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Explosions at Fukushima Cover-up

Explosions at Fukushima Cover-up

Uploaded on Apr 4, 2011

18.05.11 Now, Dr. Christopher Busby, a British scientist Agrees there Were different explosions in reactors 1 & 3, where 3 was a Nuclear explosion! See

Explosions Fukushima. Fukushima Reactor Explosion in reactors 1 & 3 were Not the same, as the Japanese wished us to believe Reactor 1, with the ongoing lack of electricity was causing the cooling system to fail, and the pressure within the nuclear units build up. This pressure build-up is the result of residual decay heat causing the coolant, which is not being circulated, to evaporate. 11th March, there was no confirmation of radiation leaking from the reactor. TEPCO announced that pressure inside reactor Unit 1 of Fukushima I was more than twice normal levels

Saturday, 12 March

Emergency battery power for the High Pressure Core Flooder System for Reactor 3 runs out.

Fuel rods in Reactor 3 " MOX " are exposed.

(The fuel in this reactor is 20,000 times more dangerous to humans that the other BWR/LWR Type reactors. Ed.)

Despite the high risk of the hydrogen igniting after combining with oxygen from water or in the atmosphere, in order to release some of the pressure inside the reactor at Fukushima I Unit 1, the decision is taken to vent some of the steam (which contained a small amount of radioactive material) into the air in the metal container building surrounding the unit

Monday, 14 March

The outer building containing reactor Unit 3 at Fukushima I is severely damaged by an explosion, assumed to be due to the ignition of built up hydrogen gas. No health risk is reported, though 600 people are ordered to stay indoors. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano reports that "The vessel containing the number 3 reactor's radioactive core is intact after yesterday's blast", and that while the outer reactor building of Unit 3 at Fukushima I is badly damaged, the inner containment vessel is believed not to have been breached.

*In fact #3 building is almost completely demolished, as per images & there were 3 explosions recorded! Ed.

* A thought for the poor souls who're giving up their lives to this horrific happening please*.

The Above Is an Edited Fukushima Reactor Explosions & Radiation Levels Timeline.

From Friday, 11 March. For Full Up to date timeline GoTo:

While reactor #1 looks as though a missile took it out, exhibiting Pressure Waves & Lateral Burst-out

"MOX" reactor #3 seems to have blown up with 3 successive explosions, with concrete instantly turning to dust, very reminiscent of the Twin Towers blasted to powdered dust in a flash, along with a Vertical & Base Plume, not at all similar to reactor #1's low level Lateral Plume, where we see outward & upward pressure from Reactor #3 yet Sideways pressure from #1, accompanied by a huge Pressure Wave at 45 degrees.

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