Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Verkhovna Rada deputy war started because of desire to declare war on Russia

The Verkhovna Rada deputy war started because of desire to declare war on Russia
01/14/2015 - 19:44

Deputies from the "Freedom" party want to push President Poroshenko, who sidelined in decision-making for the defense of the country. This is the what the TV channel "112", said MP "Svoboda" Yuri Levchenko.

According to him, once the president does not want to impose martial law in Ukraine, it should make the Verkhovna Rada do it.

"The Verkhovna Rada may adopt amendments to the legislation, and I will initiate it to parliament without the president who could impose martial law. Because I see that the president does not want to introduce martial law. The Verkhovna Rada has a lot to do, and there would be political will "- said the militant MP Levchenko.

Imposition of martial law means that Ukraine is fighting with a particular State. It is quite clear from what follows: Russophobia actively cultivated in Ukrainian society in all possible ways. From Maidan chants "Nazi killer slogans" - aggressive rhetoric to Ukrainian media, where the enemy Ukraine, Russia is not only called the laziest.

So far, a martial ardor cooled deputies civil deputies had time to take part in the so-called "ATO" in the Donbas.

"Ukrainian army could not defeat Russia and the Russian declaration of war would spell doom for the country." - This was on "Gromadska TV" said the former commander of the battalion "Peacemaker" and now Member of Parliament Andrew Teteruk.

According to him, the declaration of war against Russia will lead to a huge number of victims, and a patriotism, and a call to resist the Russian Federation will not work.

"We are dealing with a very large, armed and trained army. No need to dive into some illusion that we can take and defeat the Russian army. Anyone who thinks so - inadequately perceives reality.

Someone says, "Let's declare war on Russia and win because we are steep, and we Ukrainians." If we declare war on Russia, it will be connected and tactical aviation, and naval forces, used all the power of the Russian army, which will lead to frenzied number of human losses, "- said Teteruk.

Meanwhile, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko today, January 14, during a meeting with the governors signed a decree on the next, the fourth wave of forced mobilization.

Recall, the total amount mobilized in this time reaches about 50 thousand people. As stated First Deputy Chief of Defence and General Staff mobilization planning APU Vladimir Talalay, mobilized persons can not refuse to perform any of the duties in the area of ​​"ATO".

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