Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Several reports: Callsign "Owl": approximate loss of APU up to 10 tanks 13/01/15

People's Militia of Donbass (Pavel Gubarev)
today at 2:14 pm

Several reports: Callsign "Owl": approximate loss APU up to 10 tanks 13/01/15 

Several reports:

Callsign "Owl": About APU loss of up to 10 tanks 01.13.15

"Well, we have on the 31st is not very quiet. Ukry angry at the fact that we have begun their attack and fire. Because we were on fire including" Grad ".

Brainstorming stomps ukrov under Chernukhin, rabotaetego art and tanks. As well as his unit, and they control almost the entire front of the LC in Debaltsevskom pocket with the Cossacks, came after heavy fighting to villages and Field Sanzharovka.

LC also battalions of the 1st and the 3rd Brigade of the People's Militia in tight close to Nut-Donetsk, destroying enemy roadblock in front of the village and took the towers ukrov.

In general, the losses in these exemplary me directions:
In ukrov - up to 10 tanks, several armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles 4, about 10 mortars, howitzers 4, 2 "Castle", 1 Hammer and 7 Ural trucks. And about two hundred wounded and dozens killed.

We - 2 tanks, 3 armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, two mortar, howitzer 1, 2 Urals and pickup memory. As well as several dead and wounded 50, mostly easy. "

"They will survive this" Sparta "! At the airport, the Motorola "300 th", fighting continues, the APU firing on White phosphorus 13/01/15

Eugene Brigade militia of the "East" reported on the outcome of fights at the airport.

"The Motorola 300 th appeared, now in the hospital ... heavy. How many do not know!

2 Boucicaut was spent in the city. They will survive! This "Sparta"!

Dill tried to hold the rotation, but took only 300's and 10 200's. Support except they have artillery.

We will push as promised. Control tower, c which ukry corrected shelling, was destroyed by two shots from our 64-ki (T-64).

Otherwise, do not go there. At this point, most of the territory of the AP, in the area of ​​the new terminal under the control of the army DNI! There is a fight.

Dill continue to bombard our position in the sand and AP incendiary (phosphorus). As skunks!

Use the latest and prohibited. Bastards! "

Nikishin, the results of battles: active skirmish, assault groups and the loss of 2 volunteers from sniper 01/13/15

Summary of voenkora militia DNR "Borisych" from the edge of debaltsevskogo polukotla - from Nikishin.

"Last day for Nikishin today. The day started early, the first art gone somewhere at half past seven in the morning, opening for a long time.

Then went assault groups, the shooting was very active, small, AGSy, RPG, LNG Cliffs. In general, all-all.

Ukrovermaht also posted quite cheerfully, rolled out a couple of Non and cornflowers, soldiers DNR periodically had to bend down. Since its art and called to extinguish fire points ukrovermahta, so was the first half of the day, after which all remained even.

In the afternoon continued artillery duels. Already in the late afternoon, two guys back to their position came under fire from a sniper, their call signs "Maestro Senior" and "bald."

Maestro Senior several times asked me to take a photo of him with his brother, the same, which they already had many years ago.

But somehow the time does not fall out, I still somehow made jokes about it, now I can not. I am sure that you are about Maestro Younger hear again and again ... and older and bald .... eternal memory. "

Broken checkpoint occupiers in the Granite 13/01/15

Member of parliament Novorossia Rustam Abdullayev: "I am now in Novoazovsk is not far from Granite.

According to the latest militia was defeated in the Granite checkpoint Ukrainian punitive.

In addition, completely destroyed the warehouse of ammunition. All positions MAT in the granite were covered with artillery militia. All units punitive destroyed there.

Dill horrified by what is happening, because it was produced by the strongest and surgical strike. "

Emergency switch. Defeated Nazi checkpoint in the Granite 1:06

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