Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Message and videos from Militia in Gorlovki. "City on Fire".

Message and videos from Militia in Gorlovki. "City on Fire".

Today at 7:50 am
01.14.2015. 18:10 

Message and videos from militia Gorlovki. "City on Fire. Who says there that the Slavic Hero City?

Let us in warn Gorlovka a report, only overnight. Ukies hammering for several hours of with all that they have. Many reports on punctured gas pipes, so do not smoke in the house or in a closed room. 

17.51 ​​- A constant fire breaks somewhere in the city. The shelling in Artemovskiy direction intensified. 18.00 - Reported volleys at Kurdyumovki. Bombs falling in the city. 18.04 - More shelling continues. Half of Komsomolets with no power.18: 07 - Shelling Komsomolets . About 10 bombs drop! at 18:10 - a strong fall in the direction Trikotazhki, wide beams. 18:11 - many salvos !!! reported to be intense projectile landings are coming out everywhere! The shelling of residential buildings ukrofashistami Gorlovka  and ("Komsomolets" ) are the victims. 

Natsik Dzerzhinsk hastily undermine some of the approaches to the city. Towards the south-west from the Petrovsky district retaliation our artillery replacements suppressed the enemy somewhat, destroyed were two ACS 2S19 "MSTA-S", another damaged. " Video of the Gorlovki. Below;

Now 0:23

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