost any "pro-American" Kiev regime sooner or later negotiated behind their backs with Russia and Europe.

Ukraine confidently headed for default

It was obvious that "guilt" around the Ukrainian economy, which sooner or later pushed any ruler of Ukraine in attracting the arms of Moscow.

This suggests that the economic potential of Ukraine to the United States has become a major obstacle to the achievement of the goal - to detach fragments from the old imperial metropolis. Economic Association of Ukraine with the EU aimed to solve this problem - destruction of the economy of Ukraine and as a consequence to detach it from RUSSIA.

Azarov's government which came to light this game US - EU to ordinary citizens, thus became the mortal enemy of the American global project. Open play: "Which option is best for the integration of Ukraine" with the showdown sooner or later would lead to defeat, so it was decided to demolish not only hated regime, but also to do away with the problem once and for all, that is, to put an end to the economy of Ukraine. War is the best way to achieve the desired result.

If you recall the last days of the regime of Yanukovych, when the western regions of Ukraine were seized weapons caches and start creating squads "somooborony" armed not only with small arms, but also guns (yes it was, and so on), it becomes clear that the civil war in Ukraine conceived originally.

But the rapid collapse of the regime of Yanukovych has brought the organizers of the war to a standstill. The purpose of allegedly reached, but no result. That is why the first days of coming to power, the conspirators step by step impending war. On the first day they began to play the ethnic card, make a "Russian" in Ukraine second-class citizens. And the question was not in the language.

The uprising in the Donbas was "strange." Initially, when it's easy to put down, no one just did not do it, but the swelling in Kiev National chauvinist hysteria fueled this process. I remember Donetsk rallies.They were not as widespread as in Kharkov or Odessa. A strong blow to this movement could cause the ban of Russian channels in early March. But it was done already after Gunmen entered in the Slavic and development has gone on a military scenario.

Not militias, and wizards are Slavyansk

And further steps of the junta were difficult to explain. Throwing on the suppression of the uprising military units, she not only gave orders to put down, but as subsequent actions organized insurgent supply their first armored vehicles, which allowed to hold Slavic garrison the first two months.

The 25th Air Assault Brigade, "courtesy" to provide armored vehicles unarmed citizens, more is never repeated this "feat". On the contrary, it was one of the most ruthless and combat-ready brigades APU. Paradox? Then there will be many such paradoxes.

Further, there were several particularly brutal murders. The most notorious of which was on May 2 in Odessa, where the junta tried.But to no avail. The main purpose of this massacre was to force Russia to intervene and hence to start a war against the "eternally oppressed" people. But it did not. Who knows, we obtain then this option may oddities in the war would have been less. But I will not get ahead of ourselves.

Referendum DNR and LC. Everyone remembers the atmosphere and organization. No one bothered to its implementation (except for Russia, which has done everything to the issue of joining the rebel territories it was not even raised). But why forget that at this time was not yet militia, as such, but has thousands grouping APU in the Donbass, which could disrupt the vote at any time? But did not do so. Moreover, immediately after the referendum, "strange" way is actually a military dictator Donbass was Igor Fusiliers. In which war becomes inevitable.

Already it is no secret that the "conspirators" in the face of the DNI Akhmetov and his team prepared an honorable surrender on terms of Kiev, which would make war impossible, and Akhmetov Donbass king.

It was strange to see the attack hastily put together volunteer units in Slavic, supported by light infantry soon APU. Strange, but the end of June, when the militia were powerful antitank weapons in large quantities, tanks from the APU is not used.

I was very surprised and pleased that the first attacks were carried out Slavianska not live ammunition, but mostly blanks, because the city itself is not strongly affected by the two-month shelling. Only in the last week of artillery APU started to work on this. But it was "too late."

Shooters - a Russian Che Guevara

Shooters formed a militia brigade Slavic and very strange march (from Ukraine this wonder luck so far) with virtually no loss led his men ... and thus made it possible to continue the war.

Meanwhile miraculously in the ranks of the militia began to appear heavy machinery. How then "revealed" it APU soldiers allegedly sold it. Now it sounds weird right? But is this strangeness. The main oddities were then.

In Donetsk out of the blue came Kurginyan someone who accused Strelkova treason. The absurdity of this statement was obvious to all, and the old man scoffed at. BUT. Moscow strangely sharply reduced deliveries of weapons parts, are subject Strelkov (incidentally, this is also in the Slavic weapons from Russia received very little. It is often sold soldiers APU), that is, in Donetsk.

At the same time, Lugansk saturated technique for most nehochu.You still continue to be surprised? Unlock these supplies it only after he left, when to replace the party of "war" in Donetsk, a party of "peace". And the beginning of the defeat of the APU. Strange? I do not.

And that in this difficult time, when the fate of the uprising hung in the balance, making the APU? No, they did not even then stormed defenseless Donetsk. They were drawn to the small intestine between Donetsk agglomeration and the border of the Russian Federation, not even taking the commanding heights. A huge number of combat troops stretched along the border and became ... to be shot.

The defeat of the Southern boiler 1.0 was not so much a victory for the militia, which for this purpose simply to cut the narrow neck of supply, as the defeat of the APU command that actually Framed Army of Ukraine under the rout.

And it took place. Strange, but this nonsense is not over. Guide for APU battalion battalion sent to slaughter the best part of his army.Alternately, without intelligence directly into an ambush enemy (there were cases when the batteries "Grad" APU out before motorized infantry and naturally destroy the enemy).

The collapse of the southern front

Multiple repetition of nonsense this system. And the soldiers APU this system calculated quickly. If you want to survive - not to report their plans to the command. It is, incidentally, is still in operation. Strange for the army, right?

To understand why this was done, we must look to the bird's-eye view at the results. As a result of these strange happened - impossible.Unarmed, numerically far inferior militia not only survived, but also defeated the regular army in the summer campaign.

Digression. It is evaluating the list of oddities by the middle of June, I realized that the APU will not win the war. Because of this problem, they have not received from the commander in chief. I think now no one seems neither strange Ilovaysk nor rewarding Geletey Ilovaisky in the midst of the defeat of the APU.

Guide junta initially received command in the war. And win they had no right. For the victory shooting (just kidding). In general, their task on the summer campaign junta managed.

I think now you have answered the question: Why the Ukrainian army to shoot peaceful town? No there is certainly hiding militias and their equipment. But the case is not the case. The Truth?

Customer invest in the project five billion dollars ordered war. And the war must go on as long as possible. And it continues to this day.Contrary to popular "desire" to make peace.

Author: Jura Sumy

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