Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Mobilization in Ukraine is Doomed to Failure

New mobilization in Ukraine is doomed to failure
Today at 7:30 am
New mobilization in Ukraine is doomed to failure. Political analysts believe that the people of Ukraine of military age will soon rise up to protest against their government, rather than go to the front. 

Commenting on the decision of the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko about the beginning of a new wave of mobilization, political analysts are already predicting a complete failure of this initiative. 

Experts remind that Ukrainian citizens falling under this appeal, have long been in no hurry to join the ranks of the military to represent the interests of official Kiev in combat operations in the Donbass. 

Reports from Deputy Director of the Center for Strategic Situation, Mikhail Chernov believes that first of all, the reluctance of boys and men to perform their civic duty is caused by the actions of the government of the country, which turns a blind eye to the plight of civilians in all Ukrainian regions.

With the recent appointments of foreign citizens into key political offices, the ambitions of the people are no longer considered in the Kiev junta. Noting that situations have grown worse then before the Maidan took place, which was intended to better the peoples needs, not lead to the deplorable situation that has arisen around the illegitimate handpicked Rada. 

Corruption has only increased and grown into the separations of the powerful Oligarchs who now fight between one another's private agendas. European dreams have become noticeably only related to the relinquishing of sovereignty to US & NATO agendas that are against Russia. Current Govt. structure will never be even close to obtaining any positive growth in either economic or democratic prosperity.

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