Monday, December 29, 2014

US media: Resentment grows in Europe over US policy

US media: Resentment grows in Europe over US policy

 Journalist Patrick Smith of the US online magazine says a growing number of European politicians refuse to support the United States’ policy on Russia and Ukraine Smith believes that recent statements by certain European leaders, including Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President François Hollande, and Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard, serve as evidence.

 These politicians, he says, have shown in "one way or the other" that they do not support the US policy of sanctions. The destructiveness of the sanctions policy is already affecting other countries in addition to Russia, he thinks. According to Smith, in 2008 Europe had enough power to deal with economic issues – while now, this power is almost gone.

 The journalists notes that these issues, including the "chaos" in the currency markets of Russia’s neighboring countries, are being ignored by the US media. Drawing a parallel, Smith recalled the fact President Obama announced his move to lift the sanctions against a "humane and very brave" country, Cuba, saying that the US failed to accomplish the objective of "promoting the emergence of a democratic, prosperous and stable Cuba," but he imposed sanctions against Russia and signed the Ukraine Freedom Support Act. By signing the "cowardly" Ukraine Freedom Support Act, Obama has again shown his inconsistency and officially given himself "permission to inflict pointless suffering on the humane and very brave Russian people," the publication writes.

 According to Smith, it is economically beneficial for the United States to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia by promoting the Ukrainian crisis. He said that the international situation will only get more complicated in 2015, between Europe and Russia or between Europe and the US. The journalist says he very much hopes for the latter, suggesting that chances are things will go that way.

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