Friday, January 30, 2015

I do not want war!.....a Poem for #DonbasPeople

I do not want war!

I do not want war! I do not want to suffer.
I do not want ruin, conflagration, funerals.
I do not want my son, who left will take,
I sent his army in the form of pictures.
I do not want war, as the mother of his children -
will hide them from gunfire, bombing.
I do not want war for vyruchnost ideas
for a wild chaos of gourmet delёzhek.
I do not want war, as a man of peace.
Every day I love it when children laugh,
when they sopyat to shake sleepy eyelids
and frowned in his sleep when the sun shines it .
I do not want the war to escape from it.
I want to live in a country in which the world was born,
and the air is native to old age, to breathe,
rather than seek shelter where poverty swarmed b.
"I do not want war!" - mind screams
Of all the words only: "No!" - Today says.
And thoughts at night ringing as owls:
"I do not want war! But who of us will ask. "

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