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Why is America so vane as to escalate the situation around the world?

Why is America so vane as to escalate the situation around the world? 



After all vanity - the ideal environment for errors. The errors in the geopolitics none forgives. Here is just a small list of the last error of the White House: Assad was deposed. And if it were not for Putin's proposal to separate the world, subject to the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons, Obama would have to climb into another war (well, why so loud the whole world screaming about the "red lines"?)
It did not happen in Syria - Switch on Ukraine - and "lose" the Crimea, as well as a heap of very bad history behind Boeing, which still awaits resolution. Staged a "revolution of umbrellas" in Hong Kong. Have achieved nothing? Angered China, and the accelerated economic integration with Russia and the BRICS countries. Treat alcoholism is now possible at home Turkish Airlines stewardess sacked for beauty (photo) Immediately after that, I do not want to smoke anymore! 

The unique technique Middle East rampant gang LIH. And everyone knows who created them, sponsors and buys them stolen oil. So much so, that some zealous media compared Putin to Hitler. Here whose cow would then silence: in Kiev Bandera and neo-fascists organize torchlight processions and destroy his people under the shameful silence "progressive mankind." 

Merkel has openly criticized the Bundestag and on the street for his commitment to American interests. But it is the man of the year ... the American version of the same magazine. Circus and only ... Really, really, so got so hot that the preservation of his person and his allies have no one thinks? Sometimes it even seems that the state of America felled deliberately, and along with those who are tied to it. 

Well, how else can you evaluate this whole farce involving Psaki and Matthew Lee? Want to see what has become the official America - see Psaki. Matthew Lee or drag away from it, that is ... Today America is repeating the same mistake as the Soviet-era "developed socialism", only on a large scale. Jokes about Obama in his homeland have probably not less than about Brezhnev and Gorbachev in the late USSR. 

The ideology of global domination, completely divorced from economic realities of the modern world, ruining the state "America." And all this for the sake of retaining power in the hands of a bunch of old oligarchic families (members of the Politburo in analogy with the Soviet Union). A little more and the West as a single political and ideological alliance, will suffer the same fate as the late Soviet Union and the socialist countries. Decay. 

But maybe the US and its allies have a plan of salvation from imminent bankruptcy? A plan "B", or, at worst, "HPP" - a cunning plan P ... America? Under the current system of allocation of funds between all economic actors and methods of forming the US federal budget is nothing you can change. Or reduce consumption of the financial elite (themselves?). Or run into a rage and anger hungry crowd. And "outside" - you can profit only on trifles - billions of Hussein, Gaddafi and some other small things. But this is only little birds for ten-striped boa. 

In this case, how much was spent budget funds to assign to a private shop these same billions! Economic foundation of any state is the state budget. The problem of the budget deficit is solved or sequestration, which is unacceptable for the US (this will reduce GDP and the collapse of stock markets) or borrowing. But the national debt can not grow indefinitely, because the cost of its maintenance are also budgeted. 

To increase the budget, of course, possible, but also only through debt rather than through taxes (increase in tax rates in the US will lead to a drop in GDP and capital outflows). Deadlock. Can you solve the problem of the federal budget deficit at the expense of other countries? You can. But only partially and briefly (Treasuries). You can not call the purchase of US government bonds paying tribute to America. Under these papers exporting countries get cheap loans and markets its products.

Well, I would not support the US budget China, if he was not profitable. Is it possible to radically solve the problem of US debt (to be written off, and "we will forgive our debts")? No. Without serious consequences for the entire dollar system, as a system of global domination, it is impossible. Theoretically, of course, possible, but only by destroying alternative sources of military force in the world - Russia and China. 

But maybe America Unscrew hand its geopolitical competitors using their financial weapons ? Let's see. High oil prices and cheap Western loans strengthen Russia as a military superpower. A Western investment in the industry in China made ​​its first economy in the world. Conversely, controlled collapse of oil prices and a ban on cheap Western credits (sanctions) today hit primarily by European industry, and serve as a great incentive for the speedy restructuring of the Russian economy (import substitution ), as well as increases the investment attractiveness of China. 

And bent shale revolution in the United States. Hence, there is also a dead end. Direct military confrontation with Russia is impossible , and Germany is no longer the one that was under Hitler. China from Russia, too, got what he wanted - hydrocarbons and market their products, so incite China to Russia (as it was in the past - on the border conflict the Sino-Soviet invasion and double KNLA Vietnam - Soviet sphere of influence) has not received any. So that Russia is no longer at war with anyone. 

Is that ... Ukraine ? Well, this is just a misunderstanding of some sort. Seriously believe that America will achieve anything from Putin after the defeat of the APU in the New Russia, and complete Ukraine's dependence on Russia as a source of fuel for energy (including nuclear), and industry and market for Ukrainian goods ... There is no longer any reason to believe that America in the Ukraine can still give Russia a rematch. 

Ukraine - is a dead end for the US concrete! Complexity still remain, but their team razrulit Putin does not take much - in the near or foreseeable future. Combining the US and Europe in trade union. This is also the American Wishlist mechtalki and that have no economic justification. Europe is not going to join their market to the United States because it is a means for her transformation into a large Romania. 

A Russian and EAEC can give Europe what she so today is not enough - political sovereignty and economic development to the east. Merkel and can be a couple of dozen European politicians to break through the knee. But European economic elites in Europe have far greater impact than all the combined American puppet. So in this direction for America, too deadlock. 

But here it is necessary to make one very important point. The fact that America is preparing itself to Europe, its historic ally, to be eaten, says that the hegemon already feels his end. 

Pikul is a wonderful novel "Honour", an extract from which I would like to end this post: 

"Trouble waiting for me at home. As soon as I opened the door of my apartment, I was immediately enveloped in such a disgusting stench that I could not help thinking about the worst. From room to room buzzing squadron worn excessively fattened flies. 

Beware, though criminologist, who arrived on the scene, I walked on tiptoe the whole apartment. Thick dust on the floor and furniture does not store any traces. Finally I turned on the electric light in the bathroom ... and was horrified! In deep bath tank sat a giant red rat, and the bottom bath was completely inundated with rat gnawed bones ribs and skulls. Immediately strewn set of scale-like rat tails, something similar to the length of the spring, which ignored the rat, quite well-fed. 

For a moment I did not move, taken aback, and stared - that this krysischu devour his fellow, then the quiet trickle of water from the tap, I purposely did not twisted to the end. Rat Monster, already bald old age, intently stared at me from the bottom of the bath with some lyuteyshey hatred. After a long life in the darkness of her eyes swam from pus, and from the mouth of acute, finely and nasty snapping teeth, stuck out two yellow fangs. 

From the hallway suddenly began ringing phone. Phone screamed. He was calling, calling. But now I was not talking to ... Trembling from the unbearable stench, I slowly unbuttoned his holster, and he was thinking. And - realized it was not just a rat, what a lot of the trash, and rat-aristocrat. In the rat kingdom, as well as in human society, too big social differences between individuals. 

Rats are divided into patricians, commands, and plebeians, unquestioningly obey them. Discipline is fierce! Just one glance rat aristocrat causes cardiac rupture in the rat-plebeian. Clear and rat origin landfill remains - the plebs themselves climbed into the tub, surrendering meekly to be eaten to their queen was full ... Phone heart-rending and hysterically called me to him! I cocked the hammer on the revolver, and he quietly snapped ... A huge snake suddenly thrashed inside the tank. God, what a squeak ... oh, what squealing! Shot I almost did not hear ... " pin


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