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About the Bus Attack, "Big and Small Holes": Possibly Remote Control Mines

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About the Bus Attack, "Big and Small Holes": Possibly Remote Control Mines
01.13.15. Posted by blogger. 

"The bus did not halt at the Ukraine Army checkpoint . This most likely activated pre-laid mines. (see photo - lots of plates" Mines "around below). Then they opened machine gun fire. And then they realized what was done. Although we can not rule out the option that the case of the bus is a planned provocation in the style of Boeing and or that the mines were activated by accident.
"Comment by professional sappers." As a sapper with two starlets, he filled in  my two cents on the bus damage. 

First, a little history: 

After the Soviet instructors in Vietnam had acquired hands on several prototypes of the M18A1 (aka "Claymore"), the mines were immediately sent to the hands of the Soviet geniuses, and soon came to light a family of MONs - fragmentation mines directional. A total of 4 types: MON-50 - "Claymore soviet edition "with the modernization of the affected area (from older claymore many fragments of the Gypsies). The TTH: a 700gr explosive at 485/540 has damaging elements (PE); PWS-90 - Increased MON-50 without much increasing the destructive power, TTX 6.1 kg of explosives for 2000 PE MON-100 - in the form of a satellite dish, is designed to engage manpower front on narrow trails TTX 2.0 kg of explosives on MON-200 - increased weaving with the same shoals like MON-90 TTH: MON-100/200 in this case will not be considered due to the nature of their use. 

We are more interested in MES-50/90. The affected area is as follows. MON-50: 58m to -Dalnost angle scattering PE horizontally 54 degrees -Width affected areas to limit the range 54m. -height affected area to limit the range of 4m. MON-50: 90m to -Dalnost angle scattering PE horizontally 120 degrees -Width the affected area to limit the range of 60m. -height affected areas to limit the range of 7m. As submunitions used in mines or cutting steel rods "rollers" or steel balls. 

Most often it is used in mines rollers because of their more destructive actions. Also in favor of the use of rollers character says "big and small" holes on the bus. Undermining mines carried out either remotely subversive machine or breakdown streamers. Now about the bus. 

There are two options: 

(1) Put one mounting 90 and undermined the remote / Bus tore stretching. 

(2) Put 3 MON-50 classical scheme for subversive groups. "

Original: http://cs624725.vk.me/v624725425/13195/1f3fqCpGoj4.jpg

The Punisher is mine.

PLATE minefield

Sign "land mines"

PLATE "land mines".

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