Monday, January 26, 2015

Ukraine for an extra penny hung itself for Europe and American Corporations

Ukraine for an extra penny hung itself for Europe and American Corporations 

New Russia - Ukraine: the equality of parties here there is no position of "a plague on both your houses", which translates other people - good-looking, but false in the extreme, writes Dmitry Olshansky. Recall only some of the circumstances.

- This is not the activists and "militants from the East" overthrew the democratically elected president, representing the West, but the "insurgents" and activists representing the West, overthrew the democratically elected president of the East.

- It's not the guys from Donetsk catch on that they are firing in Lviv, and that children from the city to catch on that they are firing in Donetsk. 

- This Russian agree or certainly long agreed on the different types of compromise in the form of autonomy, federation, confederation with Ukraine, while Ukrainians make any compromises do not agree, but Unitarianism, only the Ukrainian language as the only official, only hardcore . 

- This Russian Ukrainians burned alive within Peremogi over "Katsap", but the Russian Ukrainians not burned alive. 

- This Russian agree to the fact that a variety of Petlura and Bandera flaunted in alien lands they historically Galicia, Volhynia, and so on., While Ukrainians disagree to see Lenin's alien to them historically Russian-Soviet lands. 

- This is the part of the militia was made approximately 238,000 calls to the Ukrainians with a proposal to recover, to reconcile, to find a compromise together to go to Kiev and so on. and so on., while Ukrainians turned to the militia with only one: Die, wool. 

- Russia is ready to provide loan to Ukraine indefinitely, delaying these loans, gas, coal, electricity, bank participation in its economy and the like, while Europe and America for an extra penny for Ukraine hanged himself. 

- This Russian militia with infinitely nursed with Ukrainian prisoners, rotate Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk airport, Ukrainians released from boilers, stop offensive in the most successful moments of his consent to knowingly unfavorable conditions Minsk agreements, etc., while with Ukrainian side all this time there was no broad gesture of humanity and friendship. 

- It sounds continuously in Moscow zaukrainskaya propaganda, which is in the sharpest form and frank engaged hundreds of journalists and "figures", and all of them - security, while the pro-Russian propaganda in Kiev - is not only guaranteed way to the SBU, but and direct physical threat to life. 

- All the wildest, most cannibalistic statements about "insects", "genetic junk", "clearing of the population", "slaves", etc. were made solely by the Ukrainian side deliberately copying racial discourse in Germany known times, while the most radical supporters of Russia remain within the rhetoric of the Soviet Union, that is hatred of the regime, to ideas, to the fanatics from the camp of the enemy, but not to the people as such when all the garbage catchwords like "Ukropov." 

They reconstructed the newspaper "Pravda" and not the newspaper "Assault": a big difference. You can still be a long list. So - have had enough. Who has a conscience - he understands that the equality of the parties does not exist here, and who have no conscience - that has nothing to prove. 

Ukraine Bought: Lock, Stock, & Barrel 

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