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'1991' Riot-police Riga OMON decide to fight for the Soviets.

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'1991' Riot-police Riga OMON decide to fight for the Soviets.
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We all know about the exploits of men of law committed at different times in history.
But in speaking of these exploits, it pays remembering  security forces in Chechnya and Beslan and how they had sacrificed, recalling instead only the true heroism and courage of soldiers of "Berkut" in Kiev. 

But often forgotten is the history of the Riga riots, where while remaining faithful to the oath during the collapse of the USSR. the Riga OMON - a special police detachment of Riga Latvian SSR, became the Legendary Riga OMON. And Riga OMON as in any riot police knew a long-suffering history. 

The story of how a small group of policemen from the special detachment did not obey the requirements of the "new Latvian independence", and with arms in their hands decided to fight to the end "for the USSR." In January 1991, the entire police force of Latvia took the oath of the new government and turned into its national police force. All except the Riga OMON. 

Riot policemen Riga decided to fight for the Soviet powers. 

At the direction of the Minister of Interior of the USSR Pugo Riga OMON fighters captured Riga Press House, the telegraph, and the building of the Latvian Ministry of Internal Affairs, disarmed the police of an arsenal, and a a branch of the school. 

Numerous signals to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR for help, but the response has never been received. The USSR had collapsed, sprawling at the seams, politicians shared the power, and a bunch of people in Riga in black berets attempted to return their country to the people, which were already divided and the pilfered government fixers, they kept on to the last. They were outlawed, and their posts and columns were fired, their wives were raped by local "patriots". They held on to the end. At the end of 1990, while already dying, but still alive and existing many Soviet Latvian separatists began placing customs points on the land border of the country. 

However, since May 22, they began attacking Riga OMON. Only from 22 to 25 May by the Riga and then by Vilnius OMON on both sides of the Latvian-Lithuanian border were eliminated 16 customs posts by January 18, 1991. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Latvia Alois Vaznis sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR his orders that any riot policemen who approach to the objects of the Ministry of Interior of Latvia closer than 50 meters are we are allowed to shoot to kill. 

From Moscow, the message got into riot, which caused a wave of indignation on their part. On the same night, near the 19 or 20 of January, many officers were shot by riot police post in the Press House. Not far from the scene a fighters squad was detained in a minibus. In "Latvia", there are members of the special detachment whose combatants were beaten and taken to the base of riot police in Vecmilgravis. In that van, according to the former head of the Moscow investigative group V.Kostyreva were detected sharp edged weapons and ammunition. 

To accompany the suspects from the base of riot police to the prosecutor's office asked the Mlynnik Pugo regiment, but the minister refused.Then riot police drove themselves detained with four escort vehicles. As soon as the convoy entered the area, where the Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia and the Ministry of Construction, began a barrage of fire on the cars in an open area. 

They were shooting from the building with the Interior Ministry and the Bastion Hill, located in the hinterland of riot police. During the shooting, riot police managed to capture the lawless Interior Ministry of Latvia and the neighboring Ministry of Construction. In August 1991, when the putsch took power in Moscow, the Riga OMON hoped that all was not lost. After the failed coup for leadership, a detachment burned all the secret documents and another detachment decided to break into the territory of Russia, since the USSR no longer existed. 

Negotiations, with riot police who were dug in at its base. They offered to surrender their weapons and armored vehicles under the guaranty of crossing a program into Russia one by one. They were refused. Next was if only the full force, together with their families, and with their armored vehicles, weapons, and ammunition. Then Latvian government  proposed the troop convoy to travel to Pskov, on the way pulling troops and police to strike at myatzhnikam. They refused. 

Only on military transport aircraft, the full, with armored vehicles, weapons, and their families. Soldiers offered to hand over management unit, and the rest to go home. They refused. And Latvia has made ​​concessions. Soon 14 military transport aircraft, loaded equipment and people soared into the sky, heading Tyumen .... By the way: In Riga OMON served Anatoly Dukalis - one of the central characters of Andrei Kivinova books and popular TV series "Streets of Broken Lights", " Deadly force "," Opera. Chronicles of homicide. "

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  1. Too bad those OMON scum who killed innocent civilians as well as a guard and a police officer (and btw they shot first on the attack on the interior ministry) didn't die and Russia is protecting them and most of them never faced trial for murder. But a lot of Russians like to lie to themselves on how everything was so great in USSR and how they are actually the victims and not the small nations who were illegally occupied since the WW2.

    I really do hope Russia will collapse. That would be so fun.