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Rostislav Ishchenko: "Does a Banderastan State, Have any Chance"? ...

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Rostislav Ishchenko: "Does Banderastan state, have any chance"? ... 

_____The Pindos-Bandera Fascist Junta continues to be "Bedding with Black Widow Spiders," where everyone is willing to destroy everyone, despite the creation of a new U.S. appointed Fascist coalition in the Verkhovna Rada. This and many other reasons bring on signs of an imminent collapse of Banderastan ie.(Ukrainian territory occupied by the junta.) 

The questions of ,"The World and Ukraine", Rostislav Ishchenko, a prominent political scientist, and president of the Center of System Analysis and Forecasting in (Kiev, Ukraine), has studied it. How long will it survive, formed in the Verkhovna Rada ukroreyha of this coalition was measured. Are there any solvable contradictions between the main members of the political forces it has? This Coalition bears all the signs of a comprehensive crisis that authorities, who were there before its formation can not agree. 

If the scum Attorney General Yarema was summoned for questioning by the employees of superfascist Kolomoiskiy, and if on a tip from Kolomoiskiy's "representatives of the people" demanding dismissal of Yarema, then this is a sign that the crisis in fact continues. In addition, and with Yatsenyuk, a more right wing thinker then Poroshenko, and Poroshenko has a bleak attitude here. 

I would say that there exists no realistic unified coalition goal. Rather, it's an inquisitional majority which declare where the coalition biding of Poroshenko are weakened, but can this majority be directed against him or against Yatsenyuk - or against anyone they oppose? There is more or less no one stable program that could unite these coalition forces. That to a degree other than a desire to remain seated in the power structure.

 How can one access the statement of the Kiev authorities on the needs to remove the non-aligned status of Banderastan, or the intentions of it as soon as possible for joining NATO? When Banderastan (Ukrainian territory occupied by the junta,) is not a non-aligned state in fact to start with. Regardless of what is written in the Constitution and laws of Banderastan. Banderastan quite clearly stated its U.S. pindostanskom choice, which they call a"European Union"desire. And all this in the face of fierce opposition where Washington does not even hide the fact that its task in Ukraine is the destruction of Russia, it is clear that by becoming an ally of one, you automatically become an enemy of the other.

Therefore, to not be of non-alignment status is no longer of the question. Moreover, immediately after the Nazi coup organizers said that from their point of view this represented no victory in Moscow. Also stressing that this would consider Russia as their enemy. So, as for accession to NATO, it is quite unrealistic and virtually impossible simply because Banderastan will never be accepted. And this said NATO officials at all levels. One may discuss this as much as necessary - for 20 years and can only determine the same amount of impossibility. 

What are the goals in connection with involvement of the Pindos-fascist Cabinet members who are "foreign experts"? Whether they are from the West or assigned to perform some unpleasant domestic tasks, from my point of view, it's just clever enough to hold leverage allowing them to control the Treasury Dept. and get a few extra ministerial portfolios for its own people. 

In these positions, they offered some of them to there Ukrainian friends like Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. Many citizens would have certainly disagreed and would have been absolutely right to do so. Why Poroshenko offered to form a Coalition, and Yatsenyuk, who himself was shouting that he had control of all the ministries with the foreign advisers approval, thus letting them to advise how work would be conducted, so nobody could protest. So, Poroshenko's foreign supporters gained control of key positions in the government. 

With respect to these "experts" one can say that they are delivered to the control of financial flows that will come from the IMF, EU and other countries. Will they carry out such a task? Anyone who says so, even explains why the IMF without Yareskone can monitor all financial flows that enter the into Banderastan. All of this they are perfectly able to control without using Yatsenyuk, and without his help. How do you feel about the creation of a Ministry of Banderastan Information Policy? 

Many experts point out that its aims and objectives directly correspond to the Enlightenment and Propaganda of the Third Reich. Is there no line? Conformity is nowhere. This is just another bureaucratic gadget to control the citizens. The number of ministries in the junta government increased by two. Just as the "good" people of Ukraine lacked skills for ministerial portfolios, they provided foreigners to the posts. Because if we consider this ministry with advocacy perspective, only a short person who does not understand how the bureaucracy can talk about this ministry, as the structure, aimed at promoting and censorship. Because the truth ministry is now created . 

It is necessary to write a regulation in the truth Ministry of the decisive type, as it is necessary to allocate a budget to this ministry, if it can get started. This can not happen until next fiscal year. In reality, it would need up to six months to get at least some normalcy of thought for an adequate job. And what is that now? Without this ministry in Kiev there is no need of a censorship committee, in propaganda, as the government controls the media completely. Not that the need to create another ministry of censorship for the govt.?

They are a well controlled information management team and administration of the leader of the junta Nazi Service of Ukraine (SBU). Just needs one "true fascist" person to head the portfolio of Minister and several other "braindead" people - for the deputies of minister portfolios. This ministry easily appeared. What are the prospects for the energy situation? Already began, rolling blackouts, what to expect in the future? Perspectives from what is now not allied, can not be considered. And Banderastan need for power is enormous - it has no gas, no coal, no oil, and soon electricity it will not have. What kind of energy policy can be said for the future?  

Now there exists a prolonged phase of an imaginary truce in the fighting in the Donbas. But to what period of time can it go on? The main problem lies in the fact that the junta simply has no forces capable to attack the DNI and LC alone. At the same, the army of people's republics is not ready for a major offensive either. Mainly because it is still not completely reformatted from volunteer units into the regular ATO army. And when the territory of New Russia begins to release such forces on their army, the excesses, they try to undermine the credibility of the whole idea of the Pro-Russian State by claims of Russian attacks instead. Therefore, as long as the army of New Russia will not get regular character, and the government of New Russia will not create a managed state structures, serious offensive operations on the initiative of New Russia can not be considered. This is a reaction to some actions that the junta  claim may not take place not on the militia's own initiative. 

Now the process of creating regular armed forces of New Russia has entered its final stage. With less success, but also quite actively engaged in nation-building. Therefore, we can assume that after some time the troops of Novorossia will show some defensive activity. But on the front held by the junta could collapse much earlier than expected if Novorossia will be ready to engage an attack mode. 

Just because it's cold, and people go hungry, the ATO do not see much point in its fighting on the front - it is not clear what they are supposed to do. But because of all this, where the houses of its wives, children, and parents live in the occupied territory of the junta become worse and worse. So the Militia must carefully question destruction of the front for now- so it's a matter of time, not of principle.Theoretically, he could have destroyed the junta army. Especially considering the strife that constantly breaks the Kiev authorities apart. However, what could be destroyed in a matter of days,or months. This problem is subjective to the attitudes of individuals to the political reality and it's not an easily predictable time as to when to do so. But it is clear that this will happen. 

Rostislav Ishchenko

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