Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting #Banderastan a Loan from the #IMF Postponed

 Getting #Banderastan a Loan from the #IMF Postponed

______The new ringleader of the Treasury Ministry of Ukraine has hinted that the new IMF loan may be a bad deal. The question of the amount of new credit tranche of the International Monetary Fund has not even been discussed at the talks in Kiev with representatives of the IMF mission Pindos-Bandera junta. 

This was reported today by the Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko. "While the IMF is in the process of negotiations, any talk about a particular tranche has not yet been clarified. We are working to clarify the budget, and the Budget Code, as well as many new tax changes and all the laws that we have taken at the end of 2014, "- she said. 

Recall, the IMF previously planned to allocate the junta another loan in November - December 2014 in accordance with previously agreed program. However, the prerequisite for this was that it delivered an anti-corruption reform that Pindos-Bandera junta does not want to extend. So now the next possible timing of obtaining a new loan is called for February. 

However, experts point out that the government, presently headed by the right winged fascist Yatsenyuk-Poroshenko junta violates an agreement with the IMF regarding the parameters of the state budget-2015, in particular, leaving a significant hidden deficit by the insolvent "Naftogaz Banderostana Oligarchs"

US appointed Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko

U.S. Taxpayers Now Alone in Financing Ukraine’s Ethnic Cleansing Campaign. IMF Says Ukraine Fails to Meet Conditions of $17 Billion Loan

The IMF has concluded that it was too optimistic when loaning Ukraine $17 billion at the end of April, and that the Ukrainian Government’s economic condition is far worse than the IMF expected, and also that the Government’s anti-corruption program is too weak to justify the planned loan-installments or “tranches” going to Ukraine. Therefore, “even providing the program of the next two tranches is open to question.”

However, this only confirms an earlier assessment, made public on October 28, about which Reuters headlined at the time, “Ukraine unlikely to receive IMF loan tranche this year: finance minister.” And this was already “after warning in September that if Ukraine’s conflict with the separatists runs into next year, the country may need as much as $19 billion in extra aid.” Ukraine has made clear that it will continue the war, and so the additional $19 billion will also need to be paid to Ukraine in order for its war against the “separatists” to continue.

This rejection comes as a severe disappointment to the Ukrainian Government, whose central bank chief said on November 16th, “I am still optimistic about us being able to do it [to receive the third tranche] this year.” Clearly, that expectation won’t be able to be met.

So, since Ukraine is nonetheless now gearing up, with American taxpayers’ money, to replace its weapons-supply that was used-up or destroyed in the war to-date, and also to build an immense new military graveyard for a planned 250,000 corpses of Ukrainian soldiers in the next and future rounds of invasions against the rebelling region in Ukraine’s (former) southeast, the IMF is basically quitting continued financing of that ethnic-cleansing campaign against the residents in that region. The EU has already quit funding it, other than a token half-billion-euro donation delivered on December 10th. Only the U.S. remains committed to funding it, by donating whatever weapons and military guidance are deemed necessary in order to conquer, and/or to expel, the pro-Russian residents in Ukraine’s former southeast. 98% of the U.S. House voted for it, and so did 100% of the U.S. Senate. At least 67% of the U.S. public are against it.

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