Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mobilized Ukrainian Crews Found Welded inside Their Tanks

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
27.01.15. Posted by journalists. 
Mobilized Ukrainian Crews Found Welded inside Their Tanks
"In a new way of punitive punishment, for not wanting to fight, the militia found Ukrainian tanks with locked-up crews inside. Hatches were welded closed and mines placed under the tracks. Under an Avdiyivka battle operation, this unusual situation had first occurred, we can say with absolute honesty of how wild of this story, of how a Ukrainian tank crew almost paid the price for failing to fight with its own people. 

During the battle militia took to the two Ukrainian tanks that stood motionless. The militia fired at the tanks, but the return fire did not followed. Then the militia decided not to destroy tanks and clean up the area and to grab any armor. During the inspection of military vehicles, it was found that under the tanks treads were mines, the hatches were welded, welding the Ukrainian crews were inside. 

Once freed tankers joined the ranks of other Ukrainian prisoners. It should be noted that during the liberation of Ukrainian tankers who so clearly failed to explain how they got into this situation, but said that they have no desire to give their lives in some stupid war. In recent days, more and more often there are reports of growing divisions between forcibly mobilized military and ideological fanatics who came voluntarily to war, who comes to fight. "

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