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I do not want war!.....a Poem for #DonbasPeople

I do not want war!

I do not want war! I do not want to suffer.
I do not want ruin, conflagration, funerals.
I do not want my son, who left will take,
I sent his army in the form of pictures.
I do not want war, as the mother of his children -
will hide them from gunfire, bombing.
I do not want war for vyruchnost ideas
for a wild chaos of gourmet delёzhek.
I do not want war, as a man of peace.
Every day I love it when children laugh,
when they sopyat to shake sleepy eyelids
and frowned in his sleep when the sun shines it .
I do not want the war to escape from it.
I want to live in a country in which the world was born,
and the air is native to old age, to breathe,
rather than seek shelter where poverty swarmed b.
"I do not want war!" - mind screams
Of all the words only: "No!" - Today says.
And thoughts at night ringing as owls:
"I do not want war! But who of us will ask. "

Analytics: Novorossians Fighting for their Freedom...

Analytics: Novorossians Fighting for their Freedom...

Jan. 28, 2015
As I pointed out in an article on the last, week, mid-January 2015, was marked by intensified fighting units from the APU. This was the case in almost all the line of contact with the armed forces of New Russia. VSN not long in coming, and fights broke out with a new, previously unseen force.

And so, Donetsk direction. On its western front is planned ousting APU from their positions. Many thought that the relatively rapid release of the airport and the surrounding area will set the pace of further progress VSN forces to the west, but it should be borne in mind that in this area, as well as all along the line of contact between the warring parties, APU units deployed and positional battles fought many months.During these months, Ukrainian law enforcers have created quite powerful fortifications and significant forces pulled out of the reserve. Therefore, regardless of the level of professionalism units VSN ,, from their staffing necessary weapons, promoting further west "bogged down" in the next couple of weeks.

Judging by the clashes taking place in the current situation, for VSN enough right decision is a "feeling out" defense APU, along the whole front, followed by pre-emptive strikes in places optimal for a breakthrough. In addition, keeping the fighting across the frontline forces APU "stretch" their units, making it not possible to create a striking force and generally significant concentration of power in certain areas.

Notwithstanding the foregoing APU pulls his considerable power in the area Debaltseve. This is due to the fact that the army of New Russia sent back their units and take all necessary measures to close the Ukrainian military in a full pot. At the moment, assault units VSN, are fixed on both sides of the road "M-103", which leads from Debaltseve, through the "neck protrusion" north to Artiomovskiy. For example, in the area Gorlovki assault units DNR lead the offensive in Novoluganskom and Lozovoi. On the opposite side of the track armed forces LC fixed in Red Plowman, Mironovskaya Mironovka. The presence of artillery VSN on the above positions allows you to "beat" the section of the track "M-103" "direct fire", which will provide full control over the movements of the APU units at the boiler outlet. 

At the same time, just more active fighting around the perimeter of the "boot", where units carried out an attack on the New Russia APU units pushing them toward the center. "Collapse of the projection" and attack from different directions appear to produce fighters APU required demoralizing effect, which is necessary for the successful formation of BCH boiler with subsequent surrender, there are divisions. To prevent such a development scenario APU throws their units to the "neck boot", thus attempting to keep track under his control and partial withdrawal of its forces from the problem area. In addition, all do not forget about the three levels of defense in the area Debaltseve and rather large total number of units of the Ukrainian army in the area. Given the above factors, as well as the fact that the "boot" is one of the priorities of the WPC, the decision of the situation will not take long. Will it be a mass surrender units APU captured, their disarmament, followed by withdrawal or systematic destruction, we see the coming weeks.Confidence in this scenario makes the fact that the BCH has not leverage its core strength.

On Bakhmut direction unit VSN after a brief pause, the newly resumed active hostilities and attack positions on the outskirts of the APU to the Crimean, lower and gold. Offensive VSN "loose" well-fortified defense line of the enemy and pull back reserves APU. Establish control over the territory of the river bank of the Seversky Donets, near the village of Lower unit VSN thus cropped movable units APU from the north to the area, as there are a number of crossings. In this case, the totality of the territories controlled by the coast to the village of Lower Lugansk provide construction serious defense line on the outskirts of the Lugansk People's Republic in the north. This will protect against breakouts tank and assault units, but there is a danger of artillery bombardments and shelling MLRS as settlements located near the river and most of Lugansk. 

At this moment, in this sector, conducting battles in general and limited recurring artillery duel.Their intensity is not high, but at the same time, the APU were "beat" directly in Lugansk, which for some time almost was not. Immediately there is a survey that is carried for a bombardment of the city, especially in Donetsk, Lugansk and Gorlovki? What purpose is it intended APU? Provoking VSN on the conduct of hostilities higher intensity or systematic destruction of people and infrastructure? Or all of this together is the aim of the APU? The last question I would answer in the affirmative.

At the direction of Mariupol, after a series of successful military actions of New Russia, and came a kind of "calm". VSN position very close to the suburban village of Mariupol, such as Grape Talakovka and, thus, as such occurrences BCH units in the settlements themselves were not. As I explained earlier, management of urban armies in Novorosii in Mariupol will have catastrophic consequences in terms of civilian casualties, losses of personnel and substantial destruction of the infrastructure of the city.

Thus, the overall situation in a number of areas the frontline after a short period counteroffensive BCH again got kind of positional battles to "harass" Defense warring parties. However, next week offensive VSN gain a more global and serious, as the APU already use the second tier, and the army of New Russia continues to "work" so far only assault brigade, is not involved with the main forces.

But that will factor for engaging the main forces - the boiler near Debaltseve, environment Mariupol breakthrough fortified VSN on the frontline? This we learn in the future.

Debaltsevskogo Boiler 8000 Total Surrounded-&-US sees no military solution in Ukraine

In DNR, it's Confirmed that the Militia took Control of Uglegorsk 

Topic: Eastern Front. Donetsk, Lugansk, Mariupol 

A DNR Division took control of the city and surrounding areas Uglegorsk, thus completing the encirclement Debaltsevskogo projection, the total number of trapped in the environment - 8000 and the National Guard under the army, reports deputy commander of the militia Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin. 

Tank militia.  Archive photo
AP Photo Mstyslav Chernov DONETSK, January 30 - RIA Novosti. 

The deputy commander of the militia breakaway Donetsk People's Republic Eduard Basurin confirmed that the militia on Friday took control Uglegorsk. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine predicted the new boiler Debaltseve. Earlier, the commander of a battalion of volunteer "Donbass" Verkhovna Rada deputy Semen Semenchenko said the militia took Uglegorsk ; Defense Ministry DNR confirmed this information. "Today, during the heavy fighting units DNR took control of the city and surrounding areas Uglegorsk, thus completing the encirclement Debaltsevskogo projection.

Total surrounded - 8000 and the National Guard under the army," - said Basurin. He added that the police operation carried out Uglegorsk to identify saboteurs. DNR head Alexander Zakharchenko "decided to preserve the life of all security forces who lay down their arms. Today, these conditions moved the front line of 11 people. All of them will be sent home," concluded Basurin. 

In mid-April in the east of Ukraine has started anti-terrorist operation. According to the UN, the victims of the conflict in the Donbas region at 5187 civilians , injured 11,515 people. Special representative of the OSCE monitoring mission Bochurkiv Michael also said that the death toll has exceeded five thousand , a million people have been forced to flee their homes, more than 10,000 injured. With the mediation of Russia and the OSCE conflicting parties agreed on a truce in Minsk from September 5, but continued to accuse each other of violations. On the morning of December 9 in the Donbas began another truce; recently in eastern Ukraine have escalated the conflict - January 9, the intensity of attacks in the region has increased.

So Go Figure the Next Story if it's true....

US sees no military solution to the crisis in Ukraine  

The White House Topic: The world's attitude to the situation in Ukraine 

The problem of the crisis in Ukraine can not be a military solution, it must be resolved by diplomatic means, said Friday the White House spokesman Josh Ernest.
The building of the White House in Washington
 RIA Novosti Denis Voroshilov | Buy illustration 

WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 - RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlodorev. US does not consider the possibility of military solution to the crisis in Ukraine, said on Friday White House spokesman Josh Ernest. 

Rejection of the Minsk Agreement will mean the collapse of the talks - expert Responding to a question about whether the United States is not going to provide direct military support Kiev, Ernest stressed that "President (Barack Obama) does not want it." 

"This problem (the crisis in Ukraine) can not be a military solution. It should be fixed through diplomatic channels," - he said. "What we need - is to see that Russia will actually fulfill their obligations," - said Ernest. 

White House spokesman stressed that Washington considers it necessary to "do everything possible to provide financial support to the Ukrainian government." In this regard, he recalled that Obama "earlier this year urged the US Congress to approve the allocation of Ukraine loan of a billion dollars." Ernest also said Washington's willingness to allocate an additional billion dollars in the second half of the year if Kiev "will carry out reforms." 

Experts have summed up the week in Moscow, in turn, has repeatedly stated that it is absolutely not privy to the events in the south-east of Ukraine, does not supply the militia military equipment and ammunition, not a party to the conflict and the Ukrainian domestic interested in Ukraine to overcome the political and economic crisis.

Loan scandal. China calls Ukraine $ 3 billion, loan but the money is not Available ?

Loan scandal. China calls Ukraine $ 3 billion, loan but the money is not Available ?

20:13 01/17/2015  

In the London Court of Arbitration is the claim of China to return loan to Ukraine at $ 3 billion allocated for the supply of grain in 2013 and the purchase of Chinese goods. Will Kiev to settle the dispute, and what would happen if this can not be done?

Flag of China
RIA Novosti Ilya Pitalev & Marat Prigogine, RIA Novosti Ukraine 

China appealed to the London Court of International Arbitration proceedings against the Ukraine on the return of $ 3 billion allocated to our country for the purchase of Ukrainian grain. grain supplies were to be held in 2013, but this did not happen . The miracle did not happen in the past year: the contract is not fulfilled, and, apparently, Kiev is waiting for trial in London. As a result, it is very likely that the money return still have. Especially because in jeopardy is the planting season - all agricultural workers can mobilize. 

Ukraine will probably default. China is angry because no grain In 2012, the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine and the Export-Import Bank of China agreed to provide a loan to the Ukrainian side in the amount of $ 3 billion, which was planned to be at the forward and spot purchases of grain for future delivery to China. 

The first tranche of $ 1.5 billion, the company received in early 2013. By the second half of the loan Ukraine pledged to buy Chinese goods. Over the past two years, China has received in the amount of grain only 153 million dollars. Back in March 2014, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Igor Schweich confirmed that China has filed a lawsuit against the Ukraine in a London court to repay the loan at $ 3 billion. " The past management submitted false information that there are no claims to us from China. 

According to the contract have different interpretations, different interpretations, which led to the treatment of the Chinese side in court Gaft who works in London. Registered dispute between the parties there , "- said then Minister. According to him, the Ukrainian side at the time was looking for ways of peaceful settlement of the dispute . "For our part we will do our steps to ensure that the other party or withdrew its application, or we find another way to a peaceful settlement," - said Schweich. The minister did not specify that the search for pre-trial settlement of the methods consists of two choices: either Ukraine fulfills its obligations under the contract or return the credit. 

In Ukraine, was created the Financial Stability Board. Expert Opinion State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine (STATE FOOD) supplied grain in 2013 somewhere, but not in China. The new Kiev authorities had a great chance to really fix the short-sighted actions "of the regime of Yanukovich" and adopt a positive image in the eyes of the Chinese side . But in China it is immaterial aspect of cooperation is just as important as the business. Moreover, China's economic ties businessmen can not take place without confidence in the reliability of the counterparty. Simply put, China with everything politicians did not work, including in Ukraine. 

Earlier in the Ukrainian media China experts have repeatedly noted that the country's leadership has not sought to cooperate with the Yulia Tymoshenko , but planned to develop the work during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych . During the events of February the Chinese businessmen were advised to wait to resolve the crisis. And after the grain "embarrassment" and even failure of a number of transactions, according to experts, the public authorities do not recommend Chinese businesses to develop cooperation with Ukraine, and blame the Kiev authorities can only yourself . 

Alex Luponosov , Head of the portal, believes that Ukraine needs to repay loans, the expense of which were carried out real projects rather than cash used improper means. " If there are loans, no matter whose - Chinese, Italian, French, IMF - which have been issued but are used inappropriately by, these loans should be a separate category. It should be court proceedings, to determine where the money went and what they're gone - assets accounts abroad. From there, they should be withdrawn in favor of the budget of Ukraine, and already have to pay the debts. And no way that members of the public to squeeze the last penny to pay for them. In our situation, it is necessary to talk about debt restructuring and updating "- said the expert. 

Ukraine will receive from the EU "donated" by € 300 million - expert Luponosov cited the example of a control system for budgetary funds, which acts in Russia : "It is often said that in Russia everything is bad. But it was when Mr. Putin was done so that every penny fiscal visible. There are special markers that help track the budget even in the tenth round of their turnover. We have no such markers. So today the big question - what was spent Chinese money? " " Whoever took them - should return, because they do not evaporate. The money must be sought and returned, and before that to pay from the budget (corporate debt) - is a crime , "- said the expert. 

Nobody sowing - and nothing to give a Probably, Ukraine could resolve the dispute with China in the pretrial order, by supplying the missing volumes of grain. Finally, we remember that we had a record harvest and export of grain is almost the only source of income from exports of Ukrainian origin. According to Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, on January 14 in the 2014/2015 marketing year the volumes exported and prepared for export of grain up 20.43 million tonnes (wheat - 8415 thousand. Tons, barley - 3730 thousand. Tons and corn - 8055 thousand. Tons ). 

What statistics will be in a year? If the declaration of mobilization will take place in the planned figures, up to 100 thousand people in three stages, the sowing campaign or not take place, either on the field of the country will have to go grain traders, MPs and NSDC in full . Site of the President of Ukraine Another approach to mobilization: who will not go to war in the ATO As part of the mobilization, which starts on January 20 at first sight military offices gets the most "unrequited" of the male population of the country - in rural areas. They are likely to plan to provide decent performance replenish troops. By the way, in the central and eastern regions of Ukraine travel to work abroad were not a common practice, as in the western regions. The agricultural sector worked steadily, and employment in agriculture was at a satisfactory level. T EPER same machine operators can call on the "Eastern Front", and then carry out the sowing campaign will be nobody . 

In this context, Ukraine really will not be able to pay with China grain because of this product we do not have. According Luponosova, at this stage, to find the necessary amount of grain is unrealistic . China grain to contract certain forms, characteristics and standards. " This is a big question - Will the kind of money needed to buy grain characteristics. However, it is necessary to its credibility in the international market support: to find the money to buy them and put grain to China , "- said the expert. At the same time, Ukraine is unlikely to grow and supply of grain, as the sowing is under threat, he added. " This is not say, but there is a big shortage of technicians: combiners, adjusters, machine - all of them were taken to the army. 

They were vulnerable people, and they are the first to come under appeal (in 2014). Many are no longer alive, and many more will be picked up in the mobilization of 50 thousand people , "- said Luponosov. See also : In the event of default in Ukraine 5 years will live on bread and water "If in January fulfill the call of 50 thousand, then - even then - everything. The situation is terrible. Now try to Parliament to amend that these people were taken from the village. They can not escape from the army - come, take, and they can not do anything, "- said Luponosov. 

By the way, in addition to the "grain" of the loan, Ukraine has received from China a loan of $ 3.6 billion for the gasification of coal, and "Naftogaz" Ukraine has received under the state guarantees $ 2.3 billion . Information about the project on coal gasification not, and somehow seems high probability of the outcome of the court . How to use the credit funds "Naftogaz" is also unclear. However, if China will decide to collect them, it means the bankruptcy of the company or sovereign default , if Ukraine wants to pay this amount instead of heat. Difference who first become bankrupt, virtually erased.

Kiev will consider it a Russian invasion, the Donbass Humanitarian Aid Convoys

January 30, 2015, 20:28

Kiev will consider it a Russian invasion, the Donbass Humanitarian Aid Convoys

Ukraine will regard the sending of Russian humanitarian cargo to the new Donbass as an invasion. On Friday 30 January, said permanent representative of Ukraine Yuriy Sergeyev about the UN, according to TASS.

"If a new convoy will arrive, as I understand it, it will be the 12th in a row, it will be regarded as another invasion" - he said.

Sergeyev said that Russian gumkonvoi fall on the territory of Ukraine "without permission" in Kiev, as well as "without the participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross."

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the new cargo of humanitarian aid go to Donbass Saturday January 31st. The convoy will consist of 176 cars and takes about 1.5 thousand tons of humanitarian aid: food, as well as medicines and fuels and lubricants.

Russia has repeatedly denied the presence of its military equipment on the Ukrainian territory. Kiev was unable to provide any evidence of aggression of the Russian side in the conflict in the south-east of the country.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Today's Latest #NewRussia News Videos

Today's Latest #NewRussia News


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5.Pohorony mayor of Eugene Pervomais'k Ishchenko

6.Vlasti LC willing to exchange prisoners of volunteers from western Ukraine

7.Novosti 2,015 militiamen seized strengthen district Ozeryanovka Horlovks Novorossia
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Unwilling Ukrainian Recruits Thank Putin for Offer to Stay in Russia

Unwilling Ukrainian Recruits Thank Putin for Offer to Stay in Russia

✔ Lead Novorossiya
Today at 5:06 pm 

Fleeing from the Mobilization of Ukrainian Govt., Recruits Thanked Putin. Extremely positive Ukrainian Recruits About the ideas Vladimir Putin That Proposed to Increase Them A to stay in Russia. This, according to them, will help save many lives, and not to break the fate of those who do not want to participate in a fratricidal war. - Thanks to Putin for such a decree. I have been there, at home, left a lot of friends, acquaintances and parents. I think they will be happy with this decision, - said one of the recruits named Ivan. According to him, Russia would like all to come, but not all unfortunately, do not have the money for the tickets.

Needless to say that they can not win - in Kiev information about the dead stopped.


Needless to say that they can not win - in Kiev information about the dead stopped.

The second week of fighting across the front line leadership has led to the realization of long Junta obvious fact - without immediate victory at any cost they do not have a chance to stay in power.

Needless to say that they can not win - in Kiev did not explain. So will send to the front bollshe cannon fodder will use detachments from among the volunteer battalions and pravosekov - they still go to the front and do not want to hate soldiers and cops in the same way as those of their.

I just quoted the data of the General Staff of the Junta, managed to kill 805 per week "terrorists" and injure 405.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers need a win at any cost, loss account decided not to pay, taking into account the dead and injured is not news. The latter is a belated reaction to the material published in "krasnodivannyh" blog, which- summed loss Junta forces according to various hospitals. And, first of all data were taken from the hospital in Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa.

As a result, our agentessa said, the day before yesterday who left Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa military hospitals received a secret order from Kiev not to report through official channels information about actual wounded coming to them. Meanwhile, the wounded in hospital, the Dnieper lie in the corridors and the maximum that they get - dressings. 

Drugs and painkillers carry volunteers - at the hospital really has no money for lekartsva Kiev and not to transfer funds, an adequate flow of wounded. They carry about all the hospitals of the city and even district centers. Really catastrophic loss - only on data publicly available on the local resources - 2000 wounded in a week.

Earlier ATO command, the Interior Ministry and the General Staff had no APU data only battalions "right quadrant" and OUN, as well as on foreign mercenaries like the 200 terrorists from the Caucasus, collected throughout Europe and arrived to the regiment "Azov". 

Now close the information on a consolidated loss in general, to prevent leakage of consolidated figures. No wonder the last week voiced Junta loss account for 3-5 persons per day. Despite the fact that only in the battle for the airport militia show (do not tell - show) dozens of dead and wounded soldiers of the Junta.

Objective information on casualties among the personnel of the government troops also absent in the National Security Council, and in the presidential administration. Officials explain this situation the fact that short-term political considerations work to compile information about the dead stopped.

Now we see the real collapse and political leadership of the Junta and its troops. And above did not have a unified command troops lose coordination and control. Exacerbating the bad news from home.

Oksana Klimenko online writes: "People turn to us mothers, as well as relatives and friends from all over Ukraine to find sons, brothers, fathers, husbands ... Many have lost contact with them for a long time . Here is a good example. We were asked for help in finding Shevchuk Boris Ivanovich, 1963According to relatives in the military reported that he has been missing and more information they have. A few days ago we received a letter with a link to a video in which Boris Ivanovich found dead, among the many bodies of the dead boys.

Videos (18+) cm. 4 min.

We offer our condolences to his family and to all those who lost loved ones in the war. "

We believe that the government does not just hide the extent of losses, there is no money in the treasury, but in May Poroshenko promised to pay bereaved families 1,000,000 hryvnia. Where is the money? They have long been taken oligarchs abroad. Therefore, the power and does not want to look for the missing soldiers, more profitable for them to forget about the real heroes of Ukraine who died in the area of ​​ATO, for personal gain.

We urge the president to the peaceful resolution of the conflict. Power, practice has already done this thing, and useless bloodshed. "

This emotional cry of the soul will never be heard by the junta. Rather, they create detachments everywhere scheduled flight parts from the front. This is especially beneficial Poroshenko, allowing the Nazis to distract attention from his person, which hardly suffer and ordinary Nazis, and the group-Yatsenyuk Turchynov.

These committees mothers old, but at least some: List of wounded and dead from the announcement of the armistice


Mobilized Ukrainian Crews Found Welded inside Their Tanks

Summaries of the Militia of New Russia
27.01.15. Posted by journalists. 
Mobilized Ukrainian Crews Found Welded inside Their Tanks
"In a new way of punitive punishment, for not wanting to fight, the militia found Ukrainian tanks with locked-up crews inside. Hatches were welded closed and mines placed under the tracks. Under an Avdiyivka battle operation, this unusual situation had first occurred, we can say with absolute honesty of how wild of this story, of how a Ukrainian tank crew almost paid the price for failing to fight with its own people. 

During the battle militia took to the two Ukrainian tanks that stood motionless. The militia fired at the tanks, but the return fire did not followed. Then the militia decided not to destroy tanks and clean up the area and to grab any armor. During the inspection of military vehicles, it was found that under the tanks treads were mines, the hatches were welded, welding the Ukrainian crews were inside. 

Once freed tankers joined the ranks of other Ukrainian prisoners. It should be noted that during the liberation of Ukrainian tankers who so clearly failed to explain how they got into this situation, but said that they have no desire to give their lives in some stupid war. In recent days, more and more often there are reports of growing divisions between forcibly mobilized military and ideological fanatics who came voluntarily to war, who comes to fight. "

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ukraine for an extra penny hung itself for Europe and American Corporations

Ukraine for an extra penny hung itself for Europe and American Corporations 

New Russia - Ukraine: the equality of parties here there is no position of "a plague on both your houses", which translates other people - good-looking, but false in the extreme, writes Dmitry Olshansky. Recall only some of the circumstances.

- This is not the activists and "militants from the East" overthrew the democratically elected president, representing the West, but the "insurgents" and activists representing the West, overthrew the democratically elected president of the East.

- It's not the guys from Donetsk catch on that they are firing in Lviv, and that children from the city to catch on that they are firing in Donetsk. 

- This Russian agree or certainly long agreed on the different types of compromise in the form of autonomy, federation, confederation with Ukraine, while Ukrainians make any compromises do not agree, but Unitarianism, only the Ukrainian language as the only official, only hardcore . 

- This Russian Ukrainians burned alive within Peremogi over "Katsap", but the Russian Ukrainians not burned alive. 

- This Russian agree to the fact that a variety of Petlura and Bandera flaunted in alien lands they historically Galicia, Volhynia, and so on., While Ukrainians disagree to see Lenin's alien to them historically Russian-Soviet lands. 

- This is the part of the militia was made approximately 238,000 calls to the Ukrainians with a proposal to recover, to reconcile, to find a compromise together to go to Kiev and so on. and so on., while Ukrainians turned to the militia with only one: Die, wool. 

- Russia is ready to provide loan to Ukraine indefinitely, delaying these loans, gas, coal, electricity, bank participation in its economy and the like, while Europe and America for an extra penny for Ukraine hanged himself. 

- This Russian militia with infinitely nursed with Ukrainian prisoners, rotate Ukrainian soldiers in Donetsk airport, Ukrainians released from boilers, stop offensive in the most successful moments of his consent to knowingly unfavorable conditions Minsk agreements, etc., while with Ukrainian side all this time there was no broad gesture of humanity and friendship. 

- It sounds continuously in Moscow zaukrainskaya propaganda, which is in the sharpest form and frank engaged hundreds of journalists and "figures", and all of them - security, while the pro-Russian propaganda in Kiev - is not only guaranteed way to the SBU, but and direct physical threat to life. 

- All the wildest, most cannibalistic statements about "insects", "genetic junk", "clearing of the population", "slaves", etc. were made solely by the Ukrainian side deliberately copying racial discourse in Germany known times, while the most radical supporters of Russia remain within the rhetoric of the Soviet Union, that is hatred of the regime, to ideas, to the fanatics from the camp of the enemy, but not to the people as such when all the garbage catchwords like "Ukropov." 

They reconstructed the newspaper "Pravda" and not the newspaper "Assault": a big difference. You can still be a long list. So - have had enough. Who has a conscience - he understands that the equality of the parties does not exist here, and who have no conscience - that has nothing to prove. 

Ukraine Bought: Lock, Stock, & Barrel 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Wednesday, 21 January 2015 
Author redactor

While Poroshenko lectures in Switzerland, Ukraine is preparing conditions for imposition of martial law. Firstly, with the participation of the Security Council and the Security Service of Ukraine in two days expanded area ATO: it is "covered" Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya region. The junta has organized bombings and sabotage in these areas bordering the Donbas, was to "strengthen the fight against terrorism on the territory of Ukraine."

"To ensure the safety of Ukrainian citizens, ensure their protection and peace, the level of involvement of all actors to combat terrorism on the territory of Ukraine is power! Security Service in cooperation with all power ministries and departments will take all possible measures to prevent destabilization of the situation by the saboteurs and terrorists, "- said in a statement SBU.

"We ask everyone to remain calm and help SSU and all other Ukrainian security forces in the fight against the enemy, informing about threats of sabotage, acts of terrorism or acts of provocation" - added to the department Nalivaychenko.

While teraktoopasnymi recognized two areas: Kharkov and Zaporozhye. On Monday, a bomb exploded in Kharkov, 14 people suffered. Within hours, investigators found irrefutable evidence of involvement in "terrorist attack" pro-Russian commandos yesterday cleared the public organization "Exodus" and arrested its leader Oleg Novikov.

Despite the fact that an investigation into the "Exodus" has not even been started, and thus his guilt has not been proven leader, Interior Minister Avakov is sure that Novikov to expect a prison sentence. Announced whether detained on suspicion and under what article, head of the ministry did not say Why? .Siloviki Showed that the ceremony and choose methods of influence on dissidents they can not produce.

January 20 was blown up a railway bridge in the village Kuznetsovka Rozovsky district of Zaporozhye region on the border with the Donetsk region. Powerful explosive device was about 100 kg of TNT. As a result of sabotage to derailed and damaged 18 of the 55 cars of a freight train with iron ore - hurt business of Rinat Akhmetov.

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko noted that the goal of terrorists was an ordinary freight train. "The information that on the bridge blown up by saboteurs had to go through is not an ordinary freight train and train with the men and equipment of one of the brigades of the APU, but failed because her train was late - not true!" - He said.

The fact that the "terrorist attacks on the territory of Ukraine in charge of the Russian Federal Security Service, and the terrorists in the front area prepares GRU of Russia," said the deputy head of the SBU and Victor Yagun. These "diversions" with his head enough to take in a pincer two areas bordering Russia and completely scare people, clean up everyone who does not shout "Glory to Ukraine" and does not collect any help warriors ATO. War Party wants to repeat in the two eastern provinces "Odessa scenario, as well as destroy the guerrilla movement there that can support the militia, as soon as they step over the boundaries of Donetsk and Luhansk region.

Feast of hyenas: Yatsenyuk is preparing a new redistribution of the Ukrainian


Jean-Marie Le Pen claims Paris attacks ‘ The Work of Western Intelligence Agencies’

Jean-Marie Le Pen claims Paris attacks ‘were the work of western intelligence agencies’
John Lichfield

PUBLISHED17/01/2015 | 14:31
Jean-Marie Le Pen

The Charlie Hebdo massacre may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”, working with the connivance of French authorities, according to Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the far right Front National.

In an interview with Le Monde today, Mr Le Pen repeated his suspicions about the identity card but said he “could not recall” talking about “secret services” to the Russian newspaper.

Mr Le Pen’s original quoted remarks run directly counter to the official line of his daughter and his party. They have suggested that the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket are the final proof that France faces an “enemy within”, which has been created by immigration and open EU borders.

Conspiracy theories of the kind espoused by the elder Le Pen sprang up on the internet within hours of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. They have been repeated in recent days by some – not all - young Muslims in France, torn between identifying with the Kouachi brothers and insisting that they were stooges of the French authorities, Washington and Israel.

The French “pope of conspiracy theories”, Thierry Meyssan, now based in Damascus, insisted that the Charlie Hebdo massacres were “ordered by US neo-cons and liberal hawks”. An American conspiracy site, McLatchy, has claimed that the Kouachi brothers were working for French intelligence.

Independent News Service

Obama's State of the Union: Illusions, exceptionalism, empty promises

Obama's State of the Union: Illusions, exceptionalism, empty promises


US President Barack Obama has delivered his State of the Union Address to the Congress. Speaking about his victories in foreign policy, Obama stated that Russia was isolated and theRussian economy was "in tatters." Obama spoke about successful negotiations with Iran and Cuba, but most Americans are concerned about different problems. Obama's illusions may cost a lot to the United States.

So whom has Obama torn to pieces?

It was Obama's penultimate speech to the Congress. In 2016, Barack Obama will leave the White House. This year, he condescended to talking about the "regional power" - Russia. It appears that he would not have even mentioned Russia in his most recent speech, if he had not previously named Russia as one of three major threats to mankind.

On January 21, Obama reiterated that he considered the policy of Russia in Ukraine "aggression," noting that a year ago, some believed that the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin were brilliant demonstration of strategy and power. "Today, it is America that stands strong and united with our allies, while Russia is isolated, with its economy in tatters," Obama said.

"This statement about Russia supports the idea that the current state of affairs in the Russian economy, the problems of the Russia ruble and the falling oil prices are caused with the deliberate policy fixing of the United States, - Konstantin Simonov, the head of the department for Applied Political Science at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation told Pravda.Ru. 

As for the collapse of the economy, the devaluation of the Russian ruble, high inflation and declining purchasing power of the population are serious problems. "When I see an assessment such as "in tatters," I have a picture of closed companies and closed oil wells, zombies wandering in the streets, abandoned factories, and so on."

"However the Russian economy actually grew by one percent in 2014. This is not a lot, but this is not decline. Where does he see those tatters? I believe that it is an attempt to convince the Russian people that the Russian economy has collapsed. The best reaction to Obama's words would be to look around to realize that this is not true. At the same time, people should be aware of the fact that there is an illegal economic war being waged against Russia," the expert said.

Mikhail Chernov, a political scientist, deputy director of the Center for Strategic situation, does not believe that Obama's remarks about the state of affairs in the Russian economy are true to fact either. Sanctions and the so-called "isolation" can only contribute to Russia's revival. According to him, Obama's words targeted domestic American consumers, rather than Russian ones.

"This speech was aimed at the Republican Congress, which Obama does not control. In fact, what the Americans are now doing in relation to Russia, in relation to sanctions, is a heavy blow on the European Union in the first place. Both the sanctions and the Ukrainian crisis are meant to drive a wedge between Russia and Europe forever or, at least, for a very long time," the expert believes.

"Barack Obama has long been divorced from reality. He lives in his own imaginary world as a dictator would, - Alexei Mukhin, general director of the Center for Political Information told Pravda.Ru. - The sanctions pressure from the United States gave Russia an opportunity to diversify its foreign trade contacts and set new priorities. The ruble gradually breaks away from the dollar, and so do oil prices."

With Obama's Leadership the USA will punish itself.

Following achievements in foreign policy, the head of the US administration proceeded to the talks on the Iranian nuclear program and the normalization of relations with Cuba. Obama said that a compromise with Tehran would be found until the spring of this year. Obama also called on the Congress to lift the economic embargo against Cuba and continue the new course to restore diplomatic relations with the island of freedom.

"What on earth is the president going to say about national security? He can stretch out Cuba, but unless the ghost of Che Guevara is a special unannounced guest, that's pretty small beer," Chris Stewart wrote in the article "Obama's speech time machine for liberal dreams" for Foxnews. "As surveys show, Americans are increasingly worried about the threat from Islamist militants and terrorism," the author continued. "The president doesn't have much good to say on that front. And the magnum opus of his foreign policy - a deal setting parameters for Iran's nuclear program - is looking very shaky today with word of a new Russo-Iranian military pact," Stewart also wrote.

"If the US continues to behave aggressively on the international arena, it will have nothing to discuss with Iran, - said Alexei Mukhin. - "In reality, the relations between Cuba and the United States have not improved. Declarations on the subject are good, but there is no direct political action aimed at the implementation of these declarations."

"As for Iran, it was a serious statement to make as there was a deadline set, - said Mikhail Chernov. - It does not mean that the US and Iran will be allies, but it does mean that chaos in the Middle East will intensify. It means that there will be an attack on Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries. This is a very serious, more than a serious wake-up call for Israel too. Iran will not become an ally for the United States. Russia has recently signed a military cooperation agreement with Iran, and this is also a strategic achievement," the expert said.

Obama stresses out about USA's exceptionalism again

A few words about domestic policies of the US president. Obama called the year 2014 a year of breakthrough for the US economy, and noted that the shadow of the crisis was in the past. However, an analysis from US experts speaks of the opposite. There is economic success only on the macroeconomic level, although neither real incomes of the population nor employment have grown.

Jobs are being created, but these jobs are of poor quality - seasonal and low-skilled jobs, William Galston wrote in his analysis of Obama's speech on Huffington Post. "He repeated his calls for costly new initiatives to provide affordable, high-quality childcare and two years of free community college. And his proposal to pay for them with higher taxes on the wealthy will meet a stone wall of Republican rejection," the author said.

Obama concluded his State of the Union speech by saying that the United States should combine military power with diplomacy, use force wisely and give an example to others. "Looking to the future instead of the past. Making sure we match our power with diplomacy, and use force wisely. Building coalitions to meet new challenges and opportunities. Leading - always - with the example of our values. That's what makes us exceptional. That's what keeps us strong," Obama said, having emphasized USA's superiority on others yet again. 

Will America be punished for its exceptional pride?

"The United States will punish Itself. The Americans believe that they have won the Cold War, they have attributed the victory to themselves and want Russia to behave as a defeated nation. This is an illusion that makes them weak," said Alexei Mukhin.

"I think that America will not be punished, - said Mikhail Chernov. - But I think that as a result of the impending war, a great war, the role of the United States in the world will diminish significantly. The US will remain on leading positions in many respects, but of course, it will not be the way it is now. 

The US is trying to maintain leverage and its decisive role in making decisions in the postwar world. The Americans think far ahead, they are well aware of the position that the country takes, so one can only envy the fact that there are great specialists in American departments," said the expert.

"The United States believes that the Americans conduct messianic policy. The Americans believe that the USA is the promised land, the best of the countries that always dictates its will to mankind, - said Konstantin Simonov. - Russia is now being punished only for questioning the impunity of US-led policies. We're trying to stop this, and it gives hope, in my opinion."

Is America the Greatest Country ?

Lyuba Lulko


#Ukraine Decided to Destroy its Pensioners

Ukraine Decided to Destroy its Pensioners 

In Kiev it was once announced only plans of a total elimination of social guarantees for the old ideology of "evroreform". But now Kiev announced this upcoming elimination of Pension Fund of Ukraine as Law. All elderly people in this country will be subjected to a very peculiar social and political "lustration." In the New Year holidays Ukrainian press, controlled by Igor Kolomoisky actively spins its new VIP-expert Anatoly Amelin. This young businessman originally from Donetsk. Started his business in the investment company "Master of Donbass" Rinat Akhmetov. 

Time gave the former boss over to the control"Dnepropetrovsk". Now as a member of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, Amelin talks about how he sees the future of Ukraine. Naturally, in his opinion, "independent" powers "is the leader among the European index of happiness". We will cope with the current difficulties, though only by a tremendous effort. But most importantly - Ukraine has become a strong country in which live happy people. 

It remains hard to understand any other "Ways" for these people to keep of the streets tomorrow? His portals for reasoning Pan Amelin simultaneously provided to the Kiev media. This Christmas gift to pensioners who were already ready to get their piece of happiness. Otherwise, why else would they have jumped on the Maidan? 

Enumerated, and promulgated, theses immediate prospects of Ukraine becoming "the world's largest supermarket of organic products", "the main production site and the largest energy supplier in Europe", "Europe's largest R & D-center", "the largest transportation hub and the new center of European education "... Even ten years ago, they called themselves seriously Aryan people and the ancestral home of elephants.

Today, to give an expert forecast that "Ukraine - as a sample of the New Europe, its cultures, values ​​and principles professed a Ukraine actively spreading through Europe. " And why is this not funny. Let take January, a torchlight procession to honor Bandera on Khreschatyk, shocked the political elite of the EU. You can ignore the thousands of residents of Donbass shot. But what to do with frankly a "Nazi" parade from the center of Kiev? 

Well here it is - the path that leads to the current Ukrainian happiness and democracy. Dispataching scum willing to destroy anyone who interferes with the Nazi "prosperity of the nation." They were allowed to create state lawlessness, for them the government works with the label «Made in USA». 

According to the decision of the government millions of lives have to wallow in muck on the banks of the Dnieper. "2015 was our turning point for the country, - said Anatoly Amelin further. Civil society, the business community and new strength in parliament were able to unite and take the necessary laws to conduct reforms. Elected for the second time the Cabinet was formed from experts, professionals, who had extensive experience in the business, although many of them have no Ukrainian citizenship. 

Ukrainians have realized that the need for the development to go beyond what was needed, they invited for them to run the country as they are the world's best experts. " What they came up with the "best"? At the expense of someone who provides "Maidan" a fracture? On the third leading personal call, these so-called experts and Kolomoiskiy called for "Welfare reform", While war and the difficult situation in the economy allows Ukraine to conduct rapid social reform. 

Pension Fund will be liquidated. This will be tested first on all the elderly people in need of social protection. They will be determined by social assistance - and in lieu of pensions, which the state can not afford. A young and middle-aged people will themselves think about their old age through private savings pension funds, banking and insurance savings programs. " So Ukraine will come to total elimination of pension guarantees. The powers that be will refuse to pay any pensions at all!

Convenient excuses are - the economic difficulties because of the war with Russia. The destruction of the Pension Fund - is just the beginning. Indeed, why pay the elderly who voted wrong, and about "klyatyh Tips" to not remember? No wonder the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, poroshenkovsky darling pan Klimkin announced the need for urgent and full de-Sovietization of Ukraine. 

The task can not run, if not eliminated are the direct carriers of their Soviet past. This is the expert opinion, that at least 20% of the Ukrainian pensioners should die at once, Whoever is unable to withstand the psychological pressure the"Inspection Commission" will deal with. A special group of National "patriots" will determine whether he or she is worthy or other if elderly Ukrainian's not dependent on social assistance, can give instead of receive retirement. But if they will not give, they are to be considered that of the 'Old Colorados "and therefore not worthy of Ukrainian mercy ... De facto millions of elderly people will be subjected to the social and political "lustration". 

All this seems like some wild phantasmagoria. Primitive brutality, happiness like young Neanderthals discharging of a cliff the unnecessary elderly. A example for the "New Europe", from which clearly will draw fumes from the crematoriums. Future plans for the total destruction of pensioners seriously supported by them have already implemented these measures of the government of Ukraine. So, for all the inhabitants of the DNI and the LC, they are the first who refused to leave Kiev's uncontrolled territories, and are officially declared as "terrorists." They can not expect to receive any pension payments and other social benefits. "Ukraine does not fund terrorists," - said the Ministry of Social Policy. 

This applies to the rebellious inhabitants of Donbass. However, for others too prepared stunning gifts. For example, in 2015 introduced a general 15 percent tax on pensions in excess of $ 180. Ukrainian elderly be forced to pay the new higher taxes from any deposits and apartments - 25 hryvnia for each "extra" square meter. 15-percent tax on pensions will have to pay in January. Otherwise, fiscal services will achieve a complete cessation of pension contributions. For many more, this leaves only starvation and death. 

Source ..

Citizens Of Mariupol Have Words for Poroshenko

Citizens Of Mariupol Have Words for Poroshenko

To Get English Subtitles, click-on CC button the click the Options Wheel, Click-on Translate Captions, a drop menu will appear, click the drop arrow and scroll to Engish-Engish then ckick OK, the closed captions will be in for all CC capable videos on YouTube.

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Moscow should have sent the Pindos-Bandera Junta (3) Letters

Moscow should have sent the Pindos-Bandera Junta (3) Letters 

Kharkiv - New Russia
Today at 5:00 am

________________Even if the junta decideds to direct negotiations with Donetsk, they should stop their offensive, and continue to indemnify all villages, Happiness, Debaltseve, Mariupol, and Kramatorsk they violated. We must demand a new demarcation line, but not the November 13th one. After it became clear that the advent of the sun ukrovermahta failed with its offensive force, the DNR has successfully developed an advantage. The junta whimpered and turned to Moscow with a proposal to return to Minsk agreements. That was two days of cease fire, Five days to withdraw heavy weapons, and 21 days to provide for a delineation line on November 13th. It was right on a night the Ministry website of the junta Military. Now that these rogues have failed, and badly by golly. 

So now we must not rush into another false promise because: 

1. The Junta offers this to Moscow, and it should be offered to Donetsk. We must demand the junta communicate directly with the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. 

2. While the junta decided not to have direct negotiations with Donetsk, there was no stop of their offensive, or actions to indemnify the villages of ; Happiness, Debaltseve, Mariupol, Slavic and Kramators'k. 

3. The required differentiation of troops out of line on November 13, was not through a new truce ever enforced. 

4. The Minsk agreement they announced was ripped up by the junta, where to renegotiate and enter new agreement would only lead to the same again, which will be referred to as the new breeding and arming of the troops on the line. And out of these arrangements an awful point of transfer of control over the entire boundary of the junta poses a threat to all. If this is done again, then the agreement will be impossible to implement by Novorossia. 

5. An entering of items on this agreement should take place on a joint TV coverage, Donetsk will give it on Russian channels and that will only bring the population of an almost Zombielike state
of Banderostana more propaganda. They will broadcast how this is important for their future, which they seem to believe themselves so that they won't become its victims. The junta in the name of the Foreign Ministry ukroreyha on the night of Baptism, after the start of the counteroffensive with DNI, appealed to Moscow to all to cease fire and withdraw heavy weapons. But the Pindos-Bandera junta fights not with Russia and with the Donbass instead. So talks with ukrofashistskaya power should only be sent to Donetsk and Lugansk leaders. 

6. Therefore, Moscow has sent three letters to the junta - DNI or LC. And did it all the same time. In the meantime, from Mariupol, the baptismal night began fleeing its officials, as well as the so-called ukrofashistskih maydaunov, ie Nazis who supported the junta's terror against the population of Donbass. It is not yet clear whether they released Mariupol, but their flight has already begun.


Poroshenko rejected Putin’s artillery withdrawal plan, and began an assault - Kremlin

Edited time: January 19, 2015

(RIA Novosti/Aleksey Nikolskyi)
Russian President Vladimir Putin **Letter Video** 

Kiev resumed its military assault in eastern Ukraine on Sunday despite receiving a proposal Thursday night from the Russian president that both sides of the conflict withdraw their heavy artillery, Putin’s press secretary said.

"In recent days, Russia has consistently made efforts to mediate the conflict. In particular, on Thursday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a written message to Ukrainian President Poroshenko, in which both sides of the conflict were offered a concrete plan for removal of heavy artillery. The letter was received by President of Ukraine on Friday morning," president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said as cited by RIA Novosti news agency.

“The latest developments in Ukraine connected with the renewed shelling of populated areas in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions cause grave alarm and put in jeopardy the peace process based on the Minsk memorandum,” Putin’s letter reads.

Putin suggested the immediate withdrawal of artillery with a caliber more than 10mm to the distance defined by the Minsk agreements.Russia is ready to monitor the fulfillment of these moves jointly with the OSCE, the letter concludes.

However, Peskov stressed, the Ukrainian leader rejected the plan without offering alternatives and“moreover started military actions all over again,” resulting in an “absolute degradation of the situation in the southeast of Ukraine.”

A residential building in Donetsk damaged in the result of shelling by the Ukrainian army on January 18, 2015 (RIA Novosti/Mikhail Parhomenko)

READ MORE: Donetsk shelled as Kiev 'orders massive fire' on militia-held E. Ukraine

Russia's Foreign Ministry accused Kiev of using the ceasefire to “regroup its forces, trying to take a course for further escalation of the conflict with a purpose to 'settle' it in a military way.”

“We are deeply concerned by the fact that the Ukrainian side continues to increase its military presence in the southeast of the country in violation of the Minsk agreements,” the ministry said in a statement.

Ukrainian troops launched a massive assault on militia-held areas on Sunday morning.

The order from Kiev came after several days of violent clashes at the ruins of Donetsk International Airport – a scene of constant fighting over the months amid a shaky ceasefire between the Ukrainian army and local militia forces.

It was also the scene of a deadly bus shelling earlier this week; 12 people were killed on Tuesday when the bus was targeted at a Kiev-controlled checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha.

DNR forces denied accusations that local militia were responsible, saying the bus was targeted by Ukrainian troops.

A sharp escalation of clashes has also been reported across the frontline in Donetsk and nearby regions.

Russia has urged all members of the international community, specifically the OSCE, to demand that Kiev unconditionally give up its policy of forced suppression of the conflict.

“There is an urgent need to cease hostilities and resume the 'silence' mode in Ukraine; the OSCE mission should play a special role in this,” the statement reads.

Moscow has stressed the necessity to continue talks within the contact group to fulfill the Minsk agreements, saying it will do all it can so that the group can meet at the beginning of next week.

“We are calling on all members and those who have influence on the situation, to not let another breakdown [in talks happen],” the Foreign Ministry said.

Russia has expressed readiness “to use its influence on militia” in southeast Ukraine so they voluntarily agree to withdraw heavy armament from the frontline, so that its geographic coordinates correspond to Kiev's demands "to avoid more victims among the civilian population."

The Foreign Ministry has linked the deadly attacks in Donetsk and Kiev's “massive fire” order with the upcoming EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting on January 19.

It has noted that “such attempts coupled with the apparent provocation (similar to the situation with the Malaysian Boeing and the incident with a bus in Volnovakha) come, as a rule, on the eve of the European Union and other Western states meetings, which deal with the situation in Ukraine.”

The UN secretary-general, according to a spokesman, is “alarmed” by the severe escalation of fighting in eastern Ukraine, which has already caused numerous casualties, and has called for an “an immediate and full cessation of hostilities.”

Dmitry Yarosh Wounded in Battle for the Donetsk Airport

Summaries of the militia of New Russia
Dmitry Yarosh Wounded in Battle for the Donetsk Airport

Today at 4:42 am

Posted by LifeNews journalists: 

"The leader of the" right sector "and people's deputy Dmitry Yarosh was wounded in the battle for the Donetsk airport. He was evacuated from the battlefield. The Nazis covered close to People's Deputy snaryada.U break open fracture of the lower third of the shoulder (to the elbow). Hand seriously damaged , aranenie head light - helmet saved, tangentially touched. "

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What will be the decision of Putin?

What will be the decision of Putin? 
January 20, 2015 
Now it became evident that Putin is doing everything quietly and consistently, according to a preconceived plan. And he did not particularly hides all says as it is, of course, within the framework of obvious limitations. And our anxiety and neuroses in the style of "putinslil" are the result of the inability to separate the major events of the tactical ripple on the water of the river, which is the history of mankind. Let me remind you once again the most important events of the year. Crimea almost bloodlessly returned to Russia. Obama's US ready to live with that, if Russia at this stop and will not be joining the south-east of Ukraine. 

But Gunmen pulls the trigger of the war in the Donbass, and Putin, seeing training ukronatsistov Russian genocide in Ukraine, the Federation Council asks permission to use the army outside of Russia. Such an open challenge to the new world order, formed after the collapse of the USSR, obviously, due to the influence of the domestic political game in the United States, provoking a personal dislike Obama to Putin, and this dislike is very negative impact on subsequent events. It is known how truly dangerous smoking? Scared? 

Ukraine proposed the Russian way of a cease-fire in the Donbas Early signs of heart attack On the other hand, fear of interference with Russian forces ukronatsistov refuse for some time from genocide Southeast, whose task is to free the shale oil and gas from the local population. This, in turn, provokes the West syndrome "Putin-you-Hitler", especially for those wishing to whatever was to replace the production of "Gazprom" shale gas from the Slavyansk. And here at the festival actualization of virtual reality in which the United States and England have won without the help of Hitler's totalitarian Soviet Union, Putin impose such an ultimatum that he returned to Moscow, begins to conduct exercises in the event of nuclear war and had not put himself in the most favorable light, asking Federation Council to withdraw its permission to use the army to protect its population from genocide ukronatsistov Donbass. 

That, in fact, gave rise to an entire genre in RuNet "putinslil." All this time, Obama's sanctions against Russia are operetta character, and in the American television commentators strictly negative answer questions from viewers excited about the possibility of nuclear war with Russia. In addition, the Russian population strongly TV vtyuhivat idea that Europeans put pressure on Russia only because of pressure by the US, set a goal to cut Europe from supply of cheap oil and gas, which should make their products uncompetitive. 

But at the World Cup in Brazil Putin may begin to suspect that the initiative in the development and implementation of the plan OST-2.0 at least on equal footing belongs to Germany and Angela Merkel personally. Three days later, a catastrophe happens with the Malaysian "Boeing" and Mrs. kantslerin just nods in Brazil after each word Putin, right off the bat, without waiting for the results of the investigation, places the responsibility for the disaster on the anti-Nazi militia Donbass. And then imposes sanctions that really hurt beat Russia on foreign currency revenue, and European bureaucracy begins to openly manipulate the courts to impose on Russia is very sensitive financial sanctions (case of "Yukos"). 

Putin responded, gritting his teeth, continues to prepare for nuclear war, conducting appropriate exercises and otherwise pretending Gorbachev, to gain time to a few dozen "Yarsov", dozens of new fighters and bombers entered the army in conjunction with the latest anti-aircraft systems, a nuclear submarine "Vladimir Monomakh", "Yekaterinburg", as well as diesel-electric submarine "Rostov-on-Don" stood on alert (the last visit to the Barents Sea somehow suggests that RK "Caliber" and ZM-54E can also be put nuclear warheads). 

At the same time it introduces retaliatory sanctions against the European Union, intended to reduce the cost of imports, and takes this opportunity to provide domestic support, WTO prohibited conditions for which they joined Russia in this wonderful organization. That is, in the best traditions of judo uses the weight and acceleration of the enemy to shmyaknut him against the wall. At this time in the United States begins the final stage of the election campaign, which revealed that the past two years, all the top positions in the administration of US President Obama took personal enemies, and the election campaign was clearly organized to show that Obama has lost the confidence of his constituents, which led him to the White House, and it is now possible to do "what you want". In reality, the election results were somewhat different. 

And now think about the manifold strengthening Russia's military power will congressmen, and not those who stirred up this mess, finally naprinimali laws according to which Obama is now may not require the approval of Congress, if his party establishment will require it to implement the order ukronatsistov means the destruction of subhumans who dared live on shale gas. And it may very well be that they do not want to enjoy a strange feast hangover, especially since they now belong to the other party. US Catholic Christmas eve begin to probe the ability to disable the Russian banking system from the system of international payments SWIFT, and one by the mouth of the General Director of VTB voiced response warning that such an action would lead to at least break in diplomatic relations and the war - at least cold. In addition, finally comes to the surface union Odessa (NSDAP) and Saudi Arabia, and the office, lit up in the affairs of thirty years ago, no longer hiding, trying to repeat the trick with oil prices, which allegedly undermined the Soviet economy, and in fact was a smokescreen conspiracy to Gorbachev. 

The ruble began to fall, but in the absence of Gorbachev does not cause the appearance of crowds of disaffected, as in 1990-1991, rather on the contrary, stimulates demand for the purchase of cars and refrigerators. Meanwhile, LC-DNI more or less successfully fighting with Makhno and create a regular army, while pretending to be dead fox in Minsk. And the people in Russia at this time begins not only porykivat bear, but also demonstrates the willingness to become a cavalryman and quickly go, if Putin really merged. 

And then, finally, in December, according to a new military doctrine of Russia, a potential enemy, all hope is concentrated on the comprador bourgeoisie, bred in Russia over the past 25 years, and in religious belief in the nature of a slave multinational Russian people, who will be forced to come to terms with the displacement Putin has committed such a horrible fall of the ruble, and the geopolitical choice of those who can not, and go to the toilet without jamon and oysters. Putin, the emphasis is not seeing the possibility of their displacement, stalling for time, trying to calm the "patriotic" sentiments hotheads open discussion malignancy Central Bank and the prospects of turning the ruble into a reserve currency. At the same time, he lulls the comprador bourgeoisie lack of staff movements and attempts to transition to staffing wartime. 

And now, giving them both and the possibility of more or less quietly that celebrated season of "Twist of Fate", Putin shakes local and Western liberals dismissal of the deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Xenia Yudayeva who taught typing rubles at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Russian public both varieties he pleases enhanced work "PX" at the airport in Donetsk. West sees these events as a fairly clear allusion to the fact that talk of nationalization of the Central Bank and nefteruble may not have been pure propaganda, and the comprador bourgeoisie in Russia, seeing live reports Life News from Donetsk airport is clearly reflected, and not whether she hurried, vouching head would be no war, as this promise can be interpreted literally. 

Besides offset Yudayeva can be regarded as a substitute for it the principle of "cadres decide everything" on the principle of "rotation of cadres decide everything", and to encourage a change coordinates or put on "patriotic" camouflage cloak. For, indeed, if the offset is the deputy chairman of the Central Bank does not require the approval of the regional committee of the Washington, who can expect that will continue to nationalize the costs and privatize the profits, and not vice versa? 

Alexander Brodsky - independent expert, especially for a REGNUM