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Needless to say that they can not win - in Kiev information about the dead stopped.


Needless to say that they can not win - in Kiev information about the dead stopped.

The second week of fighting across the front line leadership has led to the realization of long Junta obvious fact - without immediate victory at any cost they do not have a chance to stay in power.

Needless to say that they can not win - in Kiev did not explain. So will send to the front bollshe cannon fodder will use detachments from among the volunteer battalions and pravosekov - they still go to the front and do not want to hate soldiers and cops in the same way as those of their.

I just quoted the data of the General Staff of the Junta, managed to kill 805 per week "terrorists" and injure 405.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers need a win at any cost, loss account decided not to pay, taking into account the dead and injured is not news. The latter is a belated reaction to the material published in "krasnodivannyh" blog, which- summed loss Junta forces according to various hospitals. And, first of all data were taken from the hospital in Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa.

As a result, our agentessa said, the day before yesterday who left Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa military hospitals received a secret order from Kiev not to report through official channels information about actual wounded coming to them. Meanwhile, the wounded in hospital, the Dnieper lie in the corridors and the maximum that they get - dressings. 

Drugs and painkillers carry volunteers - at the hospital really has no money for lekartsva Kiev and not to transfer funds, an adequate flow of wounded. They carry about all the hospitals of the city and even district centers. Really catastrophic loss - only on data publicly available on the local resources - 2000 wounded in a week.

Earlier ATO command, the Interior Ministry and the General Staff had no APU data only battalions "right quadrant" and OUN, as well as on foreign mercenaries like the 200 terrorists from the Caucasus, collected throughout Europe and arrived to the regiment "Azov". 

Now close the information on a consolidated loss in general, to prevent leakage of consolidated figures. No wonder the last week voiced Junta loss account for 3-5 persons per day. Despite the fact that only in the battle for the airport militia show (do not tell - show) dozens of dead and wounded soldiers of the Junta.

Objective information on casualties among the personnel of the government troops also absent in the National Security Council, and in the presidential administration. Officials explain this situation the fact that short-term political considerations work to compile information about the dead stopped.

Now we see the real collapse and political leadership of the Junta and its troops. And above did not have a unified command troops lose coordination and control. Exacerbating the bad news from home.

Oksana Klimenko online http://materi.com.ua/rus/ writes: "People turn to us mothers, as well as relatives and friends from all over Ukraine to find sons, brothers, fathers, husbands ... Many have lost contact with them for a long time . Here is a good example. We were asked for help in finding Shevchuk Boris Ivanovich, 1963According to relatives in the military reported that he has been missing and more information they have. A few days ago we received a letter with a link to a video in which Boris Ivanovich found dead, among the many bodies of the dead boys.

Videos (18+) cm. 4 min.

We offer our condolences to his family and to all those who lost loved ones in the war. "

We believe that the government does not just hide the extent of losses, there is no money in the treasury, but in May Poroshenko promised to pay bereaved families 1,000,000 hryvnia. Where is the money? They have long been taken oligarchs abroad. Therefore, the power and does not want to look for the missing soldiers, more profitable for them to forget about the real heroes of Ukraine who died in the area of ​​ATO, for personal gain.

We urge the president to the peaceful resolution of the conflict. Power, practice has already done this thing, and useless bloodshed. "

This emotional cry of the soul will never be heard by the junta. Rather, they create detachments everywhere scheduled flight parts from the front. This is especially beneficial Poroshenko, allowing the Nazis to distract attention from his person, which hardly suffer and ordinary Nazis, and the group-Yatsenyuk Turchynov.

These committees mothers old, but at least some: List of wounded and dead from the announcement of the armistice

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