Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What will be the decision of Putin?

What will be the decision of Putin? 
January 20, 2015 
Now it became evident that Putin is doing everything quietly and consistently, according to a preconceived plan. And he did not particularly hides all says as it is, of course, within the framework of obvious limitations. And our anxiety and neuroses in the style of "putinslil" are the result of the inability to separate the major events of the tactical ripple on the water of the river, which is the history of mankind. Let me remind you once again the most important events of the year. Crimea almost bloodlessly returned to Russia. Obama's US ready to live with that, if Russia at this stop and will not be joining the south-east of Ukraine. 

But Gunmen pulls the trigger of the war in the Donbass, and Putin, seeing training ukronatsistov Russian genocide in Ukraine, the Federation Council asks permission to use the army outside of Russia. Such an open challenge to the new world order, formed after the collapse of the USSR, obviously, due to the influence of the domestic political game in the United States, provoking a personal dislike Obama to Putin, and this dislike is very negative impact on subsequent events. It is known how truly dangerous smoking? Scared? 

Ukraine proposed the Russian way of a cease-fire in the Donbas Early signs of heart attack On the other hand, fear of interference with Russian forces ukronatsistov refuse for some time from genocide Southeast, whose task is to free the shale oil and gas from the local population. This, in turn, provokes the West syndrome "Putin-you-Hitler", especially for those wishing to whatever was to replace the production of "Gazprom" shale gas from the Slavyansk. And here at the festival actualization of virtual reality in which the United States and England have won without the help of Hitler's totalitarian Soviet Union, Putin impose such an ultimatum that he returned to Moscow, begins to conduct exercises in the event of nuclear war and had not put himself in the most favorable light, asking Federation Council to withdraw its permission to use the army to protect its population from genocide ukronatsistov Donbass. 

That, in fact, gave rise to an entire genre in RuNet "putinslil." All this time, Obama's sanctions against Russia are operetta character, and in the American television commentators strictly negative answer questions from viewers excited about the possibility of nuclear war with Russia. In addition, the Russian population strongly TV vtyuhivat idea that Europeans put pressure on Russia only because of pressure by the US, set a goal to cut Europe from supply of cheap oil and gas, which should make their products uncompetitive. 

But at the World Cup in Brazil Putin may begin to suspect that the initiative in the development and implementation of the plan OST-2.0 at least on equal footing belongs to Germany and Angela Merkel personally. Three days later, a catastrophe happens with the Malaysian "Boeing" and Mrs. kantslerin just nods in Brazil after each word Putin, right off the bat, without waiting for the results of the investigation, places the responsibility for the disaster on the anti-Nazi militia Donbass. And then imposes sanctions that really hurt beat Russia on foreign currency revenue, and European bureaucracy begins to openly manipulate the courts to impose on Russia is very sensitive financial sanctions (case of "Yukos"). 

Putin responded, gritting his teeth, continues to prepare for nuclear war, conducting appropriate exercises and otherwise pretending Gorbachev, to gain time to a few dozen "Yarsov", dozens of new fighters and bombers entered the army in conjunction with the latest anti-aircraft systems, a nuclear submarine "Vladimir Monomakh", "Yekaterinburg", as well as diesel-electric submarine "Rostov-on-Don" stood on alert (the last visit to the Barents Sea somehow suggests that RK "Caliber" and ZM-54E can also be put nuclear warheads). 

At the same time it introduces retaliatory sanctions against the European Union, intended to reduce the cost of imports, and takes this opportunity to provide domestic support, WTO prohibited conditions for which they joined Russia in this wonderful organization. That is, in the best traditions of judo uses the weight and acceleration of the enemy to shmyaknut him against the wall. At this time in the United States begins the final stage of the election campaign, which revealed that the past two years, all the top positions in the administration of US President Obama took personal enemies, and the election campaign was clearly organized to show that Obama has lost the confidence of his constituents, which led him to the White House, and it is now possible to do "what you want". In reality, the election results were somewhat different. 

And now think about the manifold strengthening Russia's military power will congressmen, and not those who stirred up this mess, finally naprinimali laws according to which Obama is now may not require the approval of Congress, if his party establishment will require it to implement the order ukronatsistov means the destruction of subhumans who dared live on shale gas. And it may very well be that they do not want to enjoy a strange feast hangover, especially since they now belong to the other party. US Catholic Christmas eve begin to probe the ability to disable the Russian banking system from the system of international payments SWIFT, and one by the mouth of the General Director of VTB voiced response warning that such an action would lead to at least break in diplomatic relations and the war - at least cold. In addition, finally comes to the surface union Odessa (NSDAP) and Saudi Arabia, and the office, lit up in the affairs of thirty years ago, no longer hiding, trying to repeat the trick with oil prices, which allegedly undermined the Soviet economy, and in fact was a smokescreen conspiracy to Gorbachev. 

The ruble began to fall, but in the absence of Gorbachev does not cause the appearance of crowds of disaffected, as in 1990-1991, rather on the contrary, stimulates demand for the purchase of cars and refrigerators. Meanwhile, LC-DNI more or less successfully fighting with Makhno and create a regular army, while pretending to be dead fox in Minsk. And the people in Russia at this time begins not only porykivat bear, but also demonstrates the willingness to become a cavalryman and quickly go, if Putin really merged. 

And then, finally, in December, according to a new military doctrine of Russia, a potential enemy, all hope is concentrated on the comprador bourgeoisie, bred in Russia over the past 25 years, and in religious belief in the nature of a slave multinational Russian people, who will be forced to come to terms with the displacement Putin has committed such a horrible fall of the ruble, and the geopolitical choice of those who can not, and go to the toilet without jamon and oysters. Putin, the emphasis is not seeing the possibility of their displacement, stalling for time, trying to calm the "patriotic" sentiments hotheads open discussion malignancy Central Bank and the prospects of turning the ruble into a reserve currency. At the same time, he lulls the comprador bourgeoisie lack of staff movements and attempts to transition to staffing wartime. 

And now, giving them both and the possibility of more or less quietly that celebrated season of "Twist of Fate", Putin shakes local and Western liberals dismissal of the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Xenia Yudayeva who taught typing rubles at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Russian public both varieties he pleases enhanced work "PX" at the airport in Donetsk. West sees these events as a fairly clear allusion to the fact that talk of nationalization of the Central Bank and nefteruble may not have been pure propaganda, and the comprador bourgeoisie in Russia, seeing live reports Life News from Donetsk airport is clearly reflected, and not whether she hurried, vouching head would be no war, as this promise can be interpreted literally. 

Besides offset Yudayeva can be regarded as a substitute for it the principle of "cadres decide everything" on the principle of "rotation of cadres decide everything", and to encourage a change coordinates or put on "patriotic" camouflage cloak. For, indeed, if the offset is the deputy chairman of the Central Bank does not require the approval of the regional committee of the Washington, who can expect that will continue to nationalize the costs and privatize the profits, and not vice versa? 

Alexander Brodsky - independent expert, especially for a REGNUM


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