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#Ukraine Decided to Destroy its Pensioners

Ukraine Decided to Destroy its Pensioners 

In Kiev it was once announced only plans of a total elimination of social guarantees for the old ideology of "evroreform". But now Kiev announced this upcoming elimination of Pension Fund of Ukraine as Law. All elderly people in this country will be subjected to a very peculiar social and political "lustration." In the New Year holidays Ukrainian press, controlled by Igor Kolomoisky actively spins its new VIP-expert Anatoly Amelin. This young businessman originally from Donetsk. Started his business in the investment company "Master of Donbass" Rinat Akhmetov. 

Time gave the former boss over to the control"Dnepropetrovsk". Now as a member of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, Amelin talks about how he sees the future of Ukraine. Naturally, in his opinion, "independent" powers "is the leader among the European index of happiness". We will cope with the current difficulties, though only by a tremendous effort. But most importantly - Ukraine has become a strong country in which live happy people. 

It remains hard to understand any other "Ways" for these people to keep of the streets tomorrow? His portals for reasoning Pan Amelin simultaneously provided to the Kiev media. This Christmas gift to pensioners who were already ready to get their piece of happiness. Otherwise, why else would they have jumped on the Maidan? 

Enumerated, and promulgated, theses immediate prospects of Ukraine becoming "the world's largest supermarket of organic products", "the main production site and the largest energy supplier in Europe", "Europe's largest R & D-center", "the largest transportation hub and the new center of European education "... Even ten years ago, they called themselves seriously Aryan people and the ancestral home of elephants.

Today, to give an expert forecast that "Ukraine - as a sample of the New Europe, its cultures, values ​​and principles professed a Ukraine actively spreading through Europe. " And why is this not funny. Let take January, a torchlight procession to honor Bandera on Khreschatyk, shocked the political elite of the EU. You can ignore the thousands of residents of Donbass shot. But what to do with frankly a "Nazi" parade from the center of Kiev? 

Well here it is - the path that leads to the current Ukrainian happiness and democracy. Dispataching scum willing to destroy anyone who interferes with the Nazi "prosperity of the nation." They were allowed to create state lawlessness, for them the government works with the label «Made in USA». 

According to the decision of the government millions of lives have to wallow in muck on the banks of the Dnieper. "2015 was our turning point for the country, - said Anatoly Amelin further. Civil society, the business community and new strength in parliament were able to unite and take the necessary laws to conduct reforms. Elected for the second time the Cabinet was formed from experts, professionals, who had extensive experience in the business, although many of them have no Ukrainian citizenship. 

Ukrainians have realized that the need for the development to go beyond what was needed, they invited for them to run the country as they are the world's best experts. " What they came up with the "best"? At the expense of someone who provides "Maidan" a fracture? On the third leading personal call, these so-called experts and Kolomoiskiy called for "Welfare reform", While war and the difficult situation in the economy allows Ukraine to conduct rapid social reform. 

Pension Fund will be liquidated. This will be tested first on all the elderly people in need of social protection. They will be determined by social assistance - and in lieu of pensions, which the state can not afford. A young and middle-aged people will themselves think about their old age through private savings pension funds, banking and insurance savings programs. " So Ukraine will come to total elimination of pension guarantees. The powers that be will refuse to pay any pensions at all!

Convenient excuses are - the economic difficulties because of the war with Russia. The destruction of the Pension Fund - is just the beginning. Indeed, why pay the elderly who voted wrong, and about "klyatyh Tips" to not remember? No wonder the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, poroshenkovsky darling pan Klimkin announced the need for urgent and full de-Sovietization of Ukraine. 

The task can not run, if not eliminated are the direct carriers of their Soviet past. This is the expert opinion, that at least 20% of the Ukrainian pensioners should die at once, Whoever is unable to withstand the psychological pressure the"Inspection Commission" will deal with. A special group of National "patriots" will determine whether he or she is worthy or other if elderly Ukrainian's not dependent on social assistance, can give instead of receive retirement. But if they will not give, they are to be considered that of the 'Old Colorados "and therefore not worthy of Ukrainian mercy ... De facto millions of elderly people will be subjected to the social and political "lustration". 

All this seems like some wild phantasmagoria. Primitive brutality, happiness like young Neanderthals discharging of a cliff the unnecessary elderly. A example for the "New Europe", from which clearly will draw fumes from the crematoriums. Future plans for the total destruction of pensioners seriously supported by them have already implemented these measures of the government of Ukraine. So, for all the inhabitants of the DNI and the LC, they are the first who refused to leave Kiev's uncontrolled territories, and are officially declared as "terrorists." They can not expect to receive any pension payments and other social benefits. "Ukraine does not fund terrorists," - said the Ministry of Social Policy. 

This applies to the rebellious inhabitants of Donbass. However, for others too prepared stunning gifts. For example, in 2015 introduced a general 15 percent tax on pensions in excess of $ 180. Ukrainian elderly be forced to pay the new higher taxes from any deposits and apartments - 25 hryvnia for each "extra" square meter. 15-percent tax on pensions will have to pay in January. Otherwise, fiscal services will achieve a complete cessation of pension contributions. For many more, this leaves only starvation and death. 

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